The Pathetic Joe Biden

Featured image I suppose the headline for this entry might need to become a regular Power Line series between now and election day. It was as predictable as the sunrise that Biden’s long-time support of the Hyde Amendment, which bans federal funding for elective abortion, would crumple under pressure from the Abortion Absolutists who now control Democratic Party dogma. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that he crumpled so quickly. Get used »

Nuns still on the run

Featured image James Freeman’s June 4 WSJ Best of the Web column is “Democrats vs. Nuns.” In the column he alerts us to this news: “More than two years after Barack Obama left the White House, there’s still no cease-fire in a legal war on women of faith. The non-profit law firm Becket said [on Tuesday] that a group of nuns will once again have to defend their beliefs in a San »

The abortion quagmire

Featured image The Supreme Court’s decision constitutionalizing the alleged right to abortion in Roe v. Wade (1973) was about as bad as it gets. Expressing the Court’s sheer will to power, it is one of the worst decisions in the history of the Supreme Court. The principled liberal law professor John Hart Ely called out the Court in the classic Yale Law Journal comment “The Wages of Crying Wolf.” Professor Ely condemned »

Head and shoulders, knees and womb

Featured image It’s obvious which of those things is not like the other, but apparently not to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. During a hearing on facial recognition technology, she tried to connect this form of surveillance with the privacy concern cited by the Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade. Ocasio-Cortez opined that the privacy concern “doesn’t just give us [sic] a right to my uterus, it gives me a right to my hand and »

Joe Biden flips on the Hyde Amendment

Featured image The new conventional wisdom on Joe Biden is that his strong showing in the polls proves that Democrats aren’t crazed leftists after all. A variation has it that Democrats aren’t crazed enough to pass up the opportunity to nominate the man they consider most likely to defeat President Trump next year. I came into this election cycle believing that at least half of Democrat voters, and probably more than half, »

Silliest Protest Ever?

Featured image Actress Alyssa Milano recently tweeted that liberal women should go on a “sex strike” to protest anti-abortion laws that have been enacted in several states. Hilarity ensued. But model Emily Ratajkowski may have come up with an even dumber pro-abortion protest: she Instagramed a naked picture of herself. Click to enlarge: I know little about Ms. Ratajkowski, but my impression is that it doesn’t take much to motivate her to »

A silly attack on Alabama’s governor

Featured image At the Los Angeles Times, Scott Martelle attacks Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey for signing and praising Alabama’s ban on abortion bill while also backing and overseeing the death sentence for seven inmates. Martelle purports to find a contradiction here. I say “purports” because I doubt Martelle is blind to the obvious way Gov. Ivey’s two positions can be reconciled. She wants to ban abortions because she considers innocent life sacred. »

All In Favor of Infanticide Say “Aye!”

Featured image The Democrats have become extreme across a broad range of issues–socialism and the economy, immigration, energy and the environment, and abortion, to name a few. The Democrats’ enthusiasm for abortion has now led the party to embrace infanticide, something that would have been unthinkable not long ago. Republicans are trying to secure a House vote on the Born Alive Survivors’ Protection Act, which would ban infanticide in the context of »

Jessie Liu withdraws [UPDATED]

Featured image I wrote here about Jessie Liu, the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia and the Trump administration’s nominee for Associate Attorney General, the number three position at the Justice Department. Liu’s nomination concerned me because she was the Vice President of the National Association of Women Lawyers (NAWL) when that organization opposed and condemned the nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. NAWL stated: [Alito] is not qualified »

Democrats are increasingly out of line with public opinion on abortion

Featured image Blue state legislators and Democratic presidential candidates seem to be in a bidding war to determine who can be the most extreme when it comes to permitting abortions. Vermont has passed legislation that allows abortion at any point in a pregnancy, and several contenders for the presidency have shown by their Senate vote that they are fine with doing in babies who survive attempted abortions. But a new poll conducted »

Neomi Rao and the abortion issue [UPDATED]

Featured image We’ve discussed the frivolous concerns expressed by Sen. Joni Ernst about Neomi Rao, President Trump’s stellar nominee to fill the vacancy on the D.C. Circuit by Brett Kavanaugh’s elevation to the Supreme Court. Ernst was upset about sensible comments Rao made, as a college student, about date rape. The absurdity of sinking a nominee with outstanding credentials and a powerful critique of the administrative state — or really any nominee »

Kamala Harris, abortion absolutist

Featured image Kamala Harris is “simply American,” but so much more. She’s a three-fer: Asian American, African-American, and female. I’n not sure how much Harris’ Asian heritage will help her in her quest for the Democratic nomination, but the other two identities are crucial to that quest. If Harris obtains majority support from African-American and from female Democrats, she’s virtually a shoe-in for the nomination, assuming a decent share of the African-American »

Northam: Once More With Feeling

Featured image It looked for a few minutes last night that Gov. Ralph Northam might resign during the Super Bowl, which would be even better than a late Friday afternoon for burying bad news. It was reported that he was huddling with top aides, but so far nothing has come of it. Meanwhile, quite a number of people have said that conservatives should stay on the sidelines on this whole matter, because »

Our Calhoun moment

Featured image The internal logic of the uninhibited abortion regime has resulted in a sacramental and/or positive good view of abortion. Before the revelation of his medical school yearbook photo display embarrassed Democrats, Governor Northam extended the cheery view to infanticide. Democrats want him to disappear and take the inconvenient questions he inadvertently raised with him. The abortion regime will be with us long after Northam disappears (as will the Dems’ cynical »

Yester ghoul And today

Featured image Do you remember the famous “butcher” cover that briefly adorned the Beatles’ American album Yesterday And Today? I think it eloquently conveyed the Beatles’ protest against Capitol Records. They saw Capitol butchering their carefully constructed British albums to maximize product and they were not happy about it. Capitol’s butchery resulted in the Yesterday and Today album. One of our Virginia readers has drawn on the original Yesterday And Today cover »

Let the healing begin

Featured image I don’t want Virginia Governor Ralph Northam to resign. In his own way he perfectly represents the Democratic Party. He is a devout advocate of the positive good view of abortion. He defends extension of the practice to “infants” or, perhaps preferably, postpartum entities. He freely dealt the race card from the bottom of the deck against Ed Gillespie. Now he heartlessly leaves us wondering whether he is the man »

The Dems’ death cult

Featured image The sacramental or positive good view of abortion lurks in the Democratic orthodoxy regarding “a woman’s right to choose,” but Democrats ambitious for national office have mostly remained content to keep the view implicit and to decry the difficulty of the “choice” in these terms even in the third trimester of pregnancy, as Hillary Clinton did in the third of her debates with candidate Trump in 2016. Candidate Trump effectively »