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Podcast: The 3WHH, Wobbly Wheels Edition

Featured image This week’s review of the news begins with the two huge stories that broke Friday—the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse (which is causing grief counselors for leftists to work overtime again), and the House passage of Biden’s so-called “Build Back Better” spendathon.  The latter story may seem like a Biden/Democrat triumph, but in fact a closer look shows that this may come to be seen as the week when the wobbly »

The Week in Pictures: Well-Acquitted Edition

Featured image The reaction from the left to the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse tells you all you need to know about the left’s regard for the rule of law and due process. But there was other good news this week, such as the announcement that Beto O’Rourke is running again in Texas, and I’m still wondering just what Jedi mind trick Gov. Abbott used to pull this off. And, of course, more »

The Geek in Pictures: Blowout Edition

Featured image So, the budget blowout bill has passed the House. You know things are bad when the nation’s prospects hang by the slender thread of an egotistical senator from West Virginia. If the bill passes the Senate, expect this historically high gap in favor of the GOP to grow even larger: • Meanwhile, the other blowout numbers from this week are the soaring deaths from drug overdoses: • We’re also Number »

A Modest Proposal for the Campus Diversity-Industrial Complex

Featured image The latest news out of Yale is that the ratio of administrative staff to students is now 1:1, where, as the Free Beacon‘s Aaron Sibarium reported earlier this week, two minority students are suing the “diversity” staff at the law school for attempting to coerce them into defaming Prof. Amy Chu because Yale’s bigots want to fire the overachieving Asian from their faculty. Because “justice” or something. (These are the »

Coming Soon: PC Bots??

Featured image At first glance, it might seem the Daily Mail is going into competition with the Babylon Bee, but I think this is a straight news story, and at this point nothing would surprise me in these crooked times: Would you buy a political correctness police-bot? ‘Trigger warning’ device for classrooms and parties sounds alarm when it detects offensive language or jokes  A new trigger-warning detector which sound alarms when it »

The Kamala Kollapse

Featured image How bad must things be going at the White House that the press secretary puts out a tweet like this on a Sunday evening? Maybe because Kamala’s rambling word salad in response to a sensible question about inflation, in which she embraces the “wet sidewalks cause rain” theory of inflation (“the price of bread and gas are going up”), is beyond cringe: Chaser—The Veep has the mark of Klain to »

Podcast: The Three Whisky Happy Hour, Misery Index Edition

Featured image Steve actually turned up for this week’s show with three different whiskys in hand (Finlaggan, Lagavulin 8, and Bunnahabhain 12—in other words, Islay All the Way!), along with a sampling of the worst-reviewed whiskys ever, though these reviews pale in comparison to the reviews this episode’s panel gives to Democrats just now. Historian Richard Samuelson joined Steve and Lucretia for this week’s show—which was recorded on Veterans Day with alive »

The Week in Pictures: Inflated Edition

Featured image So inflation is back, and thus TWiP will have to raise its prices, or at least its picture and meme count, to adjust. Meanwhile, the steady deflation of the Biden presidency continues.  And the latest UN climate summit—COP 26—has adjourned with an important agreement . . . to meet again next year! Because the time for words is over, but there’s always time for more meetings where everyone says the »

The (No) Keystone COP

Featured image Apparently the UN climate summit in Glasgow is still going on, long past the scene where Ferris Bueller comes out of the shower after the credits have finished asking “You’re still here? Go home!” Most of the heads of state, and even some old codger named Obama, have long ago left and gone home, but fortunately Nancy Pelosi is on the spot to fill the void, though I did have »

Today’s Live Podcast Taping

Featured image We’re still putting together the topical agenda for our live taping of the Three Whisky Happy Hour podcast this afternoon at 5:30 pm Pacific time, but if you want to join us (whisky not mandatory, and yes, Irish whisky is definitely allowed, as is American bourbon whiskey), click on THIS LINK around 5:25 pm or so. We will be having a poll of listeners about whisky preferences, so your vote »

Live Podcast Taping Tomorrow!

Featured image For our podcast listeners, Lucretia and I decided to record this week’s episode of the Three Whisky Happy Hour tomorrow (Thursday) and do it live on Zoom to all comers at 5:30 Pacific time, 8:30 Eastern time, and 2:30 am Zulu time where Lucretia lives. We’ll post the Zoom link on a separate item here tomorrow afternoon, so check back after lunch. Normally we record every week on Friday evening, »

The Geek in Pictures: The Usual Suspects

Featured image Time for another data-rich roundup, focusing on the usual suspects—energy, economics, and wokism. • Let’s start with the Bumbling Biden Brigade: Is the economy slowing, just as inflation is accelerating? Meanwhile, while we argue about OSHA implementing the vaccine mandate, this is a good time to review the macro evidence that OSHA has done close to nothing to affect workplace safety: • News you can use: • Some poll data »

Loose Ends (143)

Featured image • Just when you think the Climatista Cult can’t get any crazier (like just yesterday), naturally it does: 70% of Americans experiencing climate change anxiety and depression, survey finds SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — A new survey shows that 70% of Americans are now very or somewhat worried about global warming as more and more of them show signs of anxiety or depression as a result of that worry. Noah Oderberg »

Infinite Absurdity > Peak Absurdity?

Featured image Every day I think optimistically that we have reached peak absurdity from the left, but every day there is a fresh new high in leftist (un)creative destruction. First up, this: Canadian woman becomes first person diagnosed as suffering from ‘climate change’ A Canadian woman could be the first patient to be diagnosed as suffering from “climate change” after doctors said heatwaves and poor air quality brought on acute breathing problems. Kyle »

Vax Versus Vox Populi

Featured image Last Saturday we ran the Babylon Bee meme about how vaccinating very young children for COVID is unnecessary because the COVID risk to kids is so tiny: And while I don’t normally wade into the vaccine controversies, I note that there seems to be a non-trivial number of children who have experienced adverse side effects from the COVID vaccine, including myocarditis (an inflammation of the heart). The Wall Street Journal reports »

Podcast: The 3WHH, More Election Schadenfreude

Featured image This week’s edition of the Three Whisky VERY Happy Hour revels in schadenfreude over the spectacle of the left freaking out over the election results on Tuesday. As political philosophers we try to go beyond the usual punditry to get at the heart of the matter, explaining why the left’s dime-store Hegelian historicism (“the side of history”) that informs their moral smugness makes it necessary to charge that the only reason »

The Week in Pictures: Total Schadenfreude Edition

Featured image Sometimes, Stan Evans liked to say when conservatives scored a big win, you just have to take the sweet with the sweet. And Tuesday’s election results were pretty sweet indeed. And the left’s reaction on MSNBC and in the rest of the media remind me of the New Yorker cartoon of the two dogs at the bar, where one dog says, “It’s not enough that dogs succeed; cats must also »