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The Week in Pictures: Same Damn Thing Edition

Featured image Edna St. Vincent-Millay is reported to have once said that “History isn’t one damn thing after another—it’s the same damn thing over and over again.” That certainly describes the day-to-day news cycle right now, and the challenge of doing the weekly picture gallery. Have you heard? There’s a pandemic! And Orange Man Bad. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the pandemic of predatory politicians and the mindless media is going away »

Some Extra Pictures: Land ‘O Flakes Edition

Featured image Okay, so this is not quite a full Week in Pictures special edition, though the circumstances very nearly warrant it. As you may have heard amidst the unremitting din of coronavirus news, the Land ‘O Lakes butter people have removed the native American woman who has adorned their packaging for decades. Yes, insert “Elizabeth Warren hardest hit” jokes here. Below, behold my newest sacred relic—one of the last of the »

Observations on the Great Hunkering (11)

Featured image • Cast your mind back to the early weeks after 9/11. Who was the person who dominated the scene as New York City coped with the aftermath? Mayor Rudy Giuliani, of course, so much so that Time magazine made him its Person of the Year for 2001. Now look at New York City today. It is the most hard-hit city by the coronavirus crisis, and the dominating figure in dealing »

The Power Line Show, Ep 182: Earth Day at 50, with Terry Anderson

Featured image It’s Earth Day today—and not just any old Earth Day, but the 50th anniversary. It’s passing rather more quietly than in many previous years because the coronavirus crisis is eclipsing everything at the moment. But a lot has changed since the first Earth Day. Not only is the environment in the United States, and in most places around the world, in much better condition than it was in 1970, but »

Midweek in Pictures: Virus Crisis Volume 6

Featured image So this marks the sixth week in a row of a special midweek edition of Week in Pictures, which our operating guidelines say is only supposed to happen on weeks with extraordinary news events, etc. But as the lockdown has become the new normal, we’ll just have to see if we can keep this up. For now, meme-generation, along with stocking Nancy Pelosi’s ice cream supply, seem to be the »

Latest Liberal Idea: Tax The Rich!

Featured image You won’t believe it. The newest liberal idea for funding coronavirus relief, as explained in the New York Times this morning, is—wait for it now!—a wealth tax on the rich! Since we’re not supposed to be touching our faces right now, you’re not allowed to smack your forehead and exclaim, “Why didn’t I think of that!? Why is it that liberals have all of the best new old ideas?” Here’s the »

Why Trump Will Win

Featured image Most current polls show Slow Joe Biden leading Trump by anywhere from 4 to 8 points, but this does not impress me very much. At this point in 1980, Jimmy Carter had a comfortable lead against GOP front-runner Ronald Reagan, too. Lots of state governors right now—even Michigan’s egregious Gwretched Whitless—have very high approval ratings, but I think this is a rally-round-the-flag effect that is as evanescent as a summer »

Video of the Week, Maybe the Whole F—— Year!

Featured image Everyone remembers that charming fellow in South Korea last year whose toddler marched in on him during a live TV broadcast from his home? Well, that guy finally has a worthy successor, and an example of how things are going in the Age of Quarantine. Only 15 seconds long, but strong language warning! Caveat: There are suggestions this was faked. I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough. »

The End of Oil? Don’t Bet On It

Featured image Something extraordinary is happening today: the spot price of oil appears to have fallen into negative territory—in other words, some producers and suppliers will pay you to take their oil. (Actually what this really represents are the speculators who have to unwind their imminent futures positions, even at a huge loss, because they don’t have enough backyard swimming pool space to take physical delivery of oil. It probably marks a »

Observations on the Great Hunkering (10)

Featured image • Sometimes you just can’t make up stuff like this: —News item: Harvard Nets Nearly $9 Million in Coronavirus Aid from Federal CARES Act —News Item: Shake Shack Returning $10 Million in Government Loan Meant for Small Business Reminder: Harvard has a $40 billion endowment, which enjoys tax-free gains and distributions. Prediction: Harvard won’t return the federal aid, which is on top the multi-millions it gets in federal aid every »

Our Garbage Media

Featured image Want to know how you can tell when the lockdown became a new great depression? It’s when the media starts experiencing large layoffs. Glenn Reynolds has a roundup of media layoffs currently under way that makes for the feel good story of the week for sure. The New York Times reports that “Roughly 33,000 workers at news companies in the U.S. have been laid off, been furloughed or had their »

The Week in Pictures: Team Joe! Edition

Featured image The Biden campaign has committed one of the biggest blunders since Michael Dukakis rode in that tank. No, I don’t mean running with dementia in the first place: rather it is the “Team Joe” avatar where you can upload your own photo and slogan for the campaign. People are having lots of fun with this. We’re only including a few here. I am sure someone—maybe even Joe in his few »

The Latest Bidenbabble

Featured image Here’s yet another two-minute highlight reel of Slow Joe’s greatest babbles from this week.   Did he really boast of speaking with NBC’s Stephanie Ruhle? Yes, yes, he did. She was a nitwit on MSNBC, so naturally she has been promoted to the NBC Nightly News, which has more or less stopped pretending to report news; right now it is just human interest stories, and I can read People magazine »

The Power Line Show, Ep 181: Eight Reasons to End the Lockdowns ASAP, with Dr. Geach

Featured image A few days ago Scott brought our attention Dr. Jonathan Geach’s essay on Medium, “Eight Reasons to End the Lockdowns as Soon as Possible,” and today Dr. Geach joined me to review the article, and, since the COVID-19 story is moving so fast, preview a sequel on “Moving Goalposts” that he is readying for publication. In addition to walking through the adverse health tradeoffs of an extended economic shutdown, Dr. Geach »

Media Fail of the Day

Featured image To paraphrase the great Will Rogers, it’s hard to single out the most glaring media embarrassment of the day when you have the whole media competing to see who can be the most stupid.* But the winner is this Associated Press story, as it appeared in a New Orleans paper yesterday: And yet our media overlords wonder why the idea of “fake news” has so much traction with the public. »

Observations on the Great Hunkering (9)

Featured image • Don’t look now, but it seems China’s mendacious deception is not limited to concealing disease vectors. From the Wall Street Journal early this afternoon: China might be secretly conducting nuclear tests with very low explosive power despite Beijing’s assertions that it is strictly adhering to an international accord banning all nuclear tests, according to a new arms-control report to be made public by the State Department. . . The »

Mid-Week in Pictures: What Day Is It Edition

Featured image Mid-week, schmidweek, I can’t tell Sunday from Wednesday right now, so at this point it really doesn’t matter if it’s Saturday or whenever. Though as it happens today we are halfway between Western Easter and Eastern Orthodox Easter, so this is a suitable time to get in a few Easter-related memes and such that we didn’t have on hand last Saturday. And oh yeah, somebody named Barack O’Bernie or something »