Pete Buttigieg’s slush fund, Part Two

Featured image Earlier this month, I wrote about “Pete Buttigieg’s slush fund” — billions of dollars appropriated by the infrastructure bill that, as John Fund reported, allows the Secretary of Transportation to direct funds to combat climate change and “inequities caused by past transportation projects.” I argued that the goal of combatting past transportation inequities — of which, to be sure, there have been some — is a pretext for favoring Democratic »

Zoning emerges as a political issue for conservatives

Featured image Stanley Kurtz calls attention to two developments he says indicate that zoning may be on the cusp of emerging as a high-profile political issue. The first is from Virginia. There, in the midst of the high-stakes McAuliffe vs. Youngkin race for governor, the conservative group Frontiers of Freedom Foundation is running an ad that highlights Terry McAuliffe’s support for Joe Biden’s plans to undercut single-family zoning. The ad, which I »

Biden commences his war on the suburbs

Featured image Joe Biden’s “infrastructure” bill isn’t about improving America’s roads, bridges, and other elements of our infrastructure. It’s about transforming America as radically as can be done through spending legislation. We shouldn’t be surprised, therefore, that the legislation includes an attack on single-family zoning. Stanley Kurtz has the details. He begins by providing the context: With the introduction of his massive, $2.3 trillion “infrastructure” bill, President Biden’s campaign to end suburban »

Trump and Carson have their say on AFFH

Featured image In this Wall Street Journal op-ed, President Trump and HUD Secretary Carson defend their decision to deep six the Obama administration’s Affirmative Furthering Fair Housing rule (AFFH). They write: The crime and chaos in Democrat-run cities have gotten so bad that liberals are even getting out of Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Rather than rethink their destructive policies, the left wants to make sure there is no escape. The plan is »

Poll: Strong majority opposes forced diversification of neighborhoods

Featured image Claims by left-wing journalists that President Trump’s revocation of AFFH won’t help him win suburban voters strike me as confirmation that this line of attack might very well have that happy effect. It seems to me that the Democratic left doth protest too much. A new Rasmussen poll shows that Trump’s attack on Joe Biden for making “war on the suburbs” is, indeed, potentially powerful: A poll released Tuesday by »

Getting AFFH wrong

Featured image When President Trump revoked President Obama’s oppressive AFFH rule, we all knew that Democrats and lefty media hacks like Eugene Robinson would accuse him of racism. But I didn’t expect conservative bloggers to support that claim. And I certainly didn’t expect anyone at Hot Air, my favorite conservative blog, to do so. Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey has been great on the AFFH issue. However, his colleague Allahpundit gets it wrong »

The coming war on suburbs, cont’d

Featured image I wrote here yesterday about Stanley Kurtz’s appearance on this past Sunday’s edition of Life, Liberty & Levin. The entire show was invaluable, but I thought the key segment included a discussion of the return of the Obama administration’s AFFH program in the “turbocharged” form promised by Joe Biden (Paul touched on it here). I have posted video of the segment below. The discussion of “turbocharging” begins at about 4:30. »

The coming war on suburbs

Featured image Mark Levin hosted Stanley Kurtz for the full hour on Life, Liberty & Levin last night. They discussed the repeal of the Obama administration’s nightmarish Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing regulation (AFFH), of which Kurtz must be the country’s foremost critic. FOX News has posted Yael Halon’s story “Stanley Kurtz sheds light on Trump’s latest ‘tremendous accomplishment,’ and why media largely overlooked it” on the show along with the opening segment »

The Washington Post protests too much

Featured image You can infer from the headline to this article in the Washington Post that President Trump’s focus on Joe Biden’s “war on the suburbs” has potential as a campaign issue. “Trump uses fear to tout repeal of housing rule,” the headline declares (paper edition). The housing rule in question is “affirmatively furthering fair housing” (AFFH). Using fear is the rule, not the exception, with political themes. When the left, including »

Trump ends AFFH

Featured image The Trump administration has ditched the Obama administration’s “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” rule (AFFH). As we have often reported, AFFH is a vast social engineering project that enables the federal government to order more than 1,200 cities and counties that accept any part of annual community development block grants to rezone neighborhoods along income and racial criteria. It thus allows unaccountable federal bureaucrats to dictate who lives where, in order »

Trump presses attack on Biden’s war on the suburbs

Featured image Yesterday, we asked whether President Trump will make Joe Biden’s war on the suburbs an issue in this campaign. Today, Stanley Kurtz reports that Trump already has. In a speech Wednesday in Atlanta on “Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure,” the president emphasized his determination to eliminate President Obama’s radical and legally baseless rule on Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH). Trump stressed Biden’s determination to “hold hostage billions in federal Surface Transportation Grants »

Will Trump make Biden’s war on the suburbs a campaign issue?

Featured image Stanley Kurtz considers this question. Biden intends to wage the war in question via the Obama administration’s affirmative furthering fair housing rule (AFFH), as we discussed here. President Trump signaled his intent to make AFFH a campaign issue in remarks yesterday. He promised to reverse the AFFH rule — something we’ve been »

The left’s agenda on race

Featured image Roger Clegg offers seven thoughts for 7/7. One of them is this: Some statues will come down, and some will stay, and the impact on black lives will be precisely zero. The Left has gotten people’s attention about (fictive) “systemic racism,” and its agenda turns out to be defunding the police and tearing down statues — what more do we need to know about how silly it is? I agree »

Joe Biden’s plan to abolish the suburbs

Featured image Stanley Kurtz writes: President Trump had a great riff at his rally the other day in Phoenix. It was all about “abolish,” about how the Left wants to abolish the police, ICE, bail, even borders. Trump’s riff is effective because it is true. The Left has gone off the deep end, and they’re taking the Democrats with them. Well, there’s another “abolish” the president can add to his list, and »

Trump hasn’t ended Obama’s war on the suburbs

Featured image We have often written about AFFH, which stands for “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing.” AFFH gives the federal government a way to re-engineer nearly every American neighborhood. It enables the feds to impose a preferred racial and ethnic composition; densify housing, transportation, and business development in suburb and city alike; and weaken or cast aside the authority of local governments over core responsibilities from zoning to transportation to education. Another way »

Julian Castro drops out

Featured image Julian Castro ended his bid for the Democratic nomination today. If Castro made any impression in this race, it was for his nastiness during some of the debates, not for any discernible support his candidacy was able to generate. The current RCP poll average has him at 1 percent, and he’s probably only registering at that level due to an outlier poll from three weeks ago that had him at »

A question for Joe Biden

Featured image Joe Biden says he has nothing to atone for over his opposition to school busing in the 1970s. He adds that this is an issue with which 99 percent of Americans are unfamiliar. Biden is right on the first count. He need not apologize for opposing a regime that was unwise and unpopular. Good for him for refusing to do so. I would be more impressed if he didn’t couch »