2021 Election

Terry McAuliffe squirms

Featured image The most tasty political race this year takes place in Virginia, where Democrat Terry McAuliffe seeks a return to the governor’s mansion. His opponent is Glenn Youngkin. McAuliffe is one of the great rogues of American politics. He’s an old school Democratic pol, which makes him preferable to the new, more rigidly ideological kind, though not by much. All politicians like power, but McAuliffe likes it more than most. How »

Compared to what?

Featured image As Scott discussed in a post this morning, Gov. Gavin Newsom not only avoided recall, he avoided it quite handily. It seems that nearly two-thirds of the Californians who voted in this election favored sticking with Newsom despite the obvious deterioration of the Golden State and its governor’s foibles. Kyle Smith explains Newsom’s easy victory with a question: “Compared to what?” Conservatives got high on our own supply out in »

The Democrats are in serious trouble

Featured image Harry Enten, formerly of FiveThirtyEight and now with CNN, finds that the political environment is moving toward the Republicans. That’s not news, but Enten tries to quantify the movement. His starting point is that Connecticut state senate race I wrote about here. In that contest, a Republican won a special election in a district that Joe Biden carried by more than 20 points in 2020. That race is an outlier, »

An encouraging result from Connecticut

Featured image On Tuesday, the Republicans flipped a seat in the Connecticut state senate. Republican Ryan Fazio, a member of Greenwich’s local council, defeated Democrat Alexis Gevanter, a gun control advocate. The race was in Connecticut’s 36th district, a wealthy suburban pocket not far from New York City. The median household income in this district is around $160,000 per year. Joe Biden carried this district by 25 percentage points last year, a »

Prospective “squad” member loses in Ohio [UPDATED]

Featured image Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “squad” won’t be adding a member from Ohio this year. Last night, in a special election in Ohio’s 11th congressional district, the “establishment” Democrat, Shontel Brown, defeated far-leftist Nina Turner. The margin was around seven points (51-44) when AP called the race for Brown. Turner is a nationally-known figure. Bernie Sanders is a fan, as is Ocasio-Cortez. In fact, Turner served as Sanders’ “chief surrogate” during his presidential »

How much trouble is Gavin Newsom in?

Featured image A considerable amount, according to Helaine Olen, a Washington Post columnist who seems sympathetic to the California governor. She cites a recent poll by the Los Angeles Times in which 47 percent of likely voters said they favor recalling Newsom and 50 percent said they don’t. There’s also the matter of intensity. Many anti-Newsom Californians are very angry at the governor. His supporters don’t feel as strongly, in Olen’s plausible »

In an upset, Trump-endorsed Texas candidate loses congressional race

Featured image Tuesday was election day in a special race to select a successor to Rep. Ron Wright in Texas’ Sixth Congressional District. Wright died from the Wuhan coronavirus. The candidates were Wright’s widow, Susan Wright, and Texas state Rep. Jake Ellzey. Both are conservative Republicans. Susan Wright was the favorite and the leader in polls. She won the most votes in the primary, in which Ellzey barely finished second, just 354 »

Gavin Newsom plays with fire

Featured image I’ve been following the campaign to recall California Governor Gavin Newsom, although not closely. My impression from reports and polls is that Newsom is likely to survive, but that his survival is not assured. James Freeman of the Wall Street Journal finds Newsom vulnerable on a number of fronts — crime, the coronavirus, homelessness, and wildfires, for example. He notes that California voters give him low marks for his response »

A setback for Stacey Abrams and the Dems in Georgia

Featured image Townhall’s Reagan McCarthy reports on a satisfying election result from Georgia. In a special election runoff race for a state House seat, Republican Devan Seabaugh defeated Democrat Priscilla Smith. Seabaugh collected 63 percent of the vote. The jurisdiction in question, District 34 in the Atlanta area, leans conservative. However, Seabaugh’s margin exceeded that of the GOP candidate in 2020, who received 56 percent of the vote, according to McCarthy’s report. »

Shot at by reality

Featured image From the same article in today’s Washington Post. This: Three people were killed during a spate of shootings in the District Tuesday into early Wednesday, including a 53-year-old man caught in gunfire as he walked near Logan Circle in Northwest Washington, according to D.C. police. . .The violence brought to 93 the number of people killed in the city this year, up 18 percent from this time in 2020. Homicides »

Latinos deal Democrats setbacks in Texas

Featured image The Democrats are said to have high hopes for becoming competitive, and eventually dominant, in Texas. Like they did in Virginia. The Dems’ dreams could be realized, especially if enough people move from California to Texas — and forget why they left California. Texas is not Virginia, though. Not unless the federal government moves its headquarters to just across the border from the Lone Star State. Meanwhile, several GOP mayoral »

Will political history repeat itself in Virginia?

Featured image In 1993, Republican George Allen won the Virginia gubernatorial race and replaced a term-limited Democratic governor. The next year, the GOP romped to victory in the midterm congressional elections. In 2009, Republican Bob McConnell won the Virginia gubernatorial race and replaced a term-limited Democratic governor (Tim Kaine). The next year, the GOP “shellacked” the Democrats in the midterms. Both the 1994 and 2010 elections rebuked a first-term Democratic president. The »