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Meet the talking points

Featured image Yesterday on Meet the Press host (and NBC political director) Chuck Todd channeled the Democratic Party talking points of the hour as he sought to attribute blame for the El Paso massacre to President Trump. Trump chief of staff Mick Mulvaney was on hand to represent the administration. The look on Mulvaney’s face when Todd turned to him said it all (video below). Todd posed a political accusation as something »

Sandmann in the gears

Featured image Students of ancient history may recall the victimization of Nicholas Sandmann by the Washington Post and other organs of the mainstream media this past January. Working from their reports, social media amplified the wrongs committed against Sandmann by the mainstream media. In due course Sandmann filed defamation lawsuits against the Washington Post and others. Our own comments on the lawsuit against the Post focused on the constitutional protection afforded defamation »

“Fiddler” on tour

Featured image Three months ago I bought tickets to last night’s performance of the national touring show of the 2015 revival of Fiddler on the Roof. Directed by Bartlett Sher, the show concludes its run at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis this afternoon and evening. The tickets were a Mother’s Day gift to my wife. I went down to the box office to select the seats, but the pickings were already slim. »

What ails the US press?

Featured image The question of “What ails the US press?” is too big for one column or one case study. Holman Jenkins takes it up in his Wall Street Journal Business World column this morning in the matter of the Steele Dossier. Whence the allegations of the dossier? We still don’t know. The subhead to the column puts it this way: “The media’s lack of interest in the Steele dossier amounts to »

The shameless Mr. Sharpton

Featured image Democratic candidates for president have rallied around Al Sharpton, possibly the vilest man in American public life, in response to President Trump’s condemnation of him. Seth Mandel goes over the relevant ground in his Washington Post column “Al Sharpton is not a lifelong fighter for justice.” Jewish World Review has just posted Mandel’s column at the link and made it accessible to readers outside the Post’s circle of love. See »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image On her summer vacation Ammo Grrrll saw A PICTURE POSTCARD ROUND EVERY BEND. She writes: What a country! Really. It is so beautiful, if anyone just opened his or her eyes and took it all in, he or she would be ashamed to be so enraged all the time. There is, as I’ve titled this column, a picture postcard round every bend. (Including, but not limited to, Bend, Oregon. Picture »

At the Grateful Dead meet-up

Featured image Taking a break from the news, I attended the first international edition of the so-called Grateful Dead Meet-Up at the suburban AMC multiplex in Eden Prairie, Minnesota last night. This year’s Meet-Up featured a showing of the Dead’s June 17, 1991 concert at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey (setlist here). Arriving at the Eden Prairie mall an hour early to have dinner with my friend Mike Frost saved »

DNC hacking lawsuit dismissed [with note by Paul]

Featured image Federal Judge John Koeltl has dismissed the Democratic National Committee lawsuit against the Trump campaign, Donald Trump, Jr., Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner, George Papadopoulos, Richard Gates, Roger Stone, the Russian Federation, various Russians, Joseph Mifsud [!], Wikileaks, and Julian Assange. The DNC alleged in the lawsuit that the Russian Federation had hacked the DNC computers and stolen its emails during the 2016 campaign. The Russian Federation, however, is protected by »

No apology for Raymond Sebond

Featured image The cultural left exerts a tyrannical force policing our speech. To take just one small example, witness the case of novelist Lionel Shriver. The cases can be multiplied endlessly. You don’t need my help on this score. The cause of free speech threatens to become the exclusive property of conservatives. Wherever the left holds sway, free speech is a dying or dead letter. The utopia implicit in leftist thought provides »

Omar’s mystery man appears

Featured image My Somali sources tell me that Ilhan Omar’s new guy raises funds for her and is not Somali. The Daily Mail has posted this story together with the exclusive March 24 video below of the two leaving Caffé Pinguini’s in Playa Del Rey after her CAIR speech in Los Angeles the previous evening. (The Daily Mail, however, doesn’t have a clue who the guy is.) When my friendly sources texted »

Eric Felten: The Mifsud mystery

Featured image Eric Felten is a meticulous and literate reporter as well as one of my favorite analysts of the mysteries of Russiagate. Earlier this month we posted Eric’s July 1 RealClearInvestigations column “Insinuendo: Why the Mueller Report doth repeat so much.” Eric waded further into the Mueller miasma in the RCI column “The shaky foundations of Mueller’s footnotes.” Today Eric continues his investigation of Russiagate in the RCI column “Why the »

Amy K., giant of the Senate

Featured image Former funnyman Al Franken titled his poorly timed memoir Al Franken, Giant of the Senate, just before Chuck Schumer shoved him and Franken resigned. Franken posed for the self-mocking cover of his memoir. The title and the photograph made a small concession to self-awareness, or to the public relations value of pretending self-awareness, but he deserved credit for the thought. It was a joke. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar pretends no »

Smearing Mitch McConnell

Featured image Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell took to the floor of the Senate to respond to Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank’s libel that he declared him a “Russian asset.” Milbank is a clown, but a clown of the influential variety whose clowning is aped by his media colleagues as the height of sophistication and wisdom. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough has also gotten in on the act and apparently contributed “Moscow Mitch” to »

Understanding the Mueller miasma

Featured image NR’s Andrew McCarthy begins the first of two columns on what I have been calling the Mueller miasma with a reference to the “bumbling fiasco” of Mueller’s congressional testimony last week. The first column prepares the ground for McCarthy’s devastating exposition of the devious game played by Mueller’s team in the second column: “How Mueller’s Lawyers Spun the OLC Guidance on Indicting a Sitting President.” My friend Mr. McCarthy writes »

Whence Wilecia?

Featured image We are familiar with congressional scandals involving wine, women, and money. Mark Twain famously characterized Congress as our only distinctly native criminal class. The curious case of Ilhan Omar, however, presents us with something new in congressional corruption scandals. They are scandals peculiarly fitting the age of Trump. One has the sense that the scandals in which Omar finds herself implicated are about to crack open. We have the unrebutted »

Just married…and divorced

Featured image Sources told me a month ago that Ilhan Omar had essentially abandoned her family in Minneapolis and wanted her current legal husband — husband number 1, Ahmed Hirsi, the father of her children — to seek a divorce from her. I understood that Omar doesn’t want to be seen by the local Somali community as seeking a divorce, either under Islamic custom or American law. Getting into Omar’s personal life »

Beyond his purview

Featured image Tucker Carlson had former FBI deputy assistant director Terry Turchie on for a brief segment last night to discuss what I have been calling the Mueller miasma. Turchie holds that the testimony of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees this past Wednesday confirmed the existence of a hostile intelligence operation against Donald Trump (video below). Suffice it to say that Turchie takes up issues »