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The end is nigh

Featured image The FBI has completed its supplemental background investigation on Judge Kavanaugh. Senate Democrats have deployed their final set of talking points intended to protract the proceedings and defeat the nomination. If any Republican has not yet picked up the clues that these talking points have been pursued in transparent bad faith, he should have his mirror and crayons confiscated by the Senate Majority Leader. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Grassley tweeted »

Visualize this

Featured image Christine Blasey Ford has been propelled forward into public view with the object of taking down Judge Kavanaugh. James Freeman observes that journalists seem to have lost interest in trying to ascertain whether Ford’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee was accurate. Her story is shot through with holes. One specific she offers in her story is the season and year of the alleged assault. A reader, however, writes to »

Dear Sen. Coons: You’ve got to be kidding

Featured image Senator Chris Coons seems to have founded the virtue subcaucus of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He has recruited Senator Jeff Flake to join. 60 Minutes featured the subcaucus in its lead story this past Sunday evening. Like the rest of the mainstream media, CBS News is excited about the lengthening and obstruction of the long and winding road to the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh. CBS News administered the public relations »

The devastating Ellison report

Featured image Lukas Mikellonis reports for FOX News that “Lawyer who cleared Ellison of domestic abuse allegations is partner at firm that donated $500G to Dems.” The lawyer is Susan Ellingstad. Her report on the abuse allegation against Ellison summarily concludes that the allegation is “unsubstantiated,” but the report in total is full of evidence that makes a devastating case supporting the charge. Read it for yourself below, which Mikellonis shows no »

Save the Senate: Long shots

Featured image If nothing else, the past week brought home the importance of keeping the Senate under Republican control. Paul Mirengoff usually takes the time to sort the races out for us, but we have let the task go this year. Now is the time. In previous posts I took a look at top takeaway opportunities and top seats to be defended. John made an appeal on behalf of Minnesota’s Karin Housley »

The case against Ellison [With Comment by John]

Featured image The Democratic National Committee has delegated investigation of the current domestic abuse allegation raised against Keith Ellison by Karen Monahan to the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. Ellison is of course the deputy chairman of the DNC an dthe DFL candidate for attorney general. DFL Chairman Ken Martin retained Minneapolis attorney Susan Ellingstad to conduct the investigation. Susan’s report was made public yesterday. Her report finds the charge against Ellison to be »

Dickerson versus Cotton

Featured image The mainstream media have taken up the Democrats’ war on Judge Kavanaugh in a big way. Or, I should say, the Democrats’ media adjunct is performing its assigned role. In this respect we have an aggravated repetition of the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill ordeal of 1991. One can see the media’s work on behalf of the media’s Democratic colleagues vividly on display in John Dickerson’s “interview” of Senator Tom Cotton on »

Analyze this

Featured image Citing her pre-hearing assessment of Christine Blasey Ford’s accusation against Judge Kavanaugh for an alleged 36-year-old offense committed by Brett Kavanaugh, Margot Cleveland now examines Ford’s Judiciary Committee testimony in the long Twitter thread that begins below. Ford was neither a forthright nor forthcoming witness. She continues to conceal relevant evidence. Something is rotten in her story. Access the full Twitter thread on Ford’s testimony by clicking here. THREAD: For »

Save the Senate: On defense

Featured image The Kavanaugh confirmation horror show impresses on us the need to keep the Senate under Republican management for the next two years. Paul Mirengoff usually takes the time to sort the races out for us, but we have let the task go this year. Yesterday I looked at top takeaway opportunities and linked to the sites of recommended campaigns. Below is my unscientific selection of the four races where Republican »

Grassley to Sanders: Drop dead

Featured image One person who understands the Democrats’ dirty game in the Kavanaugh confirmation proceedings: Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley. I get the feeling that he has had it. In the letter below, he responds in something other than his accustomed style to correspondence received from Senator Bernie Sanders. (The Daily Caller has posted the Sanders letter here.) The famous collegiality of the Senate is not what it used to be, »

Trump stumps in West Virginia

Featured image I have become a fan of President Trump’s rallies in support of Republican candidates around the country. They are hugely entertaining, of course, but what a connection he has forged with supporters in flyover land. Last night he appeared in Wheeling, West Virginia to support Republican senatorial candidate Patrick Morrissey. Morrissey is engaged in a difficult but winnable race against Joe Manchin. In the matter of the confirmation of Judge »

Save the Senate: Takeaway opportunities

Featured image If nothing else, the past week brought home the importance of keeping the Senate under Republican control for the next two years. Paul Mirengoff usually takes the time to sort the races out for us, but we have let the task go this year. Now is the time. Last night John took up Minnesota’s Karin Housley v. Tina Smith race in the post nearby. Below is my unscientific selection of »

A case for Sheldon Whitehouse

Featured image It occurred to me last night that Sheldon Whitehouse may have missed his true calling. There is a mystery at the heart of The National Lampoon 1964 High School Yearbook Parody (published in 1974, written by P.J. O’Rourke and Doug Kenney). Now a classic collector’s item — some thoughtful owner has uploaded a copy to Scribd (below) — Larry Kroger’s copy of the Estes C. Kefauver High yearbook betrayed traces »

The Whitehouse farce

Featured image Senator Sheldon Whitehouse appears to take himself extraordinarily seriously. He speaks gravely. He comes off as an old-fashioned stuffed shirt. When he makes a fool of himself he displays great comic potential. I thought that’s what he did as he examined Judge Kavanaugh on his high school yearbook entry in the course of Thursday’s Judiciary Committee hearing. Whitehouse, incidentally, is still mulling it over. He disputes Judge Kavanaugh’s veracity on »

The Blumenthal Projection

Featured image Does anyone remember what point Democrat Richard Blumenthal sought to make when he began his questioning of Judge Kavanaugh yesterday? Blumenthal prefaced his questions with a citation of the principle falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus. The gist of the principle is that if a witness is shown to have lied about one thing, one may infer that a witness lied about everything. The thoughts of anyone familiar with Blumenthal’s »

Graham’s moment

Featured image I thought that Judge Kavanaugh’s statement at the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on his confirmation to the Supreme Court was a truth shall set you free moment. He called out the Democrats for the game they are playing. The force of his statement even seemed to have a modestly restraining effect on them. In their examination of Judge Kavanaugh, the Democrats reduced their talking points to two. They wanted him »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll an important message and a hashtag of her own: #COUNTMEOUT! She writes: I think the #MeToo “Movement” is the most dangerous movement since the KKK, which it resembles with its mob mentality. And, I speak with total moral authority because I am a woman, whose every squeak and whine is, therefore, “credible.” I can credibly accuse any male from my kindergarten, high school, college, or long-ago workplaces, of »