2012 Presidential Election

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Featured image Michael Ramirez sums up this year’s election in a manner that I think is about right: »

Bullish on the GOP? Yes: Call Your Broker, and Buy Now

Featured image As we continue to survey the wreckage of the GOP after Hurricane Barry last week’s election, please note Jonathan Last’s terrific article in the Weekly Standard about the overreaction, on both sides, to the Democrats’ narrow but crushing loss to George W. Bush in 2004.  Then, as now, liberals thought it was over for them, that the country was in the grip of evangelical fanatics.  Remember the famous “Jesusland” map »

The solution

Featured image I’m pretty sure Bertolt Brecht was exercising his gift for sarcasm in “The Solution” when he offered a modest proposal to address the people’s loss of confidence in the government. While the government asserted it could regain confidence in the people only by redoubled efforts, Brecht asked: Would it not be easier In that case for the government To dissolve the people And elect another? We seem to be living »

The Weekly Winston: Post-Election Edition

Featured image Some of Churchill’s most famous remarks involved election campaigns and their aftermath, especially losing campaigns.  The most often recalled were his comment after the 1945 landslide loss when Clementine said that perhaps it was a blessing in disguise, to which Winston replied that if so, it was certainly very well disguised.  Or: “In war you can only be killed once, but in politics many times.” But in light of this »

How Long Does It Take A Political Party To Wear Out Its Welcome?

Featured image To those of us who follow the news closely, four years seems like forever. But for most Americans, it seems that four years isn’t enough for a political party to wear out its welcome. In a post yesterday, Paul noted that defeating an incumbent president isn’t easy: from 1896 to the present, only five incumbents who sought re-election have been rejected by the voters. A reader refines that number further »

More on the Timing of Petraeus’s Resignation

Featured image Ronald Kessler of Newsmax has more details on the Petraeus affair. They are rather sordid, and raise more questions about the timing of his resignation: [A]n FBI source says the investigation began when American intelligence mistook an email Petraeus had sent to his girlfriend as a reference to corruption. Petraeus was commander of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan from July 4, 2010 until July 18, 2011. The investigation began last spring, »

George Will Says to Cheer Up

Featured image Spent a portion of last evening in the company of George Will at the Pacific Research Institute’s annual dinner (I reprised my schtick as master of ceremonies—sometime I’ll have to do an MC cage match with Hinderaker—hey, maybe that could be a reality TV show??).   As you can imagine, people were looking for some cheer after this week, and we gave it to them.  From my welcoming remarks: Well, how »

A stalemate, not a mandate

Featured image The Fall 2012 issue of the Claremont Review of Books is forthcoming, but we have a timely preview. The issue will carry Professor James Ceaser’s analysis of the meaning of the election. Ceaser is professor of politics at the University of Virginia. Our friends at the CRB have posted a column adapted from his forthcoming essay. Professor Ceaser is a shrewd observer of the political scene. He anticipated four scenarios »

Barack Obama and the incumbent president conundrum

Featured image A friend who predicted a narrow Obama victory writes: I was thinking about the point I made earlier – incumbent presidents’ attempts to win re-election. Starting with McKinley in 1896, every incumbent who sought re-election won except for five: Taft; Hoover; Ford; Carter; and George H.W. Bush. All but Hoover faced a strong primary challenge (TR in 1912; Ronald Reagan in 1976; Ted Kennedy in 1980; and Pat Buchanan in »

In search of the Hispanic vote

Featured image Mickey Kaus raises a red flag (and has much to say on his own account, all of it worth reading) over the possibility of an impending cave-in by the GOP establishment on immigration in the wake of Tuesday’s results: Alert! The entire GOP elite seems to be trying to sell out en masse on immigration. Not only Boehner, but Cantor. And Hannity (who works for pro-amnesty world citizen Rupert Murdoch). »

Inside Project ORCA

Featured image Failure like the Romney campaign’s on Tuesday is always overdetermined, as is success like the Obama campaign’s. One apparent failure that must be taken into the reckoning is that of Project ORCA, heralded in one of the email blasts of baloney that the Romney campaign churned out in its closing days. We were in no position to evaluate it, but we wanted to believe (as did Governor Romney himself). ORCA »

Why Iran Likes Obama

Featured image Iran’s intelligence ministry published a report on the U.S. election in Farsi that appeared prior to Tuesday, but–no surprise here–didn’t get reported on in the U.S., and still hasn’t been, to my knowledge. The Israeli press has the story on why Iran’s mullahs were pulling for Barack Obama: As the world ponders what Barack Obama’s re-election will mean in regard to the U.S.’s stance against Iran, an Iranian intelligence ministry »

The Dick Morris “franchise” — don’t count it out

Featured image Dick Morris appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s show last night to explain his badly mistaken prediction that Mitt Romney would win a landslide victory over President Obama, another in a long line of bad Morris calls. At the end of the segment, O’Reilly asked, “how badly does this hurt your franchise?” Morris responded by asking who else has “gotten the President of the United States elected?” Answering his own question, he »

The economy and the election

Featured image Please don’t miss Allahpundit’s analysis of the national exit poll. For that matter, check out the poll numbers themselves. I want to focus on the data about the economy, since the exit poll confirms that this was, primarily, an election about the economy. To understand how President Obama won an election about the economy is this weak economy, consider two sets of numbers. First, 39 percent of voters think the »

A Disquieting Thought

Featured image Wait, the turnout was what?!  As the numbers continue to come into focus (and the final vote tally is still days or weeks away), the fact that Romney may underperform (or barely match) the listless McCain in 2008 is the real shocker of the election.  Maybe we should have just run McCain/Palin again.  Obama’s vote total will be down something like six to eight million from his 2008 total; it »

Demography may be destiny, but we have some say about our demography

Featured image In a post below, a trial lawyer friend of John and Scott applies some of his litigation wisdom to electoral politics. Let me offer an analogy along the same lines. What would you, as a defense lawyer, say to a consultant who advised you (a) that jurors from a particular demographic group (say, African-Americans) have a strong propensity to sympathize with a particular type of plaintiff in the kind of »

Thoughts on the debacle [With A Response From John]

Featured image Our friend Roger Magnuson is one of the most prominent trial lawyers in the Twin Cities. A prolific author, Roger has written numerous articles and books on a variety of legal topics. His most recent works includes a chapter in New Developments in Securities Litigation, discussing security law litigation and compliance strategies. (Click here to read “Aggressive Securities Law Litigation and Compliance Strategies.”) Roger is also the author of Barracuda »