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Thought for the Day: Does Anyone Like Kamala?

Featured image From Salvatore Babones writing in The Quadrant in Australia: Simply put: no one likes Kamala Harris. No one even feels bad for not liking her. Her boss doesn’t like her; her aides don’t like her; even her Irish terrier doesn’t like her. Harris featured it (no one knows the sex) in a single 2018 Facebook post for National Puppy Day, calling the one-year-old her “office dog”, which implies that she »

The Daily Chart: Latest SAT Scores by Race

Featured image From Mark Perry, the latest SAT scores by race. No wonder elite colleges are racing to get rid of the SAT, LSAT, and other aptitude tests (which the higher education establishment initially invented), and are turning on the idea of meritocracy itself. »

UMass-Boston Faculty Says “Enough!”

Featured image The woke diversicrats at the University of Massachusetts Boston have issued drafts of a new “mission statement” and “vision statement” for the campus (because why just limit yourself to a mission statement when you can have a vision statement too). They are as follows: Mission statement draft: As an academic community of global and local citizens, we are committed to becoming an anti-racist and health-promoting institution that honors and uplifts »

Gruesome Newsom Watch

Featured image As I commented previously, the political figure secretly most disappointed that the GOP red wave didn’t occur in the mid-term is Gavin Newsom. If a red wave had taken out Michigan’s Wretched Witmer, Minnesota’s Tim Walz, Colorado’s Jared Polis, or New York’s Kathy Hochul, Newsom could point to his landslide re-election in California as evidence that he’s the strongest person to run for president in 2024 in place of the »

Loose Ends (195)

Featured image • I didn’t think any other politician (except perhaps John Fetterman) could make Joe Biden sound like a MENSA member, but behold Canada’s Justin Trudeau, at a recent parliamentary hearing: “Using protests to demand changes to public policy is something that I think is worrisome” • Guess what’s racist now? Fossils. The rise of scientific racism in palaeoanthropology A forensic anthropologist unmasks insidious interpretations of fossil finds. . . . The »

The Week in Pictures: Cryptophan Edition

Featured image Forget the usual post-Thanksgiving turkey tryptophan hangover: what we have unfolding right now is a full-fledged cryptophan stupor overtaking the pretensions of Silicon Valley and its progressive cheerleaders. The collapse of FTX is more than just another spectacular case of corporate fraud and speculation rum amok, but is connected to some key aspects of  progressivism today, though few of the media accounts of the scene are taking note of this. »

Podcast: The 3WHH Special Thanksgiving Holiday Edition

Featured image Posted a day ahead of the usual schedule, this special Thanksgiving long weekend edition with John Yoo sitting in the rotating host chair finds the 3WHH bartenders sharing some wine, whisky and food pairings from the big meal. I supplemented the usual fare with popovers, washed down with some 2015 Trump Meritage red, expecting that it was likely past its prime, and although it had indeed lost its fruit, the »

The Daily Chart: Partisan Industries

Featured image This breakdown of how members of the two political parties regard individual industries is revealing of how deep our ideological divisions run. Some areas of division are not surprising (media, higher education, entertainment, oil & gas), but. . . trucking? Manufacturing? (Also, somewhat curious that Democrats are only half as negative about tobacco as Republicans. . .) Bonus chart: this division on industry-group campaign contributions is not surprising, but also »

The Daily Chart: Thanksgiving Sides

Featured image I am skeptical of the data for this chart but if it is accurate at all, I’d clearly prefer to have my turkey fest in the southeastern states, because mac & cheese, which need no justification. Though I admit being tempted by Alaska’s unique choice. (I wonder, do Alaskan Thanksgiving diners use ranked-choice to decide their sides?) »

Midweek in Pictures: Special Thanksgiving Day Edition

Featured image As noted yesterday in Loose Ends, the Washington Post thinks the most salient thing about Thanksgiving is its climate footprint, because that’s how cultists always think about everything. As a famous Twitter account holder might say, “Sad!” So let’s have some enjoyable fun with the day. And finally. . . a twofer for today: »

Podcast: European Conservatism, with Alvino-Mario Fantini

Featured image One of my favorite journals these days is The European Conservative, edited by the intrepid Alvino-Mario Fantini out of Vienna. Printed on heavy stock paper, its articles are adorned with fabulous reproductions of classic art, making it the kind of journal you’d happily put out on your coffee table alongside your gallery books from the Met or wherever. Back in September I wrote here about how the magazine was dropped »

The Daily Chart: Winter Blues Indeed

Featured image So Buffalo received—check notes—seven feet of lake effect snow last weekend? And it is not even Thanksgiving yet? The northeast has been hoping and praying for a mild winter because energy costs have soared to appease the climate cult, and as this charts shows, areas dependent on old-fashioned heating oil are facing and expensive winter indeed. If only there was a cheap supply of natural gas nearby. . . »

Loose Ends (194)

Featured image • Some questions about the whole FTX implosion. There is likely to be a new rush for Congress to enact some kind of regulation of the crypto world. But maybe we should look first to see what existing laws and regulations either failed or were flouted. After the Enron, Worldcom, and other corporate catastrophes back around 2001, Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley bill, imposing strict new regulations on accounting and corporate financial »

Thought for the Day: The New “New Right”

Featured image For all of my life it seems there has always been a “new right” in view. “New right” has been used since the 1950s at least, and the “new right” of the 1970s looks distinctly old today. The new “new right” today is, as frequently mentioned here, “national conservatism.” Hence worth taking in the summary overview of my old boss Christopher DeMuth, writing in the Wall Street Journal over the »

The Daily Chart: Off to the Races

Featured image We’ve previously displayed the soaring trend lines for mentions of racism and its correlates (“white supremacy,” etc) before, but as usual it appears the media took its cues from academia and the book world: »

An American Back from Abroad

Featured image Yes, I’m finally back, not exactly tanned, rested, and ready, because jet lag, a run-in last night with an exceptionally moronic TSA crew at San Francisco (where for some mindless reason you have to clear security again before catching a connecting flight), and also because this is a great time of year to visit Europe as its ancient cities look much more interesting in late fall light, but that means »

Thought for the Day: Schumpeter on Capitalism’s Success

Featured image From Joseph Schumpeter’s classic Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy—a healthy reminder in the age of so-called “ESG” capitalism: There are no doubt some things available to the modern workman that Louis XIV himself would have delighted to have yet was unable to have—modern dentistry for instance. On the whole, however, a budget on that level had little that really mattered to gain from capitalist achievement. Even speed of traveling may be assumed »