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Quotations from Chairman Joe

Featured image Quoting President Biden, I always look here for the official White House transcript of his remarks, both for accuracy and context. The transcript is also frequently useful to penetrate remarks that require translation, as did those at yesterday’s White House Juneteenth celebration. The Daily Mail has a brutal story on Biden’s performance here (the New York Post story is here). The Daily Mail gives up on the translation of one »

At the Aljamals

Featured image The Wall Street Journal has what must be a page-one exclusive reporting the text messages of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar to mediators. The messages reveal Sinwar to be an advocate of “the worse, the better.” He’s that kind of guy. Obviously. He looks forward to his emergence from the Hamas tunnels with a declaration of victory. I find nothing surprising about the story. It should barely come as news to »

Come home, Tony

Featured image One might detect an ambivalence about Israel’s defense of itself in Biden National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan’s reticence to comment about Operation Arnon. That would be a mistake. There is no ambivalence Sullivan’s reticence masks Biden’s promotion of Israel’s capitulation to Hamas. NSA Jake Sullivan refused to tell CNN if he feels comfortable with Israel's rescue mission.The answer is, he feels uncomfortable. Every Israeli success reduces the chance we'll surrender »

Let’s call the whole thing off

Featured image The Wall Street Journal’s eminently sane editorial on Operation Arnon is headlined “Blaming Israel for Rescuing Its People.” It includes a paragraph on the work of the so-called Gaza Health Ministry that comports with my own comments yesterday (on the Journal’s news coverage itself, as it happens). The paragraph is keyed to this AP story (links below in original): “BREAKING: Gaza’s Health Ministry says 274 Palestinians were killed during the »

Remembering Arnon Zamora

Featured image On X Amir Mizroch offers the recollections of Amir Ofer, one of the rescuers of the hostages in Entebbe. Most of the text requires a click to the tweet. Here is the text in full (with my paragraphing added) below the break: * * * * * My friends, today Lt. Col. Arnon Zamora from the YAMAM (Israeli Police Special Unit) was killed in the rescue operation in Nusirat. I »

Nuseirat nausea

Featured image We followed and appreciated the work of Lt. Colonel (reserve) Jonathan Conricus as IDF spokesman when he returned to active duty during the current Hamas/Israel conflict. Discharged from active duty, Conricus has now taken a position with our friends at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. In the video below, Conricus discusses the issue of Palestinian casualties in Israel’s Operation Arnon yesterday. He keeps his cool and makes points implicit »

Extracting the diamonds

Featured image The Wall Street Journal has a straight news story on the rescue operation that extracted four Israeli hostages from two apartment buildings in Gaza’s Nuseirat refugee camp, or “refugee camp.” The rescue teams included the IDF, the Shin Bet, and the elite police counterterrorist unit (Yamam), whose squad leader was killed in a shootout at one of the apartments. Israeli commandos radioed to the command center once they had extracted »

Mandate of heaven

Featured image Like every regulator grant of power to the administrative agencies of the executive branch, the agency has grabbed the power and expanded it beyond its original intent. Take the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards imposed by the Department of Transportation/National Highway Traffic Safety Administration — please. The origin of federal fuel economy standards dates to the oil embargo of 1973-1974 imposed by Arab members of the Organization of the »

Good news of the day

Featured image Good news — there isn’t much to go around. John wrote here (with video clips) about the presentation of former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett to a packed house gathered in downtown Minneapolis for the Center of the American Experiment’s annual dinner this past Thursday evening. Bennett’s remarks were outstanding, but I was most struck by the intense support for Israel emanating from the mostly non-Jewish crowd. Bennett commented on »

Quotations from Chairman Joe

Featured image This series is inspired by Quotations From Chairman LBJ, published by Simon and Schuster in 1968 in the form of Quotations From Chairman Mao (“The Little Red Book”). The cover depicted President Johnson in a Mao jacket. With thirty chapters on varying subjects, the book was “translated” (compiled) by Jack Shepherd and Christopher Wren. I still have my copy. Beyond the humor, it’s actually a valuable book. Shepherd and Wren »

At the Feeding our Fraud trial: Mostly guilty

Featured image After three-plus days of deliberation, the jury returned with its verdict in the massive Feeding Our Future fraud trial. The verdict was read in open court at 1:00 p.m (CDT) this afternoon by Minnesota Chief Federal District Judge Pat Schiltz, our former law partner. This was the first of the trials to be held in the Feeding Our Future case, involving some $40 million in fraudulent transactions. In total the »

What’s too painful to remember

Featured image Students of ancient history may recall the disinformation that greeted the revelations of Hunter Biden’s laptop in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election. The New York Post confirmed and reported them, yet they were routinely dismissed on patently fraudulent grounds. The government has now introduced the laptop as evidence in Hunter Biden’s gun trial and the FBI has vouched for its authenticity. What is to be said? KanekoaTheGreat comments »

The fire this time

Featured image Hezbollah is at war with Israel. Attacking Israel with rockets and other munitions across its northern border, Hezbollah has displaced some 80,000 Israelis from their homes. The depopulation, you might say, is rising. This week northern Israel has been on fire as a result of Hezbollah’s attacks. See, for example, Stuart Winer’s Times of Israel story (and accompanying photos) “‘A nightmare’: North cries out for action amid widespread fires sparked »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image The answer is not “long time passing.” Ammo Grrrl wonders WHERE HAVE ALL THE BABIES GONE? She writes: If people are expecting my take on the wretched events of last week, you’re going to be disappointed. First, there is nothing even mildly humorous to say about them and “humor” is my beat. Second, I’m not a lawyer. John and Scott and our lawyer commentariat have covered it so much better »

At the Feeding our Fraud trial: Farah raided

Featured image Yesterday morning the FBI raided the home of Abdiaziz Farah, one of the seven defendants in the Feeding Our Future fraud case that has now been submitted to the jury. Farah’s home in Savage was first searched in January 2022 when the FBI executed warrants on several of the homes and business locations related to the case. At that time the FBI scooped up cash and evidence from Farah’s home. »

Ordeal of Omaha Beach

Featured image Reader Patti Kruse wrote us a few years ago asking us to persist in our annual remembrance of the D-Day landings on the Normandy beaches. “My dad landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day,” she told us. “He was one of the fortunate ones, as he was never physically injured and managed to survive from D-Day all the way through the Battle of the Bulge and V-E Day. He rarely spoke »

John Brennan could not be reached for comment

Featured image Today’s New York Post cover story updates the saga of Hunter Biden’s laptop: “Hunter Biden gun trial jurors shown infamous laptop first exposed by The Post in dramatic courtroom reveal.” Yes, indeed, the Post is entitled to keep taking victory laps over its coverage of the laptop from hell. Over on the editorial pages, Miranda Devine keeps running. Hunter Biden’s “Laptop from Hell” is government exhibit 16 at the first »