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The Chauvin appeal: A second look

Featured image Minneapolis attorney Marshall Tanick has taken a look at the issues raised in the Minnesota Court of Appeals hearing on the murder conviction of Derek Chauvin. Marshall discusses the hearing in the Star Tribune op-ed column “Did Chauvin get a fair trial?” I wrote about the hearing here last week. Marshall more or less provides a second opinion that aligns with mine, if somewhat faintly: [T]he core of the argument »

Camp of the ain’ts

Featured image In her New York Post column Miranda Devine reports on “The migrant mess…ruining NYC’s midtown.” She identifies previously elite midtown hotels that are now housing illegal aliens at taxpayer expense: The city is putting illegals up ­indefinitely in Midtown’s former luxury hotels, providing three free hot meals a day, baby formula, free clothing, free legal services, free health care and free education. The cost is reportedly close to $100,000 per »

Let’s go crazy, abortion edition

Featured image John C. “Chuck” Chalberg is an old friend and historian who spent his career teaching at Normandale Community College in Bloomington, Minnesota. In an op-ed column published in today’s Star Tribune, Chuck documents the abortion edition of the Minnesota DFL’s “let’s go crazy” campaign now that Democrats control the political branches of our state government. At my request Chuck has kindly forwarded the original version of his column and granted »

Ms. found in Pence’s home

Featured image As President Biden has thrown a lifeline to President Trump in the matter of possession of classified documents, former Vice President Mike Pence has thrown a lifeline to Biden. Lawyers representing Pence discovered “a small number of documents bearing classified markings that were inadvertently boxed and transported” to Pence’s new home in Carmel, Indiana. CNN reports on the discovery here, the AP here, the Wall Street Journal here. Pence attorney »

Kevin McCarthy explains

Featured image Actually, Kevin McCarthy kicks butt would be more like it. Yesterday Speaker McCarthy “officially booted Reps. ADAM SCHIFF and ERIC SWALWELL from the House Intelligence Committee.” McCarthy set forth his decision in a letter to Hakeem Jeffries posted on Twitter. The lady and gentlemen of Politico Playbook find the letter “short on details about the two California Democrats’ sins[.]” You can grok that the press wants to pick up its »

The McGonigal miasma

Featured image Charles “Charlie” McGonigal helped originate the FBI’s Russia hoax investigation of President Trump and his 2016 presidential campaign. As the New York Post explains, FBI Deputy Assistant Director Jonathan Moffa told Senate Judiciary Committee staffers in 2020 that he got a July 2016 email from McGonigal which “contained essentially that reporting, which then served as the basis for the opening of the [Crossfire Hurricane] case.” After serving as chief of »

Ms. found in Hunter Biden’s laptop

Featured image White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre took a few questions on the Biden classified documents matter at yesterday’s briefing (White House transcript here). The New York Post covers this aspect of the briefing here. KJP performed a few golden oldies. For example: “I’m going to continue to be prudent from here. I’m going to be — continued to be consistent and make sure that those questions go to my colleagues »

Getting there

Featured image Today’s New York Post takes up the Biden classified documents matter in an editorial and in Miranda Devine’s column. The editorial makes a few basic points that I have omitted to make in following the matter: The available evidence now suggests he was carting off government secrets at least since he was a spry 68. To us, that looks more like “incredibly reckless.” By the way, we also still don’t »

New frontiers in menstruation, cont’d

Featured image Minnesota Democrats are pressing on offense since Governor Walz won reelection and they took charge of the legislature last month. “Let’s go crazy” seems to be their motto. Last month five contributors signed off on an op-ed column in the Star Tribune supporting their push for menstrual equity. Two of the five are DFL legislators — Senator Steve Cwodzinski and Rep. Sandra Feist. They were joined by “menstrual educator” Carolyn »

Here, there & everywhere

Featured image I think we may be moving beyond the “no there there” stage of the Biden classified documents matter. We don’t know how many documents are involved or what they are, but their diverse locations are suggestive of gross negligence. The Daily Mail now reports “EXCLUSIVE: Biden classified files were sent to ANOTHER D.C. location before they were stored at think tank – by team led by aide who’d been recommended »

Getting “there” yet?

Featured image On Friday President Biden declared that there was “no there there” in the matter of his illegal possession of classified documents. This after the discovery of three or four such sets of docs in low places including the detached garage housing his Corvette at his Wilmington residence. Last night news broke that yet another set of classified documents was found at Biden’s Wilmington home — this set including documents that »

Sunday morning coming down

Featured image I had intended to post a second part of my tribute to Jeff Beck before death intervened again. This morning I want to note the death of David Crosby last week at the age of 81 and post a few videos that represent early highlights of his work and provide pleasure in themselves. As in the case of Jeff Beck, my selections here derive almost entirely from the early years »

A Dobbs leak footnote

Featured image I read the documents released by the Supreme Court in its investigation of the Dobbs leak as soon as they were posted on the Court’s site Thursday afternoon. They are posted here. Giving the Marshal’s 20-page report on the investigation a close reading several times over, I commented on it in “Dobbs leaker still at large.” I raised the question whether the justices had been interviewed in the course of »

Shapes of things: FBI edition

Featured image Has FBI Director Christopher Wray said word one about the supervisory role played by the FBI with Twitter under the old regime? Not to my knowledge. We have sought to highlight it in our Notes on the Twitter Files. Speaking at the annual World Economic Forum jamboree in Davos yesterday, Wray seemed to allude to the FBI’s supervision of Big Tech: I think the sophistication of the private sector is »

Ms. filed in the wrong place

Featured image Unlike White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre, President Biden did not refer reporters seeking comment on his retention of classified documents in his Wilmington garage and other unauthorized locations to the White House Counsel or to the Department of Justice. He found himself innocent of any misconduct. He told reporters: “I think you’re going to find there’s nothing there.” (For “you” read Special Counsel Robert Hur.) Speaking to reporters accompanying »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll discovers A ROOTING INTEREST. She writes: One time when our son was about 6, he came into the family room where his father and I were watching a baseball game. “Who’s winning?” he asked. “The Yankees,” we spat. “I’m for them,” he said, clearly just wanting to be on the winning side. “So was I,” sighed his father, “when I was your age.” A short time later, our »

Dobbs leaker at large

Featured image The Supreme Court announced this afternoon that the leaker of the Dobbs draft opinion remains at large. That is unfortunate for many reasons, including the damage done to the Court as an institution and the physical danger to which the leak subjected the justices supporting the draft opinion. It’s also unfortunate that the Biden administration appeared not to give a rip. I gleaned from one of the stories on the »