Andrew Cuomo

Assessing Andrew Cuomo

Featured image It says a lot that Andrew Cuomo became a media darling even as his policies caused thousands of deaths in New York nursing homes, but now, suddenly, is cast as a villain because three women have accused him of mild or borderline sexual harassment. What it suggests to me is that our priorities are skewed and that our culture is becoming frivolous. The allegations of sexual harassment show Cuomo to »

Short takes

Featured image *Former CIA Director John Brennan (how the hell did this hack get that job?) says “I’m increasingly embarrassed to be a white male these days.” That makes two of us. I’m embarrassed that John Brennan is a white male. Also that he’s an American. *Speaking of embarrassing, the petition for certiorari (i.e., for Supreme Court review) filed by the Asian-American plaintiffs in their case against Harvard provides a breakdown of »

The Cuomo Hits Keep Coming

Featured image The latest allegation against Governor Andy Cuomo is not one of sexual harassment. It comes from a woman named Lindsay Nielsen, a former television news reporter in Albany. Nielsen complained on Twitter of abusive and bullying conduct by Cuomo’s staff: I have something to say today. — Lindsay Nielsen (@Lindsayon10) February 28, 2021 Nielsen talked to the New York Post: Lindsay Nielsen, in a post to Twitter Sunday, said »

Cuomo Is Going Down

Featured image Two women have now accused New York Governor Andy Cuomo of sexual harassment, and there likely are more to come. We have all seen this story before, and we know how it ends. As the investigations get under way, Cuomo has released a statement. “At work sometimes I think I am being playful and make jokes that I think are funny. I do, on occasion, tease people in what I »

What To Watch Today

Featured image Two events are worth watching today—one a small detail that may morph into a significant detail, and the second a new angle on Gov. Cuomo’s mounting political troubles that may yet force his resignation or ouster from office. First, the Senate. Some time today—perhaps by the time this item goes live—the Senate will get a ruling from the Senate parliamentarian, Elizabeth MacDonough, on whether the $15 minimum wage proposal can »

Andrew Cuomo’s legal woes

Featured image Those who read Power Line faithfully know that Andrew Cuomo may be in legal jeopardy. The Justice Department reportedly is investigating him and some members of his staff for their conduct in response to a DOJ request for information about nursing home deaths in New York. John Daukas was principal deputy to the DOJ’s assistant attorney general for civil rights at the time the Department requested information from Cuomo. Later, »

Report: Andrew Cuomo under federal investigation

Featured image The other day, I suggested that Andrew Cuomo and/or members of his staff may have violated up to three federal criminal statutes in connection with a Justice Department request for information about nursing home deaths from the Wuhan coronavirus in New York. Now comes word that the FBI and the U.S. attorney for the Eastern District of New York have opened an investigation into Cuomo’s handling of nursing homes and »

Cuomo continues

Featured image I took a whack at Governor Cuomo last week in “Blame it on the Donald.” An update is warranted. At another of his press conferences yesterday he dispersed the blame for his own shoddy performance across an incredibly broad landscape. Victor Davis Hanson took up Governor Cuomo in his February 14 American Greatness column “The wages of Trump hatred.” Here is a handy summary of events leading to yesterday’s presser: »

Did Andrew Cuomo violate federal criminal law?

Featured image Melissa DeRosa, an aide to Governor Andrew Cuomo, has admitted that, in an attempt to cover up evidence that might put Cuomo’s administration in trouble with the Department of Justice, the administration withheld the true New York toll of nursing home deaths due to the Wuhan coronavirus. She reportedly told New York Democrats that “we froze” out of fear that the true numbers would “be used against us” by federal »

Blame it on the Donald

Featured image As a companion to “Blame it on Gay Ray” I submit Bill Hammond’s New York Post column taking us inside the Cuomo con: “Cuomo’s ‘blame Trump’ story for the nursing-home coverup doesn’t remotely add up.” Here we go: To justify deceiving the world about the scale of the pandemic in New York’s nursing homes, Gov. Cuomo has turned to a familiar scapegoat: Donald Trump. The story doesn’t add up at »

Cuomo’s Covid policy still driven by his hospital donors

Featured image What could explain Andrew Cuomo’s bizarre decision to force sick nursing home residents to return to these homes, where they spread the Wuhan coronavirus to residents trapped there? The most plausible explanation I’ve heard is that Cuomo was doing a favor for big hospitals that, given the scope of the pandemic, preferred not to treat these people. Why do big hospitals a favor? Because they are part of Cuomo’s donor »

Cuomo significantly undercounted coronavirus nursing home deaths

Featured image New York’s Attorney General has found that the state underreported Wuhan coronavirus deaths in nursing homes by as much as 50 percent. The AG’s report is here. Why the discrepancy? Because the official count did not include nursing home residents who died at the hospital. How convenient. In addition, some nursing home officials attributed deaths of infected residents to other causes. How convenient. The official count isn’t meagre. It now »

Let’s Make Fun of Andy Cuomo

Featured image In the front rank of the cast of heroes and villains of 2020 is Andy Cuomo, the feckless Governor of New York, a villain. He preened while New York burned. His policy of sending covid-infected patients into nursing homes killed thousands, while he tried to obscure the disaster by misleadingly reporting covid deaths. As the catastrophe unfolded, he hosted a nightly television show that bore little relation to reality and »

Constraining Cuomo

Featured image The Second Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled in favor of the Agudath Israel and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, holding that Emmy Award-winning Governor Cuomo’s COVID-19 inspired numerical capacity limits on their religious services violate the free exercise clause of the First Amendment. The November 25 Supreme Court order (5-4) granted an emergency injunction constraining Cuomo from enforcing the limits pending review by the Second Circuit. The Supreme »

A Cuomo Thanksgiving

Featured image Andrew Cuomo has decreed that private gatherings in New York State, including those for Thanksgiving, shall be limited to no more than ten people. Cuomo declared: New York follows the science. We know indoor gatherings and parties are a major source of COVID spread. To slow the spread, NYS will limit indoor gatherings at private residences to 10 people. This limit takes effect Friday at 10pm. Cuomo did not cite »

Getting to the bottom of Cuomo’s coronavirus nursing home scandal

Featured image Janice Dean reports on the weather for Fox News. She lost both of her in-laws to the Wuhan coronavirus. Both contracted the disease at long-term care facilities, but her mother in-law died at a hospital. New York apparently does not include cases like the mother-in-law’s in totaling up the nursing home death count. Thus, New York is under counting the number of deaths that arose at such facilities. Dean has »

DOJ seeks information on coronavirus orders that may have led to deaths

Featured image Today, the Justice Department requested data from the governors of states that issued orders that may have resulted in the deaths of thousands of elderly nursing home residents. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan required nursing homes to add Wuhan coronavirus patients to their vulnerable populations, often without adequate testing. Accordingly, the Justice Department is evaluating whether to initiate investigations under the federal Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons Act »