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Tickle v. Giggle no laughing matter

Featured image The case of Tickle v. Giggle sounds like it could have been conjured by Charles Dickens — the names of the parties, anyway. How can Tickle be adverse to Tickle? The funny thing is — there’s nothing funny about it. It’s yet another chapter in the gender wars. Might this one be a bridge too far? We need a satirist of the genius of Jonathan Swift to administer justice in »

Garbage all the way down

Featured image We closely covered the New York Post stories on Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election. Anyone who took a close look at the story could see a self-authenticating element in it and, indeed, every piece of additional reporting that followed up on the Post’s reporting corroborated it. With a little help from the Deep State 51, the laptop was dismissed as Russian disinformation, »

Looking back, looking ahead

Featured image Today is Memorial Day. I acknowledge with profound gratitude the debt we owe to those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. Our friend Mac Owens speaks profoundly to the sacrifice in his 2022 Memorial Day column. Today is also the 22nd anniversary of Power Line’s debut online. In August 2006 the producers of Frontline sought me out for an interview about the site in connection with its three-part »

Jay-B: Empire state of mind

Featured image This past Tuesday Dr. Jay Bhattacharya received one of the 20th anniversary Bradley Prizes. Samuel Gregg and William B. Allen were the other recipients. See the Bradley Foundation announcement and related links here. The Bradley Foundation has posted the announcement of Dr. Bhattacharya’s award here and the text of his remarks on the occasion here. I have posted the video of Dr.Bhattacharya’s remarks below. The speech takes up themes we »

Coming into DCA

Featured image This past Friday afternoon we flew Delta 2698 from MSP to Reagan National/DCA. We are spending the Memorial Day weekend in Washington with family. In transit the Captain (I think) announced that we would arrive 10 minutes early, which proved to be the case. The flight was only two hours long. However, we spent the next two hours in the aircraft on the runway at DCA. When we touched down »

Ready to celebrate

Featured image President Biden is preparing to celebrate the conviction of Donald Trump in the New York State front of the lawfare campaign against him. That’s what can be gleaned from the NBC News story on the prospect. The NBC reporters call it “a shift to a new, more aggressive posture” about the proceedings. One might think that the participation of Matthew Colangelo, a former senior Department of Justice official as a »

Criminal evidence

Featured image Hunter Biden’s laptop presents as a case study of the cooperation among the mainstream media — I would give pride of place to Natasha Bertrand and Politico, but they had a lot of company — the Democratic Party, and the deep state in the service of Our Democracy™, or Their Democracy. This week the Biden Department of Justice vouched for the authenticity of the laptop in its prosecution of Chairman »

Chimes of freedom

Featured image Bob Dylan celebrates his 83rd birthday today. When he snagged the Nobel Prize for Literature a few years ago, I pulled out all the stops by posting a big set of my favorite covers of his songs. I don’t have any stops left to pull, but I’m adding another cover or two (again) this year in honor of his birthday today. Dylan is first and foremost a songwriter. See, for »

Not dark yet

Featured image Today is the birthday of Minnesota native son Bob Dylan. He turns the ripe old age of 83. It’s not dark yet, but it’s getting there. I want to celebrate him as long we’re both still around to enjoy the occasion. He is a remarkable artist, self-invented, deep in the American grain. A few years back I visited Dylan’s old home at 2425 7th Avenue East in Hibbing. The house »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll is pretty sure that AFAB IS A FIB AND GIVES ME AFiB. She writes: So I go to a nice, respected MEDICAL site to find out how much potassium is in a baked potato, okay? At a recent medical check-up, my potassium levels were measured and found wanting. Anyway, at this site, there’s a nice long article about why potassium is important, a list of foods that are »

From the mixed-up files of Sec. John Kerry

Featured image Former Secretary of State John Kerry blocked multiple FBI arrest operations against individuals linked to Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs to further negotiations on the failed Iran nuclear deal, according to unclassified internal FBI emails obtained by Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson via legally protected whistleblower disclosures. Senator Grassley’s press release is posted here. This is the gist of the disclosure: The records provided to our offices show »

Enter the CIA

Featured image IRS whistleblowers Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler must be extraordinarily brave men. They blew the whistle on Hunter Biden, the Biden family business, and the Biden Department of Justice’s sham investigation of same. Yesterday the House Ways and Means Committee the Ways and Means Committee released more than 100 pages of newly obtained evidence provided by Shapley and Ziegler. Chairman Smith’s expository press release is posted here, the documents themselves »

Ugly lessons of 10/7

Featured image Eugene Kontorovich is a professor at the George Mason University Scalia Law School and the director of its Center on the Middle East and International Law. He is also the head of the international law department at the Kohelet Policy Forum, a think tank in Jerusalem. His X stream offers a stream of commentary and links on matters related to the Hamas/Israel war. His current Tablet column considers “The ugly »

What about me?

Featured image Today Chairman Joe announced that he is canceling $7.7 billion in student debt for 160,000 borrowers. NBC’s Peter Alexander posed a good question to White House press secretary KJP at the White House press briefing. “What is the White House’s message to those Americans who did not attend college, for a variety of reasons perhaps, including perhaps they didn’t want to take all the debt that went with it…” REPORTER: »

Was great in Minneapolis

Featured image We attended the worldwide debut of Don Was and the Pan-Detroit Ensemble last night at the Dakota Jazz Club in downtown Minneapolis. The debut kicked off a tour that will take the group to Evanston, Detroit, Cincinnati, Cumberland, Red Bank, Washington, DC, New York City, and Ardmore (Pennsylvania). Owner Lowell Pickett was in the house and Was thanked Lowell for welcoming the group’s debut at the club. The ensemble is »

Morehouse revised

Featured image This past Sunday at Morehouse College President Biden gave a campaign speech in the guise of a commencement address. In substance Biden’s speech was a demagogic disgrace. What would an honest address have sounded like? Speaking in my own voice, I think it would have sounded about like this. * * * * * I am grateful for the privilege of speaking to you this afternoon. Morehouse is our only »

A shout-out to Sir Charles

Featured image I have patronized the Davanni’s pizza/hoagie restaurant since it was founded in 1975 as Pontillo’s, meaning the original store at the corner of Grand and Cleveland in St. Paul. I think its pizza hoagie got me through law school. and it has grown into a thriving local chain. The entrepreneurial spirit still courses through the chain. Stopping there for lunch today, I found the sign above. It quotes budding Timberwolves »