Live Podcast Taping Tomorrow: Spotlight on Stan Evans

Featured image Tomorrow afternoon at 4:30 Pacific/7:30 eastern, the Three Whisky Happy Hour will record this week’s episode live on Zoom, with Lucretia interviewing me about M. Stanton Evans: Conservative Wit, Apostle of Freedom. (Which, if you haven’t heard yet, will be officially published in Monday.) Join us with your favorite end of week cocktail, and offer your questions (and recollections of Stan if you by chance you have some). You can »

Upcoming Events

Featured image My biography of M. Stanton Evans comes out in another week, and there are two upcoming events to help launch the book that readers may wish to take in. Both will be livestreamed, but also available online after. This Tuesday afternoon (Match 15) at 2 pm eastern, Matt Continetti will host me for a book forum at AEI. Like most DC think tanks, AEI is not yet having events with »

Upcoming Events

Featured image For Bay Area readers with time on their hands, I’ve got two upcoming events that may be of interest. First, next Wednesday evening down in Menlo Park, I’ll be hosting Bjorn Lomborg at a Pacific Research Institute dinner at the Rosewood Sand Hill resort. Tickets start at $150. Details here. (The registration deadline is tomorrow I believe, so don’t wait!) Bjorn will talk about “Climate Change and Effective Policy: Is Alarmism »

A Public Statement About Our Current Internal Drama

Featured image Everyone knows Tolstoy’s famous opening of Anna Karenna: “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” This certainly applies to the Power Line family right now. Now, I am an old-fashioned WASP that doesn’t like to talk about family matters in public, but having precipitated this crisis, I think I owe some answers to readers who have been writing directly to me and commenting »

Event Announcements

Featured image For readers interested in free speech controversies here and abroad, this Friday morning (Feb. 11) at 10 am Pacific time, I’ll be hosting and moderating an online panel (by Zoom) on the topic of “Legal and Constitutional Protections for Free Speech in Academia in the U.S, U.K., and Canada.” The panel includes Prof. Eric Kaufmann of the University of London (who is a fierce critic of leftism on campuses everywhere); »

Reminder: Live @ Five!

Featured image In case you missed this morning’s announcement, the Three Whisky Happy Hour Podcast will be taping live at 5 pm Pacific this evening (about 90 minutes from now). We’ll get out a lot of guffaws at the agony of Biden and the Democrats, but also responding to your questions and comments about pretty much any subject. To join in, just clink on this Zoom link, and you’ll be good. Though »

End Your Week with a Live Happy Hour Podcast!

Featured image Looking for a way to end this terrific week (terrific because Biden and Harris are in free fall, with no bottom in sight)? Join “Lucretia” and me at 5 pm Pacific time today as we will do a live taping of this week’s episode of the Three Whisky Happy Hour and dissect just how bad things are going for the left just now. We might even come up with a »

Live From the Beach at Noon!

Featured image The silliest thing I do every year—aside from reading the New York Times—is the annual noontime polar bear dip in the Pacific Ocean at noon. This year I’m going to attempt once again to livestream the thing on Facebook. (I tried last year, but had too high a frame rate on my GoPro so it didn’t work very smoothly.) If you have nothing better to do at noon Pacific, click »

Live Podcast Taping Today, @ 5pm Pacific Time

Featured image Since our VIP session for today has been postponed, “Lucretia” and I decided to reschedule and change up our Daily Whisky Shot taping for tomorrow’s episode, and change to a live taping on Zoom this evening at 5 pm Pacific/8 pm eastern, open to all Power Line readers since it is for the general audience podcast. The link is below. We had planned to end the week with a short »

Today’s Live Podcast Taping

Featured image We’re still putting together the topical agenda for our live taping of the Three Whisky Happy Hour podcast this afternoon at 5:30 pm Pacific time, but if you want to join us (whisky not mandatory, and yes, Irish whisky is definitely allowed, as is American bourbon whiskey), click on THIS LINK around 5:25 pm or so. We will be having a poll of listeners about whisky preferences, so your vote »

Live Podcast Taping Tomorrow!

Featured image For our podcast listeners, Lucretia and I decided to record this week’s episode of the Three Whisky Happy Hour tomorrow (Thursday) and do it live on Zoom to all comers at 5:30 Pacific time, 8:30 Eastern time, and 2:30 am Zulu time where Lucretia lives. We’ll post the Zoom link on a separate item here tomorrow afternoon, so check back after lunch. Normally we record every week on Friday evening, »

Reminder: Live Podcast Taping Tonight

Featured image So we’re all set for the live Zoom taping of this week’s Three Whisky Happy Hour podcast at 5:30 pm Pacific time. Use this Zoom link to join the happy hour. We’re still working up our agenda, but look forward to taking some of your questions and comments, and we’ve already got a couple of good ones sent in ahead of time. Meanwhile, here’s Lucretia at the range, getting in »

Live Podcast Tomorrow!

Featured image I’m a little late getting this notice up, but tomorrow (Friday) afternoon the great “Lucretia” and I will be taping our weekly Three Whisky Happy Hour podcast live on Zoom at 5:30 pm Pacific (8:30 pm Eastern; I have no idea what time this is in Australia—or even what day), open to all comers. I’ll post the Zoom link here middle of the afternoon tomorrow. We’re still putting together our »

A note to commenters

Featured image I moderate comments for Power Line and have posted several notes to commenters including those here (2020) and here (2019). They enumerate the guidelines and considerations that I apply in deleting comments and banning commenters. I also wrote the notice to commenters in the sidebar of our site and I strictly enforce it as stated. Our software withholds some comments for review and that is where I review them. Assuming »

Angelo Codevilla, RIP

Featured image Terrible news out this morning of the death of Angelo Codevilla, at age 78, reportedly in a car accident. It is hard to overstate the importance and brilliance of Angelo. If you only knew him by his many books and columns (including this 2015 piece he wrote for Power Line on Trump’s significance and prospects), it would be sufficient to establish his greatness. But he was also at the storm »

With Justice & Drew

Featured image I am scheduled to join Jon Justice, Drew Lee, and producer Samantha Sansevere for the weekly Justice & Drew round table tomorrow morning from 7:00-9:00 a.m. The show runs from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. weekdays on Twin Cities News Talk AM 1130. It is available via live stream here and in podcast form here. The show covers local and national news with a sense of humor and an upbeat twist. »

With Justice & Drew

Featured image I am scheduled to join Jon Justice and Drew Lee for the weekly Justice & Drew round table tomorrow morning from 7:00-9:00 a.m. (I am not sure producer Samantha Sansevere will be on hand this time.) The show runs from 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. weekdays on Twin Cities News Talk AM 1130. It is available via live stream here and in podcast form here. The show covers local and national »