2018 Election

How Many Non-Citizens Vote in U.S. Elections?

Featured image Liberals and the media (but I repeat . . .) dismiss the idea that non-citizens vote in meaningful numbers in our elections. What is the empirical evidence? This 2014 article from Electoral Studies ought to be a wake-up call:   Do non-citizens vote in U.S. elections? Jesse T. Richman, Gulshan A. Chattha, and David C.Earnest Abstract In spite of substantial public controversy, very little reliable data exists concerning the frequency with which non-citizen immigrants participate »

Cortez Watch

Featured image I’m still debating whether Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s Excellent Adventure deserves a regular tracking item here on Power Line, but she’s making a strong bid for it. As everyone used to learn in school, when the Spanish explorer Hernan Cortez arrived to conquer Mexico in 1519, he burned his ships to motivate his troops to fight harder against the Aztecs. (It is more likely that the ships were sunk rather than burned, »

Last week’s election, a third look

Featured image Election Day did not produce a Blue Wave, but it went well for Democrats. They picked up more House seats than in any midterm election since 1974; they held onto some Senate seats and Red States; and they picked up Senate seats in two purplish ones. Democrats can also be encouraged by results in what recently has been the solidly Republican South. In Georgia, a leftist candidate, Stacey Abrams, appears »

Meet Ilhan Omar

Featured image I tried to bring the anti-Israel/anti-Semitic views of Minnesota Fifth District Rep.-elect Ilhan Omar to the attention of Power Line readers in several posts. And that’s not all! I also tried to bring them to the attention of Weekly Standard readers in “The anti-Israel seat,” to the attention of City Journal readers in “A question for Democrats” and to the attention of the editor of the Star Tribune in my »

Last week’s election, a second look

Featured image On Election Night, I wrote that the so-called Blue Wave many on the left were expecting had turned into a fizzle. This was a reasonable assessment when I wrote it. Republicans had won Senate seats in Indiana and Missouri, two toss-up races, along with the expected victory in North Dakota. In Florida, where the Democrat was slightly favored to win, the Republican was winning. (No votes had yet been counted »

What we have learned so far

Featured image House Democrats have sought to impede committee investigations that have brought us the most important findings in the Russian hoax foisted on us by the Clinton campaign and its media adjunct. Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes deserves special recognition for standing in there while taking the slings and arrows of House Democrats and their media allies. If any current political figure deserves a Presidential Medal of Freedom, it is Nunes. »

Gaetz on the case

Featured image First Marco Rubio sent up a flare to draw attention to the absurd post-election shenanigans in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Monica Showalter collects Rubio’s tweets here. Drawing on the work of Mollie Hemingway and others, John has more here. Florida Fist District Rep. Matt Gaetz has taken up the case as an observer on behalf of Governor Scott (I believe) and as a citizen journalist posting on his Twitter »

What’s Happening In Florida and Arizona

Featured image On élection night, it appeared that the GOP had picked up three Senate seats. Now, two of them may be in doubt. In Florida, there didn’t seem to be any question on November 6. Senator Bill Nelson conceded that he had lost to Governor Rick Scott, while Andrew Gillum likewise conceded to Ron DeSantis. But then the national Democratic Party swung into action. Election officials in Broward County and Palm »

The Elections Aren’t Over Yet

Featured image How could the rancor of the current political moment get worse? We could have recounts and disputed election results, which, unfortunately, is what is happening. On Tuesday the Republicans appeared to net three Senate seats, but two of them are now being challenged. In Arizona, for reasons I don’t know, there apparently were a lot of uncounted ballots at the end of Election Day. As those ballots have been tabulated, »

Looking ahead to 2020

Featured image It’s great that the Republicans picked up Senate seats in North Dakota, Missouri, and Indiana. However, these states won’t decide the 2020 presidential election. Judging by 2016, the most important states in two years will be Florida, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. What did we learn about these states from Tuesday’s election? In Florida, the Republican candidates for governor and senator appear to have prevailed, though the Democrats are »

Loose Ends (53)

Featured image • Elizabeth Warren is the gift that keeps on giving: • But running a close second is this theme from the left, as is expressed in this tweet by a political science professor at the University of Wisconsin: You can see why political “science” is in such trouble these days. Law professor David Bernstein makes quick work of this stupidity: Though I have to say, runner-up in the stupid tweet-take »

Loose Ends (52), Mostly on the Election

Featured image • A lot has already been said here and elsewhere about the election, but this chart, showing turnout for this midterm the highest since 1970, is interesting: What was happening in 1970? Oh yeah, the Vietnam War protest movement was in full swing, and the Democratic Party, then as today, essentially rejected the legitimacy of Nixon’s election victory of 1968, and were riding that era’s version of “the resistance.” I »

Vote For the Dead Brothel Owner. It’s Important!

Featured image A couple of weeks ago I was with a friend from Nevada who told me that a dead brothel owner was favored to be elected to the Nevada legislature. His name was Dennis Hof, and he styled himself after President Trump. Hof secured the Republican nomination for the Nevada Assembly, and some time thereafter turned 72. He spent his birthday weekend celebrating at his own brothel, naturally enough. But, sadly, »

After Last Night, My Take

Featured image The midterm elections are turning out just about exactly as most observers expected. By historical standards, the Democrats underperformed. They stand to net somewhere between 25 and 35 House seats, a mediocre performance for a new president’s first midterms. Meanwhile, the GOP will gain two to four Senate seats, depending on how Arizona and Montana turn out. Republicans Martha McSally and Matt Rosendale currently lead in those races, which will »

The far-left scorecard

Featured image Josh Kraushaar compiled what he calls the progressive scorecard from last night. Note that it includes only seriously contested races. (Bernie Sanders won, as did the 29 year-old airhead from New York with the hyphenated name): Arizona governor: Garcia loses Florida governor: Gillum loses Georgia governor: Abrams loses Maryland governor: Jealous loses Texas senator: O’Rourke loses California 45th: Porter trails Nebraska 2nd: Eastman loses Pennsylvania 1st: Wallace loses Virginia 5th: »

After last night

Featured image Herewith ten miscellaneous thoughts in the form of bullet points (focused almost entirely on candidates rather than issues) amounting to footnotes on the midterm elections. • I would like to hold myself accountable for my comments on yesterday’s races over the past several months. I hope to have informed readers with fact-based analysis rather than misled you with wishful thinking or hopes and fears. If you think I led you »

The Minnesota disaster

Featured image In Minnesota Republicans experienced electoral disaster that verges on disgrace if it doesn’t get there. We lost both Senate races by wide margins. We lost the governor’s race by a wide margin. Indeed, we lost every constitutional office. We even elected former hate cult member and longtime supporter of cop killers Keith Ellison over Republican Doug Wardlow in the contest for attorney general. Ellison was assisted by the fact that »