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Descent to the Mueller miasma

Featured image Yesterday’s appearance of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller before the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees did not go exactly as planned by the Democrats. While Democrats sought to have Mueller regurgitate the alleged wrongdoing of Donald Trump, anyone who saw Mueller respond to the questions posed must have wondered who ran the investigation conducted under Mueller’s nominal authority and whether Mueller read the report issued in his name. The Washington »

Conspiracy theory

Featured image To the limited extent that news of Ilhan Omar’s curious marital arrangements seeped into the national press last week, it was disparaged as a “conspiracy theory,” as in Will Sommer’s Daily Beast article (I wrote about it here) and in Yamiche Alcindor’s tweet (below). I don’t even know what that would mean in Omar’s case and they don’t bother to explain. It is idiotic. As President Trump readies to speak »

Eric Felten: Mueller’s footnotes

Featured image Eric Felten is a man of many parts. Among other things, he is a meticulous and literate reporter as well as one of my favorite analysts of the mysteries of Russiagate. Earlier this month we posted Eric’s July 1 RealClearInvestigations column “Insinuendo: Why the Mueller Report doth repeat so much.” Today Eric wades further into the Mueller miasma in the RCI column “The shaky foundations of Mueller’s footnotes.” RCI authorizes »

Thelma & Louise go to Israel

Featured image In his Wall Street Journal column “Thelma and Louise go to Israel,” Bill McGurn looks at the vacation plans of Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. “The Democratic Party’s Thelma and Louise—Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar—are taking their act to Israel,” McGurn writes. “In a great gift to Donald Trump, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is going to let them in.” This Thelma and Louise are on a mission. They seek »

Charles speaks again

Featured image Last year we celebrated the week of Charles — Charles Kesler, Dengler-Dykema Distinguished Professor of Government at Clarmeont McKenna College, editor of the Claremont Review of Books, long-time friend and tutor — for his receipt of one of 2018’s Bradley Prize awards along with Allen Guelzo and Jason Riley. Video of the event is posted here on Vimeo. Charles is a gentleman, scholar, author, teacher, editor, advocate of America and »

Rep. Omar would prefer not to

Featured image In “Ilhan Omar Marriage Flummoxes Media Fact-Checkers” (subhead: “The ‘baseless smear’ that can’t be debunked”), the Washington Free Beacon’s Brent Scher documents the modus operandi of Rep. Ilhan Omar responding to inquiries regarding her tangled marital arrangements. Brent’s story is full of links that are omitted below, but I want Power Line readers to understand that this is where we came in on August 12, 2016. If we have erred »

Kevin Diaz speaks

Featured image Kevin Diaz is the politics editor of the Star Tribune. He edited the page-one June 23 Star Tribune story by Patrick Coolican and Stephen Montemayor. The story sought to unravel Ilhan Omar’s marital arrangements in light of the Minnesota campaign finance board finding that Omar had filed joint tax returns with Ahmed Hirsi (to whom she was not legally married) while she was legally married to Ahmed Elmi. On July »

Rhyming Albuquerque

Featured image This morning I’m flying to Albuquerque on my way to St. John’s College in Santa Fe to study Montaigne’s “Apology for Raymond Sebond” next week. It’s the longest essay in Montaigne’s Essays, by far. I hope to deepen my understanding of this difficult essay over the next week. At the moment I will only say that Montaigne is a most humane and companionable writer. We have much to learn from »

Daily Mail versus Daily Beast

Featured image Yesterday the widely read Daily Mail did its thing on the question whether the man Ilhan Omar married in 2009 is her brother. The story by Ross Ibbetson appears under the headline “Does this photo prove Trump tormentor’s second marriage was a sham? Far-left Ilhan Omar is pictured with her first husband AND her second husband – as Trump accuses him of being her BROTHER and he posts from a »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll chronicles A THIRD OF JULY FOR THE AGES. She writes: Well, friends, I warned you this Trip Journal would skip around a bit. Didn’t want to be too linear or logical, which I recently learned was racist. We will talk – eventually — about the Third of July. But first, what, you may ask, makes a person just pick up and leave home, living out of a suitcase, »

David Steinberg: Tying up loose threads in the curious case

Featured image In four intensely reported investigative columns — here (August 13, 2018), here (October 23, 2018), here (October 30, 2018), and here (November 5, 2018), — David Steinberg has explored the evidence suggesting that Ilhan Omar entered into a sham marriage with her brother in 2009. This is his fifth. He titles it “Meet Leila Elmi: The Missing Link Showing Ilhan Omar Married Her Brother.” Drawing on his research, interviews, and »

Loose threads in the curious case (11)

Featured image I wrote this column for City Journal in September 2017. There is a story here. It is the same story I have been pursuing now for three years: A little over a year ago [in 2016], I recounted “The Curious Case of Ilhan Omar” for City Journal readers. Omar had just won a primary victory over 22-term incumbent Phyllis Kahn to secure the Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party (DFL) endorsement »

(Don’t) leave it to Cleaver

Featured image Roll Call has a good account of what happened on the House floor yesterday as Nancy Pelosi violated House rules for the all-important purpose of calling President Trump racist. FOX News has a fuller story here. When Rep. Doug Collins challenged the propriety of Pelosi’s remarks, Pelosi asserted that she had cleared them with the House parliamentarian. This appears to have been a lie. Roll Call reports: Collins set off »

Loose threads in the curious case (10)

Featured image Given the elevated attention President Trump has showered on Ilhan Omar, the Drudge Report now links to the June 23 page-one Star Tribune story by Patrick Coolican and Stephen Montemayor under the awkward headline “New documents revisit questions about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s marriage history.” The Star Tribune story provides mainstream validation to points we have made here repeatedly over the past three years, including points we made recently in our »

Ilhan Omar explained

Featured image Taking issue with one of President Trump’s comments yesterday in the controversy of the moment, CNN explains that Rep. Ilhan Omar didn’t actually praise al Qaeda in her 2013 comments (video below). CNN devotes two reporters to the task of reconstruction and offers this grudging concession: “It is possible to argue that Omar was making light of al Qaeda’s crimes in suggesting that its name itself is what makes people »

Identity politics explained

Featured image Rep. Ayanna Pressley is the least known of the four horsewomen of the Democrat apocalypse, but tune into her teaching. She has condensed the doctrine of identity politics that they promote into a totalitarian catechism (video below). Here we have identity politics for dummies — the Democrat variation of the Know Nothing movement. As Lincoln put it: Our progress in degeneracy appears to me to be pretty rapid. As a »

McGrath vs. McConnell

Featured image The National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar leads with the ordeal of Kentucky Democratic senatorial candidate Amy McGrath in his National Journal story “It’s not easy being a red-state Democrat.” Politico Playbook gave this concise account of McGrath’s rocky rollout last week, offered here for your entertainment value (emphasis in original): WHAT TEAM MITCH AND THE NRSC ARE SALIVATING OVER — “McGrath flip-flops on whether she would have voted to put Kavanaugh »