Chain of fools revisited

Featured image Our friend Seth Leibsohn wrote yesterday to ask if he was the only one who has a problem with what is depicted in the photo below from Aretha Franklin’s funeral in Detroit. Seth then opened his radio show (audio below) with the question: “What do you think would be said about Donald Trump, President Trump, if he were on a stage at a big event with someone who said, ‘Satanic »

A question for Democrats

Featured image The rise of Ilhan Omar raises a question for decent Democrats. It is the kind of question that Republicans are occasionally called on to answer by the media when one of their own embarrasses them. Democrats somehow escape this treatment. I wrote prominent Minnesota Democrats, identified myself and asked the question raised by Omar in this case. One or two of these Democrats are, or were, friendly acquaintances of mine. »

How the Democratic Party Has Mainstreamed Anti-Semitism

Featured image Ilhan Omar is a Somali-American who serves in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Scott has written about her here a number of times. She apparently entered into a bigamous marriage with her brother in order to facilitate immigration fraud, but the facts are murky and she refuses to clarify them. Keith Ellison is resigning from the House to run for Attorney General of Minnesota, so the rush is on to »

Is “right-wing” Hungary the safest place for European Jews?

Featured image Hungary, under Prime Minister Viktor Orban, has become the bete noir of the American and European intellectual left. Its “illiberal democracy” (Orban is in office because two-thirds of Hungary’s electorate backed him) is the logical extension, they say, of the dangerous right-wing populism of Donald Trump, the Brexit movement, and so forth. “Populist” though it may be, Orban’s Hungary is arguably the safest place in Europe for Jews (100,000 of »

Brennan’s broyges

Featured image Among the several Yiddish words for “angry” is “broyges.” For the purposes of alliteration and anomaly, I want to apply it to the indignation reflected in former Communist Party voter and Obama administration CIA Director John Brennan’s recent tweet on Hamas’s terrorist assault on Israel last week. Brennan was angry…with President Trump and with Israel. For both he seems to harbor a certain animus. Deaths in Gaza result of utter »

Shameless in Gaza

Featured image Hamas continues its war on Israel with its weekly assaults on the border and related activities. It promotes this edition of the war as a “protest” against the Israeli blockade of Gaza, which somehow leaves enough room for the construction of the latest in terror tunnels (see, e.g., this one destroyed last month). The IDF videos below convey the message Hamas is sending and captures a bit of Hamas theater »

How Germany imported anti-Semitism

Featured image Hitler’s Germany virtually annihilated its Jewish population and made a strong run at annihilating Europe’s. Post-war Germany thus took pains to enforce a “Never Again” creed. But that ended when Angela Merkel decided to admit more than a million asylum seekers from Muslim countries. Now, Merkel admits that Germany confronts “a new phenomenon” as the refugees “bring another form of anti-Semitism into the country.” What in God’s name did Merkel »

Anti-semitic and dumb as a rock, Part Three

Featured image Trayon White is the D.C. Council member who explained that Jewish financiers control the climate and create natural disasters to gain political control. I called him anti-semitic and dumb as a rock. To his credit, White has been trying to make amends. Reportedly, he attended a Passover Seder. In addition he visited the Holocaust Museum. Unfortunately, the museum visit will only reinforce the “dumb as a rock” tag while doing »

Gutless in Gaza

Featured image One would have to be a moron not to understand that the Hamas “March of Return” from Gaza to Israel is a variation on a theme. The theme is set forth in its original “Covenant” of 1988 calling for “the liberation of Palestine” (i.e., Israel’s destruction) in the “struggle against Zionism.” (The 2010 revision is, shall we say, subject to interpretation.) Subtlety is not a Hamas selling point. Yet the »

Survived the Holocaust, Murdered In Paris

Featured image A Frenchwoman named Mareille Knoll was murdered in Paris last week: French authorities say the killing of an elderly Jewish woman in Paris is being investigated as an anti-Semitic murder. The woman, identified in French media as Mireille Knoll, was stabbed at least 11 times and her body was set on fire. The Paris prosecutor’s office said Monday two suspects have been put in custody. *** Leading Jewish group CRIF »

Anti-Semitic and dumb as a rock, Part Two

Featured image Trayon White is the D.C. Council member who explained that Jewish financiers control the climate and create natural disasters to gain political control. As I noted here, local Jewish leaders quickly forgave White and expressed their desire to work with him. Now, with Passover approaching, White is receiving invitations to multiple Seders. White accepted one of them. I’m not sure it’s a great idea to have White attend a Seder, »

Anti-semitic and dumb as a rock

Featured image Trayon White is a member of the District of Columbia’s city council. He represents Ward 8, the poorest of the D.C.’s jurisdictions. For years, it elected Marion Barry to the council. Recently, White opined on Facebook that Jewish financiers control the climate. In his view, a mild snowfall in the District was an instance of “climate control” by the Rothschilds who “create natural disasters they can pay for to own »

Beyond Keith Ellison

Featured image In his Wall Street Journal column last month, Jeryl Bier reported that Ellison and Farrakhan had a reunion of sorts in September 2013 with a follow-up meeting in Farrakhan’s hotel room when Farrakhan visited Washington in 2015. Ellison’s relationship with Farrakhan goes way back, but it turns out that Farrakhan has several fans in the Democrats’ Congressional Black Caucus as well. This long suppressed 2005 photograph of Farrakhan & Friends »

Farrakhan’s Ellison

Featured image As Congress’s first Muslim and the Democratic National Committee’s Vice Chair, Minnesota Fifth District Rep.Keith Ellison has become a national figure. Minneapolis sits squarely within Ellison’s district. If you get your news from Minneapolis’s Star Tribune, however, you wouldn’t know much that Ellison doesn’t want you to know about him. At some point I should think professional pride would kick in to motivate the paper’s political reporters, but I’m still »

The Ellison evasion

Featured image In his Wall Street Journal column two weeks ago today, Jeryl Bier reported that Minnesota Fifth District Rep./Democratic National Committee Vice Chairman Keith Ellison and Nation of Islam Supreme Leader Louis Farrakhan had a reunion of sorts in September 2013 with a follow-up meeting in Farrakhan’s hotel room when Farrakhan visited Washington in 2015. I noted Ellison’s responses in “Ellison speaks…a little” and “Ellison speaks…a little more.” Yesterday Ellison appeared »

Abate Abbas, please

Featured image Mahmoud Abbas is one of the many people to whom President Trump is getting. It is entirely to Trump’s credit that Abbas’s usual shtick has failed so miserably with Trump, as is the contrast with President Obama in this respect. Abbas is a deeply unsavory figure in a world of unsavory figures. Entering the fourteenth year of his four-year term as president of the Palestinian Authority, he lacks legitimacy of »

Does Sweden Have an Anti-Semitism Problem?

Featured image Yes, says the Prime Minister: Swedish society has an anti-Semitism problem, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven told press in Paris, where he is participating in a climate meet to mark the anniversary of the 2015 Paris agreement. “We need to see it clearly. In Malmö we see it, and in Gothenburg. It is up to us to both counteract and prevent this,” he said, referring to a weekend which saw anti-Semitic »