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Portnoy’s Complaint

Featured image Dave Portnoy is the founder of Barstool Sports, a popular sports blog. For some reason the Washington Post decided to do a hit piece on Portnoy, assigned one of its totally biased young hack “reporters,” Emily Heil, to do the piece. Portnoy got wind of the story in the works from one of his advertisers that Heil contacted, and decided to pre-empt the story by calling Heil on the phone, »

The Daily Chart: What’s the Matter with Liberal Arts Colleges?

Featured image I have been arguing for a while now that elite private liberal arts colleges are much more woke, leftist, and conformist than large public universities like Berkeley, Ohio State, Michigan, etc. And here’s a data set that demonstrates one way in which this is evident: Lesson: DO NOT send you child to any of the small elite private liberal arts colleges. Cross them all off your list. Save money; send »

Loose Ends (229)

Featured image • It’s almost as if Zelenskyy wants Republicans in Washington to block further aid to Ukraine: Zelenskyy: "Humanity is failing on its climate policy objectives" — Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) September 19, 2023 • Meanwhile, the invasion of the Italian isle of Lampedusa continues: In the past 24 hours 20 more boats have arrived. Total over over 18,000! More boats are underway towards Lampedusa, Italy. The local population of the island »

Extremism about Extreme Weather

Featured image We’ve periodically debunked the way the climatistas jump on every notable weather event as proof of the imminence of the climate apocalypse, but our friends at Kite & Key Media have put together this nice seven-minute summary of what’s wrong with these claims. Among other things, the video cites Steven Koonin, whose book Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters is the best overall »

The Daily Chart: Bidenomics Epic Fail

Featured image Biden and his team are boasting of the great success of “Bidenomics,” but then even the New York Times is moved to report: Poverty Rate Soared in 2022 as Aid Ended and Prices Rose Poverty increased sharply last year in the United States, particularly among children, as living costs rose and federal programs that provided aid to families during the pandemic were allowed to expire. The poverty rate rose to »

Kendi Kar Krash

Featured image Ibram X. Kendi, ne Ibram Henry Rogers, is this generation’s Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton on steroids: race hustling shakedowns perfected. His target has been universities, which have been content to shower him with money, the most recent being Boston University, which lured him and his Center for Antiracist Research away from American University several years ago. Twitter founder Jack Dorsey gave Kendi a $10 million unrestricted grant, among other »

Comic Relief from the Left

Featured image Michael Tomasky, nowadays the editor of The New Republic (a former magazine), attempts to explain why the awesome Joe Biden isn’t getting sufficient credit from the American people for all his awesome achievements, and his general all-around awesomeness. The main culprit is—right-wing domination of the news media! I. Am. Not. Making. This. Up. In fact, the right-wing media might finally be bigger [than mainstream media]. Mainstream media audiences and newsrooms »

The Daily Chart: The High Cost of High-Cost Energy

Featured image Everyone knows that Germany was the “first mover” on the net-zero bandwagon, spending more than a trillion Euros over the last 15 years on its “energiewende” (“energy revolution”) only to see their greenhouse gas emissions begin rising again, and last year reviving coal-power to keep the lights on. One thing they did achieve was causing consumer energy prices to roughly double. I guess that “wind-and-solar-are-cheaper” isn’t working out according to »

The Daily Chart: Follow the COVID Money

Featured image Supposedly we’re on the cusp of—or already in the middle of—another COVID variant outbreak, with calls for reviving mask and vaccine mandates. The Branch COVIDians will not be denied. Funny thing, though. Is it merely a coincidence that the sharp drop in COVOD diagnoses coincided with the end of special federal reimbursement for COVID cases? Simple suggestion: if the Branch COVIDians want the COVID numbers to soar again, just get »

Loose Ends (228)

Featured image • I’m so old I can remember that when the Obama Trump Administration did this it was considered the greatest human rights violation since Hitler and the Nazis: Border Patrol temporarily separated families this summer, court filing says A pediatrician tasked by a federal court in Los Angeles to monitor the conditions of migrant children in U.S. government custody revealed in a recent court filing that some children were temporarily »

Podcast: The 3WHH on the ‘Cognitive Infrastructure Crisis’

Featured image Lucretia hosts this week, though I was unable to enjoy a dram of whisky since we taped at 4:30 am local time in Budapest. Anyway, the fearsome threesome give a brief summary of a recent law school seminar on natural law and the Constitution we presented last week at Berkeley Law before a group of somewhat skeptical students, and then moving on to assaying the Biden impeachment inquiry and Hunter »

The Week in Pictures: Knife Sharpening Edition

Featured image Do you get the feeling the Word has gone out from Left Central Headquarters that Biden needs to be sidelined? The knives are being unsheathed and sharpened, and the tea leaves are starting to pile up into a thick broth. Kamala isn’t being spared either. Better cue up more indictments, UFO sightings, phony economic numbers, and foreign scares. Meanwhile, New Mexico discovers that it actually lives under a Constitution that »

The Daily Chart: Oil, Boil, and Trouble

Featured image The Biden Administration’s war on oil and natural gas accelerated recently with the cancellation of oil exploration in the . . . checks notes . . . National Petroleum Reserve and other Alaskan lands, and there are reports that Biden may once again raid the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in an attempt to bring down gasoline prices at the pump, because election season is upon us. But U.S. oil reserves are »

The Latest Frontier for ‘Toxic Masculinity’—Ancient Rome

Featured image Our cultural betters are always on the lookout for signs of white supremacy and its key cognate—toxic masculinity. And the latest thing that has caught the worried eye of the culturati is an apparent fascination, supposedly expressed by Very Online Males, with ancient Rome. The odd twist of this story is that women in increasing numbers are apparently asking men in online relationship platforms how often they think about the »

The Daily Chart: Who Has the Metals?

Featured image A transition to a nearly all-electric energy and transport system is going to need a gigantic amount of metals, the extraction and processing of which have their own substantial environmental footprint, but you aren’t supposed to talk about that. In any case, who has the most of the necessary metals? The United States doesn’t look to be a resource powerhouse in this game. Here are a few snapshots: »

Loose Ends (227)

Featured image • Mitt Romney is a monster (and good riddance, by the way): • Even Nancy Pelosi knows that Kamala Harris su- – – (no, I won’t go there) is bad at her job. Of course, Pelosi is conflicted big time by her familial tie to Gavin Newsom, and better for Newsom if someone else clears out Harris. Still, it is striking that Pelosi can’t even manage some kind of pro-forma »

Apple Cringe

Featured image Apple product launches in the Steve Jobs era always used to include a large measure of P.T. Barnum, with Jobs ending with, “And one more thing. . .” Then he’d either pull out a new device or unveil a new software development like iTunes or new “wow” features in the App store. This week Apple launched the iPhone 15, and CEO Tim Cook’s “one more thing. . .” turned out »