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Alighting on Alito

Featured image When some rotten insider at the Supreme Court leaked Justice Alito’s draft opinion in the Dobbs case last month, it reminded me of the invitation we had received from the editors of National Review to comment on the nomination of then Judge Alito to the Supreme Court by President Bush. Our article was published in the November 21 issue of the magazine that year. I dug it out and posted »


Featured image The Minnesota Supreme Court order in Spann v. Minneapolis City Council this past Monday highlights facts salient to the future of Minneapolis. The Minneapolis Police Department has lost 300 officers since the summer of Saint George just two years ago — about one-third of the force. The city is obligated by its own charter to maintain a police department of 731 officers. Yet the city now maintains the department with »

The madness of Slow Joe: YOU take YOUR seat

Featured image The New York Post briefly reports President Biden’s exposure of the “comically detailed cheat sheet” prepared by his staff. Biden is instructed to “take YOUR seat” and to limit his remarks to “2 minutes.” Someone neglected to tell him that the first rule of cheat sheets is to keep it close to your vest. Or perhaps he just forgot. The Post explains: A photographer snapped an image of the document »

With Justice & Drew

Featured image I am scheduled to join Drew Lee, producer Robbie Rosenhaus, and my friend Howard Root for the weekly Justice & Drew round table this morning from 6:00-9:00 a.m. (Central). Because Jon Justice is in the hospital recovering from open-heart surgery, Howard and I will be Drew’s guests for the whole show this morning. The show is broadcast weekdays on Twin Cities News Talk AM 1130 and 103.5 FM. It is »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll reloads in RED FLAG LAWS: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON: Because the Seven Deadly Sins Have Not Been Repealed… She writes: Sometimes I wonder if the Democrats have ever lived in the real world or if they just drop in now and then from Planet Make-Believe. As a “person who used to menstruate,” not to be confused with an adult human female called a “woman,” I have spent decades in »

Redistribution, illegal alien edition

Featured image The Biden administration has worked a new twist in the Democrats’ mania for redistribution. However, this scheme is to be conducted in private. Attention is not to be paid. It is a big secret. The New York Post’s Miranda Devine has been on the case for a while. In her New York Post column today she adds a dose of media criticism. A subhead in the column aptly describes the »

Readers deserve better

Featured image I have turned to today’s Star Tribune to check out the editorial board’s take on Monday’s Minnesota Supreme Court ruling against the city in Spann v. Minneapolis City Council. The city is short some 100 police officers of the minimum imposed by its own charter and has no prospect of coming into compliance any time soon. Even were it to achieve compliance, another 100 officers will leave the city short »

In re: The “do something” bill

Featured image The Federalist has just posted David Harsanyi’s column on “The ‘do something’ gun control bill.” Harsanyi is the author of The First Freedom: A Ride Through America’s Enduring History With the Gun and someone whose opinion I respect. Here is a salient paragraph: [Republican bill sponsor Senator John] Cornyn spent more time bragging about the things he rejected than championing the useful ideas he brought to the bill, because it »

The dog that barks

Featured image The bipartisan Senate group released the text of the “gun bill” or “gun safety bill” or whatever it is just before the Senate voted to proceed on the bill without amendment last night. Taking a look at the text, I see that the bill may be cited as the “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act.” The authors apparently don’t want us to know what it’s all about from the title of the »

The O’Keefe Project: James O’Keefe writes

Featured image This past Friday evening Tucker Carlson devoted his 18-minute opening segment (monologue plus guests Josh Boswell and Harmeet Dhillon) to the matter of Ashley Biden’s diary. Project Veritas — the object of the FBI’s investigation into the alleged “theft” of the diary (see this tab) — posted the segment in its entirety on YouTube, but YouTube removed it upon the objection of FOX News. It’s the kind of segment that »

Speaking of “fewer choices”

Featured image On Monday the Minnesota Supreme Court ruled 7-0 that the Minneapolis mayor had breached his duty to staff the police department at the minimum level specified by the city charter. (The Supreme Court also ruled that the city council was in compliance with the related funding requirement.) For some reason or other, the police department has “lost” 300 officers since the summer of George Floyd. The city is now some »

WHO’s next to last

Featured image Today’s Tablet Scroll draws attention to the recent Daily Mail story on the origins of the Coronavirus plague. I have slightly edited Tablet’s summary and commentary below, but it makes the points I would want to make: World Health Organization director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus privately told a senior European official that he believes the COVID-19 virus was accidentally released by the Wuhan virology laboratory in China, according to a report »

A milestone in Minneapolis’s descent

Featured image The Minneapolis city charter requires the city to fund and employ a minimum number of police officers, yet the city resisted its legal obligation all the way to the Minnesota Supreme Court. Yesterday the Court ruled unanimously that the city’s resistance to its legal obligation lacked merit. I have embedded Chief Justice Gildea’s 9-page order at the bottom of this post. Five of the Court’s seven justices, by the way, »

The O’Keefe Project: Whistleblower revisited

Featured image The mind-boggling story of Ashley Biden’s diary disappears from the news for months at a time. I have sought to keep it front of mind and do what can be done to advance it. Touching base with Project Veritas yesterday, I came up empty. However, I was reminded of May’s whistleblower installment of the saga that had completely slipped my mind. All my posts tracking the story are accessible here. »

Riding along with the MPD

Featured image Kyle Hooten recently rode along with the Minneapolis police during its Operation Safe Summer operation. Kyle briefly covered his ride-along in the Alpha News story here. The video is below. Minneapolis has fallen into a deep, deep hole with an undermanned and demoralized police department, an empowered criminal class, and an ineffectual judicial system. Over the past two years, the Minneapolis Police Department has lost almost 300 officers. Any sentient »

The O’Keefe Project: Tucker goes to town

Featured image We have covered the FBI’s investigation of the case of Ashley Biden’s diary in a series of 17 posts under the heading of “The O’Keefe Project.” This is the eighteenth. I don’t think anyone has devoted as much attention to the story as we have. The collaboration of the FBI with the New York Times attracted my interest, but my judgment is that every aspect of the story merits attention. »

Kevin Roche: Schadenfauci

Featured image My friend Kevin Roche holds down the fort at the invaluable Healthy Skeptic site. I turned to Kevin yesterday to ask him a question that has been on my mind: Is it wrong to be happy that Dr. Fauci has contracted Covid? He took my call at his lake house up north and promptly responded to my question in the column below (also posted here at Kevin’s site). A friend »