Joe Biden and the Jews with trembling knees

Featured image Joe Biden, like his mentor Barack Obama, seems to get off on talking tough to Israeli leaders. In this guest post, Stephen Silbiger recalls an early instance of such behavior. He goes on to call out American Jewish leaders for their self-interested disregard of what a Biden administration would mean for Israel and its supporters. Stephen Silbiger was the chief legislative aide to Congressman Stephen J. Solarz of Brooklyn. He »

Leo Baeck, Berlin, 1935

Featured image Jews begin the observance of Yom Kippur at sundown tonight with the Kol Nidre prayer service. A few years ago our friend Rachel Paulose asked to join us at our service. Since then she has regularly joined my family when we break our fast, as I hope she will do again next year when life returns to normal. During the service she pointed in our prayer book to an adaptation »

Labour is sorry

Featured image The Guardian has a thorough story on the apology and payments tendered to resolve the defamation claims brought against the party by seven former employees and one BBC journalist. Running true to form, former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn dissents from the apology and the settlement. What an odious cretin he is. I think that the BBC segment giving rise to the lawsuit is posted in the video below. According to »

A Nasty George Floyd Take

Featured image I thought I had seen it all when it comes to politicizing George Floyd’s death at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, but this is a new and particularly contemptible one: Floyd’s death was Israel’s fault. That is, according to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), the body to which, unfortunately, my own congregation belongs. The ELCA is a relentlessly left-wing organization that survives because few Lutherans pay »

de Blasio: Hypocrite or Anti-Semite? [Updated]

Featured image Both, apparently. It has appeared throughout the Wuhan epidemic that Warren Wilhelm Jr. Bill de Blasio is eager to crack down on Jewish funerals and other gatherings while turning a blind eye to much larger gatherings not involving Jews. He has now gone over the top, ordering the gate to a park frequented mostly by Jews welded shut, while encouraging massive Black Lives Matter demonstrations. Paul Watson reports: New York »

Another Question the Media Won’t Ask

Featured image As Paul notes below, the “objective” media is falling all over itself to explain Elizabeth Warren’s collapse as the result of sexism, despite the mountain of evidence that voters (including women voters in her home state) just don’t like her. Reminds me of the old story about the dog food company that spent millions hiring marketing consultants to determine why their dog food wasn’t selling, and after a lot of »

Ilhan Omar: It’s a Zionist conspiracy!

Featured image Further responding in her own fashion to the Daily Mail story on her marriage to her brother, Ilhan Omar sinks ever deeper into the morass. She now finds David Steinberg guilty of “enemy collaboration” (with Israel?), connects him to the Murdochs, connects the Murdochs to the British tabloid press (apparently including the Daily Mail, controlled by Jonathan Harmsworth) and reveals…a Zionist conspiracy! Wow. Why is it always the Jews? This »

What if they held an anti-Trump women’s march and only 10,000 came?

Featured image That’s what might be in store on Saturday when the fourth annual Women’s March takes place in Washington, D.C.. The Washington Post says that only about 4,500 women have indicated on Facebook that they will attend. The organizers say they expect 10,000 participants. It wasn’t always like this. The day after President Trump’s inauguration, hundreds of thousands marched in protest in Washington (an event I covered for Power Line). Taking »

Our under-incarceration problem, anti-Semitism edition

Featured image Grafton Thomas is the anti-Semite who is being held for assaulting with a knife a crowd of Jews in a rabbi’s home during a Hanukkah celebration. I don’t blame the Democratic Party for Thomas’s anti-Semitism or for his decision to assault Jews. However, I do blame Democrats, and some Republicans, for the criminal justice policies that enabled Thomas to be able to act on his violent anti-Semitism outside of prison »

Let’s not blame Democrats for the wave of anti-Semitic attacks

Featured image I disagree with claims that the Democratic Party bears responsibility for recent anti-Semitic violence. There is substantial and growing anti-Israel sentiment among Democrats, especially younger ones. There are some prominent Democratic politicians who are anti-Semitic. A Washington, D.C. Democrat blamed Jews for climate change. That moron falls outside of the Democratic mainstream. But does Ilhan Omar? Does Al Sharpton, Barack Obama’s ally? How about Maxine Waters, who has embraced Louis »

Anti-Semitism: Once Upon a Time(s)

Featured image There has been a noted reluctance of the media, not to mention the cowardly political class in New York, to note the racial angle of the wave of anti-Semitic violence erupting recently in New York. Mayor Warren Wilhelm (“that’s de Blasio to you buster!”) naturally blames it on Trump. That’s one reason to take in the perspective of Henry Louis Gates, a certified Harvard liberal and old friend of President »

Are Anti-Semitic Attacks Driven By Politics?

Featured image Anti-Semitism is on the rise across much of the Western world, most shockingly in New York, where seven or eight episodes of anti-Semitic violence have occurred in just the last few weeks. Normally I don’t blame the actions of lunatics or even extremists on mainstream politicians, but the orchestrated anti-Semitism that has infected the Left in the U.S. and across Western Europe in recent years may justify an exception to »

Boris Johnson’s Hanukkah message

Featured image UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson recorded a Hanukah statement that he released via Twitter yesterday (below). The video is also posted on the 10 Downing Street YouTube channel here (comments are turned off). I learned via Ed Driscoll/InstaPundit that Israel National News has taken note of the statement and transcribed it here. Like President Trump, Prime Minister Johnson chooses to stand with the Jewish people. It represents a striking commonality »

The Jews Did It!

Featured image Last week, the New York Times editorial board absurdly assured us that anti-Semitism is a phenomenon of the right. Sure it is, guys. Keep telling yourselves that. Another case in point: in the aftermath of the Tories’ electoral sweep, whom did some on the left blame? You guessed it. Ken Livingstone–“Red Ken”–the far left former mayor of London who left the Labour Party last year amid charges of anti-Semitism, explained: »

Trump combats anti-Semitism on campus

Featured image Yesterday, President Trump signed an executive order that will enable the government to consider discrimination against Jews to be a violation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. This means that colleges and universities can lose federal funding if they fail to combat discrimination against Jewish students. Trump’s move is a response to the growing number of anti-Semitic incidents on our campuses. To receive Title VI protection, Jews must »

Labour’s unforgivable shame

Featured image Brits go to the polls today in their lost shot at Brexit. The brilliant Douglas Murray memorably sketches one of the other notable choices confronting voters in the Spectator column “Labour’s anti-Semitism shame must never be forgiven.” The transformation of the Labour Party looks like a harbinger of trends in the Democratic Party. Attention must paid. Murray writes: A huge amount has been written about Corbyn’s anti-Semitism and links to »

The “Secret Labour Files of Shame”

Featured image That’s what the London Times calls the explosive Labour Party files on anti-Semitism that, having been leaked, have now been reviewed by the newspaper. The rank instances of anti-Semitism exhibited by Labour members of Parliament, and the party’s weak response thereto, are shocking: The secret files, seen by this paper, reveal the party is still overwhelmed with complaints about anti-Jewish racism that have been left unresolved for months or years. »