2018 Election

The Voter Suppression Myth

Featured image Democrats believe their own bull—- about the Side of History so much that they can’t imagine losing an election, because if you have History on your side how can you lose except by someone using the Dark Side of the Force. Hence the daily claim of the left that Democrats have lost because of voter suppression. Kamala Harris, for examples, has claimed: “Let’s say this loud and clear — without »

An omen of Omar

Featured image When Ilhan Omar became the biggest story in the United States for a few days earlier this month, I mostly gave the subject a rest. She is an incredibly duplicitous and tiresome piece of work. I want to return to her briefly this morning. Omar’s Islamist anti-Semitism raised an uproar that she has treated in part as an issue of public relations. It reminds me of her treatment of the »

Ordeal of the Star Tribune

Featured image Star Tribune editor Rene Sanchez and managing editor Suki Dardarian have posted a statement announcing the firing of movie critic Colin Covert for plagiarism. Their statement is posted under the heading “From the Editors: Star Tribune film critic resigns after ethics breach.” Covert is a 30-year employee of the Star Tribune. Over a period of years Covert plagiarized phrases from reviews by others including the late New Yorker film critic »

Me, on the Election and More

Featured image One of the last things I did before going on vacation was to record a Whiskey Politics video podcast with Dave Sussman. You can listen to the audio or watch the Skypecast at Ricochet. We talked about the 2018 electoral wipeout in Minnesota, latest trends in gun control, the caravan, and more. It was a fun conversation. Here is the YouTube version: »

Cindy Hyde-Smith holds Senate seat for GOP in Mississippi

Featured image Tonight, Cindy Hyde-Smith easily defeated Mike Espy, a member of President Obama’s cabinet, in a run-off election in Mississippi. The margin of victory looks to be about 8 points. Hyde-Smith’s win means that the new Senate will consist of 53 Republicans. Consequently, President Trump may be able to nominate (and see confirmed) highly conservative judges and cabinet members he might have shied away from during the past two years. Contrary »

Trump v. Love

Featured image Mia Love, an African-American woman, represents Utah’s fourth district in the U.S. House of Representatives. Having very narrowly lost her re-election bid, she will leave Congress at the end of the year. We proudly supported Love as a “Power Line Pick” in 2012 (when she ran unsuccessfully), 2014, and 2016. Given her solidly conservative voting record in the House, we probably would have supported her this year, if I had »

A Florida footnote

Featured image In a close election everything matters. Serving as treasurer for Rudy Boschwitz’s 1996 Senate campaign against Paul Wellstone I was treated to a presentation on the Minnesota electorate by the late campaign consultant Arthur Finkelstein. In the course his presentation he mentioned that he had also served as a consultant to former Florida Senator Connie Mack III. Finkelstein attributed Mack’s narrow victory over Buddy McKay in the 1988 election for »

How can Love survive? The answer

Featured image With a little help from the lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein, I asked last week “How can Love survive?” Unlike Rodgers, my reference wasn’t romantic. I was holding out hope for Utah Fourth District Rep. Mia Love in her contest with Democratic challenger Ben McAdams. As of this past Friday, Love had pulled ahead of McAdams for the first time by a few hundred votes. In the final result certified yesterday, »

Orange (County) is the new blue

Featured image The vote counting in California congressional races continued until Democrats carried every district in Orange County. The Democrats flipped four seats formerly held by Republicans in the county. The last of the four races to be called yielded the victory of Democrat Gil Cisneros over Republican Young Kim (who held the lead on election night). The AP reports the result and looks back here. What happened? In the American Spectator »

It’s finally over in Florida [UPDATED – SNIPES RESIGNS]

Featured image Almost two weeks after the election, we have definitive winners in the Florida Senate and governor’s races. Bill Nelson has conceded, falling about 10,000 votes short of Rick Scott. Andrew Gillum has conceded, as well. Ron DeSantis edged him by about 32,000 votes. These are important wins for the GOP. However, with the two races both so close, it’s clear that the Democrats are very competitive in this pivotal state. »

Missing in Broward County

Featured image The manual recount that (I’m going out on a limb here) will confirm the victory of Florida Governor Rick Scott over incumbent nullity Bill Nelson continues, but there is a hold-up in Broward County: Broward County’s ballot recount hit yet another snag Saturday with 2,040 ballots lost or misplaced. The county’s eternally beleaguered Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes said they either misplaced, misfiled or mixed in with another stack. One »

How can Love survive? [updated]

Featured image In his press conference following the midterm elections last week, President Trump unloaded on Utah Fourth District Rep. Mia Love. Trump scolded or mocked her, saying that that Love “gave me no love.” He added: “And she lost. Too bad. Sorry about that Mia.” Trump’s comments implied a cause and effect relationship between Love’s lack of enthusiasm for Trump and the difficulties she faced in her district. This has the »

The way we hate now (Stacey Abrams edition)

Featured image Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams came up short in her race against Republican Brian Kemp. She got around to saying as much in what should have been a concession speech yesterday, but neither Abrams nor her most visible public supporters are in a mood to concede anything. So she gave a language lesson in lieu of a traditional concession (video below) — a language lesson in which she testifies »

Democrats Begin to Fold Their Tents

Featured image The race for Governor of Georgia between Republican Brian Kemp and Democrat Stacey Abrams wasn’t particularly close. Kemp won by 55,000 votes. But since the election, Abrams has tried to position herself for a recount, or something, that might magically erase that impressive margin. Today she gave up, sort of: Stacey Abrams halted her run for Georgia governor Friday, but the Democrat said she would not concede the contest to »

Florida Recounts Are Going Nowhere

Featured image That’s what history tells us, anyway. Scott Rasmussen, at his new web site ScottRasmussen.com, offers some reassuring facts: From 2000 to 2016, there were a total of 4,687 statewide elections in the United States, and 26 of them have been close enough to require a recount. Three of those recounts overturned the results declared on election night: a 2004 governor’s race in Washington, a 2006 state auditor’s race in Vermont, »

Rambling with Dr. Snipes

Featured image Well, I missed the interview of Broward County Supervisor of Elections Dr. Brenda C. Snipes (as she likes to be known) with CNN’s Chris “Fredo” Cuomo yesterday. I have embedded a video clip via Benny Johnson’s Twitter feed below. Snipes’s remarks don’t seem to conform to the talking points for which Cuomo sought Swipes’s ratification. She seems a little slow on the uptake. And how disillusioning to have Snipes contradict »

Why Sinema? [UPDATED]

Featured image People keep asking me how Arizona, which almost invariably sends center-right candidates to the Senate, could have elected Kyrsten Sinema. I’ve been asking that question myself. Sinema once called Arizona the meth lab of Democracy (maybe she was onto something). She said she didn’t care if people join the Taliban. She entered politics as a member of the Green Party. She received honors from the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, and »