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The Booker Doctrine (& proviso)

Featured image Among notable doctrines in American history we must count the Monroe Doctrine, the Freeport Doctrine, the Truman Doctrine, the Carter Doctrine, and the Reagan Doctrine. Most of these are presidential foreign-policy doctrines, but not all of them. The Freeport Doctrine is attributable to Senator Stephen Douglas. To these I would add the Booker Doctrine. The Booker Doctrine is implicit in his disgusting interrogation of Trump judicial nominee Neomi Rao when »

The State of the Union was good

Featured image Circumstances added an extra dollop of drama to the State of the Union address delivered by President Trump last night. The White House has posted the video on YouTube; I have posted it below. RealClearPolitics has posted the transcript here. In the modern tradition of SOTU speeches, this was an overlong address of many parts. The parts mostly fit together. Looking back at the first two years of his administration, »

The truth in 15 minutes

Featured image The family of Nick Sandmann has retained the services of attorney Lin Wood to rectify the damage done to the young Mr. Sandmann’s reputation following flawed reports of the encounter with Nathan Phillips at the Lincoln Memorial last month. Among those who falsely disparaged the young Mr. Sandmann is Minnesota’s own Fifth District Rep. Ilhan Omar, though you would never know it if you get your news from the Star »

A Sandmann lawsuit preview

Featured image Nearly two weeks ago the family of Covington Catholic high school student Nick Sandmann retained Georgia attorney Lin Wood to explore a possible libel case for the brutal lies to which the young Mr. Sandmann was subjected as a result of his close encounter with so-called “tribal elder” Nathan Phillips. Wood is a fearsome libel lawyer. See, for example, the January 24 WCPO story “Nicholas Sandmann’s family hires ‘attorney for »

The best thing…

Featured image Everyone is complaining about yesterday’s supposedly boring Super Bowl game — that would be Super Bowl LIII, if you’re counting in Latin. With the rules of the game having been recalibrated continually to favor never ending offense, I appreciated the return of defense. If the halftime show was concededly a lowlight, the singing of the national anthem must be deemed the highlight. Out strolled Gladys Knight to sing the anthem. »

The Trump boom, cont’d

Featured image The Wall Street Journal’s Real Times Economics email newsletter featured the monthly jobs report released on Friday. Lest we take the good times for granted, let us take a break from the continuing Russia hoax to take in signs of the boom. The Journal newsletter headlines 304,000 jobs added in January along with the slight increase in the unemployment rate to 4 percent from 3.9 percent. Chief Journal economics commentator »

Our Calhoun moment

Featured image The internal logic of the uninhibited abortion regime has resulted in a sacramental and/or positive good view of abortion. Before the revelation of his medical school yearbook photo display embarrassed Democrats, Governor Northam extended the cheery view to infanticide. Democrats want him to disappear and take the inconvenient questions he inadvertently raised with him. The abortion regime will be with us long after Northam disappears (as will the Dems’ cynical »

In the busy world of crazy

Featured image Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Ilhan Omar makes a cameo appearance in Washington Free Beacon editor Matt Continetti’s column “Democrats lose their minds.” He writes: Let’s see … what else happened in the busy world of crazy … excuse me while I flip through my files … Ah yes, there was congresswoman Ilhan Omar, parroting the Kremlin-Havana-Tehran line on the democratic uprising in Venezuela, calling it “a U.S. backed coup.” A »

A man for all seasons

Featured image Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has declined to resign from office. He asserts that he was mistaken when he said yesterday that he had appeared in his medical school yearbook photograph in blackface or under a hood wearing Ku Klux Klan garb. “In the hours since I made my statement yesterday, I reflected with my family and classmates from the time and affirmed my conclusion that I am not the person »

Mystery solved, Schiff & CNN hardest hit

Featured image We’ve written frequently about the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting of Donald Trump, Jr. and campaign officials with the connected Russian lawyer Natalia V. Anyone who bothered to read the transcript of Glenn Simpson’s testimony and absorb its contents would have been left with deep suspicions about the meeting. The Russian lawyer met with Simpson before and after the meeting for some reason or other. Lee Smith put the pieces »

To the attention of Ilhan Omar

Featured image Mark Mellman is the prominent Democrat who has taken the helm of the Democratic Majority for Israel. The group is new and badly needed. It resists the tide that is sweeping the Democratic Party toward anti-Semitic haters of Israel such as Reps. Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib et al. Jonathan Martin covered the birth of the new group for the New York Times here (accessible here via Outline). I wrote about »

Yester ghoul And today

Featured image Do you remember the famous “butcher” cover that briefly adorned the Beatles’ American album Yesterday And Today? I think it eloquently conveyed the Beatles’ protest against Capitol Records. They saw Capitol butchering their carefully constructed British albums to maximize product and they were not happy about it. Capitol’s butchery resulted in the Yesterday and Today album. One of our Virginia readers has drawn on the original Yesterday And Today cover »

Let the healing begin

Featured image I don’t want Virginia Governor Ralph Northam to resign. In his own way he perfectly represents the Democratic Party. He is a devout advocate of the positive good view of abortion. He defends extension of the practice to “infants” or, perhaps preferably, postpartum entities. He freely dealt the race card from the bottom of the deck against Ed Gillespie. Now he heartlessly leaves us wondering whether he is the man »

The Dems’ death cult

Featured image The sacramental or positive good view of abortion lurks in the Democratic orthodoxy regarding “a woman’s right to choose,” but Democrats ambitious for national office have mostly remained content to keep the view implicit and to decry the difficulty of the “choice” in these terms even in the third trimester of pregnancy, as Hillary Clinton did in the third of her debates with candidate Trump in 2016. Candidate Trump effectively »

Spartacus jumps in

Featured image Senator Cory Booker has announced his candidacy for the president of the United States. Politico has the story here, the Wall Street Journal here (or here via Outline). Senator Booker distinguished himself among the thuggish and theatrical Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee with a comic performance as “Spartacus.” Senator Booker should be better known for the fabrication of T-Bone, his imaginary friend. Unlike some of the other current »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll provides a short course in GEEZER FORENSICS. She writes: Sometimes, in the course of human events, your person of late, late middle age will sustain a strange injury which she has no idea how it occurred. Let’s say that, despite trying to limit her coffee intake to under 12 cups a day, for some unknown reason, she still has trouble making it through an entire night without getting »

The panic of 2019

Featured image The panic of 2019 is the Democrat/media chorus breaking down over Howard Schultz’s potential independent candidacy for president in the 2020 election. The Washington Free Beacon’s David Rutz has compiled one of his supercuts videos (below) depicting the panic this time. Rutz’s account of the panic is posted here. The talking heads are like little children working each other up into a hysterical lather over a bogeyman. We may as »