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The Daily Chart: Trading Places

Featured image Everyone knows China has become the trade powerhouse in the world, but this before-and-after comparison of how fully China has displaced the United States as the world’s leading trading partner over the last 20 years is still sobering. (Go Finland!) »

The Week in Pictures: Crypto-Crash Edition

Featured image Really, I know I shouldn’t celebrate the spectacular crash of FTX, but just how many Theranoses, Solyndras, Madoffs, and other liberal pipe-dream companies need to implode before people recognize that woke capitalism is ruinous? (I note, in passing, that it sounds like a lot of the big layoffs just announced by tech companies are coming from their HR departments. Maybe our tech overlords have had enough of the wokism pervasive »

Thought for the Day: What Milton Would Say About ESG Investing

Featured image Watching the implosion of FTX—the darling company of woke capitalism, “effective altruism,” and the ESG investing crowd whose founder, the ridiculous Sam Bankman-Fried, was second largest donor to the Democratic Party this year, naturally—calls back to mind what Milton Friedman wrote about the first version of this leftist fad, which back in 962 was called “corporate social responsibility.” Few trends could so thoroughly undermine the very foundations of our free »

The Daily Chart: Silicon Valley’s Political Leanings

Featured image Maybe the news of massive layoffs at at leading Silicon Valley tech companies is good news for the Republican Party. Herewith: »

Podcast: The 3WHH Goes Back to School of Athens in Milan

Featured image I’m posting this episode a day ahead of regular schedule as a couple of news items discussed in our mid-week taping have already been overtaken by events. . . Your Three Whisky Happy Hour bartenders wandered to Milan this week where we recorded a rare in-person episode, and since we met in Italy, naturally we taste-tested Austrian single-malt whisky, described on the label as “dark” and “peated.” You’ll have to »

The Daily Chart: Greenies Need to Take More Lithium

Featured image So we’re supposed to make the transition to an all-electric future, with our homes, cars and factories all powered by “renewable” sources, and stored in batteries for when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine. Never mind the “nameplate” capacity factors for wind and solar—have any of the “green energy” advocates done some elementary math on how much more lithium we’ll need to scale up batteries? Here’s one »

Thought for the Day: Strauss on Tolerance

Featured image Leo Strauss with some thoughts on tolerance: Absolute tolerance is altogether impossible; the allegedly absolute tolerance turns into ferocious hatred of those who have stated clearly and most forcefully that there are unchangeable standards founded in the nature of man and the nature of things. Yup, that’s pretty much the score of things right now. P.S. I’m still overseas until next week, but the Three Whisky Happy Hour team is »

The Daily Chart: The Electric Car Partisan Divide

Featured image Is there a partisan divide over electric cars? Turns out there is: This should not greatly surprise anyone though. Just as Republicans are more economically literate than Democrats, they are also more energy literate, too. »

The Daily Chart: How Are Those Russia Sanctions Working?

Featured image The “severe” sanctions the West (supposedly) imposed on Russia were supposed to be “crippling” to the Russian economy. Joe Biden promised us, after all. But after an initial swoon, the Russian Ruble has rebounded, and concerning Russian exports, well. . . »

Thought for the Day: Time for ‘Remnant Mode’?

Featured image It is tempting in light of the dismal election result to recur to H.L. Mencken’s famous dismissal of democracy as “the theory that the common people know what they want—and deserve to get it good and hard.” (Find several of his other greatest hits on democracy and elections here.) Perhaps it might be better to recur to a more profound reflection on the state of conservative principles in the midst »

The Daily Chart: Measuring the GOP Election Underperformance

Featured image The more we look at the election result last week the more perplexing it becomes. What the two longitudinal charts below show is that a president at 44 percent (at best) approval rating and inflation at (“officially”) 8 percent should lose—at a minimum—10 House seats. If the Dem losses are kept to about 10 this election will be seen as one of the greatest anomalies in election history. (Of course, »

The Daily Chart: Global Inflation

Featured image Joe Biden is narrowly correct that inflation is a global phenomenon at present, and in fact is running higher in Europe than in the U.S. However, what this really means is that central bankers everywhere—and especially in the EU—have been as irresponsible and clueless as our Federal Reserve, and also just as profligate in government spending. The cure is the same in both places. Batten down the hatches. »

The Week in Pictures: Pink Ripple Edition

Featured image The problem with big waves is that sometimes they hit a sandbar or a rip tide. Or election day falls between sets. But cheer up: John Fetterman is now the face of the Democratic Party, and could there be any more fun prospect that an Oval Office meeting between Bobba Fetterx and Slow Joe Biden? And just think how awesome the photo ops with The Squad are going to be. Headlines »

Reader Poll: Looking Ahead to 2024

Featured image A disproportionate number of the comments on our recent posts critical of Trump’s role in the mid-term election, and his responses in the last few days, have disagreed sharply with us. So I think it is time to hear from a wider cross-section of our readership—from the 99 percent of our readers who seldom or never comment here, on the question. Not a long poll—just two short questions. (Be sure »

Podcast: The 3WHH on the McRib Election

Featured image Some smart aleck wag at the Daily Caller has decided this midterm was the “McRib” election, saying “Democracy is like the McRib: It comes and goes mysteriously every two years or so and it is confusing.  And, like politicians, once the McRib is reintroduced with a big ad campaign, you remember months later why you didn’t like it in the first place.” Needless to say, with lingering threats by McDonald’s »

The Daily Chart: Euro-Recession Under Way?

Featured image Last week we noted that European inflation is running higher than U.S. inflation, and today news out of London that the British economy is officially in recession. It also appears that recession is already under way in continental Europe, at least in their all-important manufacturing sector, which is swooning toward 2009 and COVID shutdown levels. This may be more on account of the insane energy policies and incipient shortages, but »

The Daily Chart: DeSantis’s Breadth

Featured image A couple days ago I posted this chart showing the partisan split by education, which liberals like to talk about—see, Republicans are stupid and Democrats are smart, because we went to kollege!  Especially people with advanced degrees in gender studies and such: Well have a look at the NBC News exit poll from Florida, which shows Ron DeSantis got a majority of advanced-degree holders: Chaser, from Michael Barone: DeSantis carried »