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In Re: Fetterman

Featured image I’m starting to think that maybe we should wish for more Democratic politicians to have strokes like John Fetterman, because it seems it might make them better. It looks to be so in the case of John Fetterman. He’s clearly on the mend, not just physically, but mentally. First, in the aftermath of October 7, he has been unequivocally on the side of Israel, even seen parading outside the Capitol, »

Live From Washington DC, John Yoo In-Depth!

Featured image Last year, as many readers will recall, I was fortunate to have the privilege of appearing on C-SPAN’s “In-Depth” series, a two hour program where the host takes you through your entire corpus of work. Well, our podcast partner, and my frequent classroom partner, John Yoo was jealous, and is appearing  tomorrow at noon eastern (9 am Pacific) on In-Depth. He encourages all Power Line readers to tune in, and »

Podcast: The 3WHH, Wherein John Yoo Goes One-on-One with . . . Charles Barkley??

Featured image So we had promised last week that this episode would feature a cage match between Lucretia and John about realism versus idealism as applied to the Ukraine War (especially since John baited Lucretia by calling her a neocon, which is fighting words not just in the desert west), as well as the problem of January 6, but the passing of Justice Sandra Day O’Connor and Henry Kissinger diverted us, along »

The Week in Pictures: Smackdown Edition

Featured image In political news the big event of the week perhaps was the DeSantis-Newsom debate, but for some reason my in-box got a flood of fresh Chris Christie memes, and almost none about the debate. Biden and Harris always take care of themselves. And I am starting to like some of these AI-generated pics. But we’ll mostly just go back to our old standby meme themes this week. I’m really starting »

The Daily Chart: Immigrate This!

Featured image It is interesting to take in the Gallup trend data on public opinion about immigration. You’ll notice in the chart below that a large plurality of Americans—sometimes a majority—have long wanted decreased immigration, though the number conspicuously dipped during the Trump Administration when—duh—illegal immigration was vastly reduced. Now the number has spiked back up again. Big surprise. »

When & How Did Universities Become So Crazy Left?

Featured image I was fortunate yesterday to take in part of a two-day conference at AEI in Washington DC in honor of Princeton’s Prof. Robert P. George (Robbie to his friends, but still “Professor George” to me and most other mortals), and in particular a retrospective of his early book published thirty years ago, before he had achieved tenure in Princeton’s political science department, entitled Making Men Moral. It set out a »

The Daily Chart: Deadbeat Women?

Featured image You might think, going by the usual stereotypes, that men would be more delinquent on student loans than women, but lo and behold, it turns out that women appear to be much slower in paying down their student loan balances. This from a report from the Jain Family Institute. The study runs the numbers by race, and the result is depressingly familiar: »

Ho, Ho, Ho/Ho Chi Minh/The PLO/Is Sure to Win

Featured image This week’s peak demonstration of leftist anti-Semitic madness comes to us courtesy of the Oakland City Council, where a resolution endorsing a permanent cease-fire in the Israel-Gaza war was met with this parade of insane people: Last night the Oakland City Council voted on a resolution to call for a ceasefire. A city council member tried to insert language condemning Hamas. This was the reaction… — Yashar Ali 🐘 »

The Daily Chart: The Dobbs Effect

Featured image The aftermath of the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade has concentrated chiefly on its political effects, but has it reduced the number of abortions or increased the birth rate? Abortion with few or no limits remains available in most states, and as most abortions occur early in a pregnancy even those states that have adopted a 15-week ban should not be expected to see significant changes. Is anyone trying »

The Daily Chart: Thursday’s Undercard Debate

Featured image As everyone knows, this Thursday Gavin Newsom and Ron DeSantis will square off in a debate on Fox News that is clearly meant to be a proxy for the presidential race a lot of people in both parties wish we would have next year. Think of it as the undercard for the heavyweight bout to follow between the aging champs hanging on past their prime. Don’t underestimate Newsom: he’ll come »

America’s Slow Motion Kristallnacht

Featured image With each passing week since October 7, the outbursts of anti-Semitism in America have become more brazen, more widespread, more ferocious, and with fewer attempts to disguise its true character with academic jargon about colonialism. The Jew-hatred is completely out in the open now. The most shocking example this previous week occurred at Hillcrest High School in Queens, New York, where students rioted in the hallways against a teacher who »

New Low in Liberal Ignorance

Featured image Behold our current secretary of education, who couldn’t get anything more backward if he took LSD and tried really hard: Education Secretary Miguel Cardona: "I think it was President Reagan who said, 'We're from the government. We're here to help!'" Here's the actual quote: "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the Government, and I'm here to help." — (@townhallcom) November 27, 2023 »

The Daily Chart: German Net-Zero Schadenfreude

Featured image Turns out Germany’s great “energy transition” is hitting the wall so hard that the coalition government might go “splat.” The Wall Street Journal reported over the weekend how Germany’s Constitutional Court has ruled that the Scholz government can’t take unspent Covid funds and pour them down the net-zero rathole, but the full dimensions of the cost of Germany’s energy madness was revealed by Bloomberg, who noted that spending for green »

Podcast: The 3WHH on Deciding Between Bad and Worse

Featured image While most other podcasts are taking the Thanksgiving holiday off, your three bartenders behind the Three Whisky Happy Hour remain on the job, because no one wants leftover podcasts for the long weekend. Lucretia and I had traditional home-cooked feasts, while John, naturally, dined Thursday at a yacht club, sweater knotted properly around his neck. In the middle of this episode that ranges from the metaphysics of free speech to »

The Week in Pictures: Populist Surge Edition

Featured image Populism—the phenomenon whereby the wrong candidate wins a democratic election and thereby “threatens democracy”—had a good week. A very good week. Two candidates without official hall passes from the global elites—Milei in Argentina and Wilders in The Netherlands—romped to victory without the permission of the media. Viktor Orban twisted the knife by sending congratulations to Milei and announcing that he’d travel to Argentina to attend Milei’s inauguration. If Trump were »

The Daily Chart: The Occupy Wall Street Effect?

Featured image Zach Goldberg strikes again. Goldberg, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute, has done the fabulous n-grams we have featured from time to time showing the rise of woke jargon in mainstream media “news” stories. His latest dive into the data shows something curious—the upswing in media wokery coincides with the end of the “Occupy Wall Street” moment about ten years back. Occupy Wall Street was not as big a nuisance »

Thinking About Rome—The Rap Version

Featured image A couple months back we reported here about how the woke media was concerned to discover that lots of young males spend a lot of time and mental energy thinking about the Roman empire, and this is obviously a gateway to racism, sexism, homophobia, and every other deplorable trait of toxic masculinity. The Washington Post dredged up Lewis Webb, a Cambridge historian of ancient Rome, to provide the necessary coda: »