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Loose Ends (140)

Featured image • Rats. I totally missed out that yesterday was “International Pronouns Day.” Our State Department is on it! • It is a handy axiom that liberals call you a racist whenever they are about to lose an argument (which is why they throw the charge around so often). And then along comes Phoebe A. Cohen, professor of geosciences and department chair at Williams College, who commented in a New York »

The Manchin Proviso

Featured image Mother Jones magazine, which is quite left but actually serious about doing good reporting, has a story out today that has everyone buzzing—Joe Manchin is thinking about leaving the Democratic caucus in the Senate, and becoming an independent. I expect this means he would caucus with Republicans, because otherwise he’d likely have to surrender his chairmanship of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. From MJ: In recent days, Sen. »

The Hypocrisy of Environmental Elites

Featured image The Wall Street Journal reports today that the insurgent members that outside groups managed to get elected to the board of ExxonMobil want the company to begin planning to go out of business: Exxon Debates Abandoning Some of Its Biggest Oil and Gas Projects Exxon Mobil Corp.’s remade board of directors is debating whether to continue with several major oil and gas projects as the company reconsiders its investment strategy in »

“Look at Me”: The Latest From Our Confused Old Man in the White House

Featured image How long can the charade of “President” Joe Biden go on before senior officials in Washington start to chat amongst themselves about how to end it? This 14-second video below shows Biden trying to talk over the band that has started to play, and DOCTOR Jill Biden walking quickly up to him to stop the embarrassment. It sounds like she says “Look at me,” following which the “President” begins to »

“Black Monday” Revisited

Featured image With the stock market at or near all-time highs, and with traditional measures suggesting it is overvalued, I’ve been seeing a number of articles about today’s anniversary of the crash of October 19, 1987, when the Dow crashed 22 percent in a single day—still the largest one-day decline in history. A lot of the articles I’m seeing now say “we still don’t know exactly why it happened,” but I think »

Oberlin Beclowns Itself Again

Featured image We’re covered the disgrace that is Oberlin College repeatedly (here, here, here, and here, for starters), but there’s a fresh embarrassment to pass along. From the Oberlin Review student paper—one of those “you have to read it, not to believe it” stories: Male Workers Allowed Into Baldwin, Unsettling Residents Peter Fray-Witzer On Oct. 7, residents of Baldwin Cottage received an email from Josh Matos, the area coordinator for Multicultural and »

Lies of the NY Times

Featured image Well, it appears Nicole Hannah-Jones, the impresario of the New York Times‘s egregiously awful 1619 Project, is at it again. No stealth corrections? How, then, does she explain these changes? Was the Times hacked? Move along, nothing to see here. (Hat tip: Phil Magness.) Chaser from the Times today: Jefferson Statue May Be Removed After More Than 100 Years at City Hall Black, Latino and Asian City Council members who »

Loose Ends (139)

Featured image • Does anyone think that in the entire NFL over the last decade Jon Gruden is the only senior person who expressed impure thoughts on email or other internet media? As usual, the Babylon Bee has this covered accurately: • Speaking of the Bee, its latest scoop is exposing that The Atlantic magazine’s Emma Green really is as vapid as most everyone else in the mainstream media. Green interviewed Bee impresario »

Podcast: The 3WHH, Go Brandon Edition

Featured image This week’s episode, recorded with a live audience on Zoom, was off the hook a little more than usual, as Lucretia was in a grumpy mood (despite my futile attempt at appeasement by changing up my whisky selection), and audience questions and comments came flying in fast and furious. Yet somehow we managed to cover a lot of territory, from an after-action report on this year’s Indigenous Peoples Day Columbus Day holiday, »

The Week in Pictures: Shatner > Brandon Edition

Featured image Brandon is still trending yuuuge, but this week definitely belongs to Shatner. Brandon will be around for a while, but really, how often do we get to indulge a full on Kirkasm? Meanwhile, Biden and Harris continue to be the ghost ship White House. How’s that reconciliation package coming? Maybe Southwest Airlines can help them land it. Oh, wait. Headlines of the week: And finally. . . »

Reminder: Live Podcast Taping Tonight

Featured image So we’re all set for the live Zoom taping of this week’s Three Whisky Happy Hour podcast at 5:30 pm Pacific time. Use this Zoom link to join the happy hour. We’re still working up our agenda, but look forward to taking some of your questions and comments, and we’ve already got a couple of good ones sent in ahead of time. Meanwhile, here’s Lucretia at the range, getting in »

When You’ve Lost Ruth Marcus. . .

Featured image Scott has written already about the disgrace at Yale Law School (“Getting Minds Right at Yale“), but the story is worth a footnote. Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus, who is a reliable weathervane of banal liberal conventional wisdom, wrote about the Yale matter in her Post column today, and apparently some things are even too much for Post liberals: Maoist reeducation camps have nothing on Yale Law School. . . »

Live Podcast Tomorrow!

Featured image I’m a little late getting this notice up, but tomorrow (Friday) afternoon the great “Lucretia” and I will be taping our weekly Three Whisky Happy Hour podcast live on Zoom at 5:30 pm Pacific (8:30 pm Eastern; I have no idea what time this is in Australia—or even what day), open to all comers. I’ll post the Zoom link here middle of the afternoon tomorrow. We’re still putting together our »

California’s Continuing Collapse

Featured image There are several stories that can write themselves every morning, such as the failure of green energy, the failure of the Biden Administration, the failure of the wokerati to acquire any common sense, etc. And then there’s the ongoing failure of California, in particular San Francisco. Herewith a few news stories from the last few days that don’t need explanation or commentary: Walgreens to close 5 more S.F. stores, citing »

Why People Hate the Media, Chapter 12,186

Featured image Katie Couric is out with a memoir from her Morning Show days that apparently dishes on everyone. I have no idea because I haven’t read it and I’m not going to. But the indispensable New York Post has a scandalous story today containing an excerpt from Couric about how she suppressed a comment by the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg about athletes kneeling for the National Anthem because it ran »

The End of Green Dreams? (Updated)

Featured image Every day brings fresh news of the how the edifice of “green energy” has hit the wall. It turns out that when nations recognize they need more energy, they are all turning to . . . energy that actually works at scale. And yet the Al Gores of the world persist: Al Gore’s $36 Billion Fund Sees New Urgency to Cut Off Oil Money Five years. That’s roughly how much »

The COVID Mask Slips

Featured image So what’s the real story with Southwest Airlines cancelling over 2,000 flights the last few days? The airline said it was weather and air traffic control related, but somehow these conditions didn’t seem to affect any other airlines very much, and in any case there was not much weather to speak of in the southeast where most of the cancelations occurred. Southwest’s labor union was quick to deny that there »