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The Wuhan virus: Six notes & queries

Featured image The economic devastation wrought by the pandemic continues as we see from the news this morning that another 6.6 million Americans filed unemployment compensation claims last week. For those keeping score at home, that brings the two-week total to about 10 million due to the self-imposed economic shutdown. In the spirit of inquiry and concern, and subject to correction, I have put my head together with that of our friend »

Deep rot at the FBI (and the Times)

Featured image Eli Lake takes a look at the latest Department of Justice Inspector General report on the rot at the FBI in the Bloomberg column “The FBI Can’t Be Trusted With the Surveillance of Americans.” Subhead: “An inspector general report finds that the bureau has been systematically unscrupulous.” I posted a copy of Horowitz’s OIG “memorandum” here yesterday. It is not hard to believe how pervasive the rot at the FBI »

I like Mike

Featured image Following up on “Was it something he said?,” I want to note that the FOX Business Channel invited Minnesota’s own Mike Lindell to respond to the media nutters whom he triggered with his remarks at the White House daily coronavirus task force briefing in the Rose Garden on Monday. The Daily Caller’s Scott Morefield embeds Lindell’s appearance on Lou Dobbs Tonight in “‘This Is Evil’: MyPillow’s Mike Lindell Punches Back »

Kurosawa film festival starring Toshiro Mifune [with comment by Paul]

Featured image Today is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Toshiro Mifune. Mifune was, most famously, one of Akira Kurosawa’s favorite actors. TCM is paying tribute to Mifune today by showing 10 films that amount to a kind of Kurosawa film festival. Here is the lineup, beginning at 6:00 a.m. (Eastern) this morning: Drunken Angel (1948), the first of Mifune’s 16 films for Kurosawa, casts him as a small-time hoodlum who »

Horowitz audits the FBI

Featured image Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz has just issued his follow-up audit of the FBI’s compliance with procedures intended to confirm the accuracy of its FISA warrant applications. I have embedded the report below via Scribd. Based on the FBI’s execution of the four Carter Page warrant applications on which Horowitz previously reported, Horowitz had his doubts that all was well. This is a sideshow to the FBI’s investigation »

Was it something he said?

Featured image Minnesota’s MyPillow man Mike Lindell joined President Trump and chief executive officers Darius Adamczyk (Honeywell), Debra Waller (Jockey — great!), Greg Hayes (United Technologies), and David Taylor (Proctor and Gamble) at yesterday’s daily White House Coronavirus task force briefing. Lindell is a recovering addict, an outspoken Christian, a fervent Trump supporter, a successful entrepreneur and all-around remarkable gentleman. Lindell spoke for less than three minutes (video below). He announced that »

Inside the fish bowl

Featured image Remember the story about the man who lost his life when he scarfed down an aquarium cleaner containing chloroquine to ward off the Wuhan virus on President Trump’s recommendation? Marc Thiessen put it this way in a recent column: After the president expressed hope that the anti-malaria drug chloroquine was showing signs of success as a treatment for the coronavirus, news organizations tried to blame him for the death of »

Our own private Wuhan

Featured image New York City and environs present as our own version of Wuhan. It is a public health dystopia. I was encouraged on Saturday when President Trump stated that he was considering a quarantine on New York, New Jersey, and parts of Connecticut. It sounded like a good idea to me. I thought it made perfect sense. What is the argument against it? According to the Wall Street Journal, New York »

…and we’re here to remind you

Featured image Last week authorities in the great state of Michigan promulgated a “reminder” threatening doctors and pharmacists with consequences for prescribing or filling orders for chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine to treat the Wuhan virus. They demand “further proof for efficacy for treating COVID-19” and warn against “stockpiling” creating shortages of the drug for patients with lupus and other conditions for which the drugs are proven treatments. The “reminder” reminds me of the »

Death by numbers

Featured image Spectator USA has taken down the paywall on UK Dr. John Lee’s exposition of “How to understand — and report — figures for ‘COVID deaths.’” Dr. Lee makes makes this salient observation that is otherwise obscured in the discussion of death rates attributed to the virus: You might think it would be easy to calculate death rates. Death is a stark and easy-to-measure end point. In my working life (I’m »

Bob Newhart lives

Featured image In olden days we used to gather together in crowds to experience the sheer pleasure of laughter. I had forgotten about venturing out to see Bob Newhart at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis this past June 28 until the Wall Street Journal posted the old video of Newhart that accompanied Kim Strassel’s weekly Potomac Watch column on Friday. This is what I wrote after seeing Newhart live last year, including »

The lives (and words) of others

Featured image The Washington Post has published investigative reporter Neena Satija’s article “Echoes of Biden’s 1987 plagiarism scandal continue to reverberate.” The article is behind the Post paywall. It’s not bad, but you’re not missing much if you remember the controversy. Satija’s article includes a few exculpatory statements mitigating Biden’s appropriation of the lives and words of others. In one case, speechwriters are blamed. In the most famous case, involving Neil Kinnock, »

Message from Beijing

Featured image Michael Auslin reviews the quandaries of Chinese behavior concealing the facts surrounding the Wuhan virus in the RealClearPolitics column “Has the U.S.-China Cold War Now Begun?” The text includes a valuable collection of links. Today a reader provides this eyewitness testimony via email from Beijing: Skepticism of China remains healthy. Yesterday there was an 8-plus hour escalating protest by Hubei citizens AND Hubei police against neighboring Jiangxi province police. Why? »

Locked down with Shakespeare

Featured image Paul Cantor is Clifton Waller Barrett Professor of English at the University of Virginia and author of Shakespeare’s Roman Trilogy: The Twilight of the Ancient World. He is also a brilliant student of American popular culture, as documented in three books that compile his essays on the subject. Professor Cantor is the author, most recently, of the Modern Age essay/review “Shakespeare and classical antiquity,” just posted by the Intercollegiate Studies »

Don’t Bogart that chloroquine

Featured image What can we learn from the Democrats and their media adjunct in the time of the Wuhan virus? They pose serious hazards to life and liberty. Take the remarkable case of the witless Gretchen Whitmer, governor of the great state of Michigan. Kathy Hoekstra writes in the Detroit News: Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs literally threatened all doctors and pharmacists in the state who prescribe or »

Notes & queries

Featured image We proudly claim many men and women on the front lines of our struggle against the Wuhan virus among our readers — researchers, emergency room physicians, medical school faculty, other medical practitioners, teachers, entrepreneurs, businessmen, and other professionals. We have heard from quite a few over the past few weeks and are grateful for their messages. Yesterday we were delighted to hear from Dr. John Roback, a Minnesota native and, »

Big-government contagion

Featured image The online edition of Kim Strassel’s weekly Wall Street Journal Potomac Watch column “Big-government contagion” is accompanied by a video that gives us the gist, but it omits lot of the painful details. Details such as these: Democrats used the bill to tighten every fiber of the social safety net. Put aside the $260 billion for unemployment benefits, potentially necessary in light of record jobless claims. The bill throws $25 »