This Is CNN [Update]

Featured image I guess we can add CNN to the leftist/anti-Semitic axis of the New York Times and Ilhan Omar: Who is Mohammed Elshamy? A CNN photo editor: If you peruse Elshamy’s Twitter feed, you see the usual far left, anti-Semitic nonsense that you would expect from a CNN employee. It is almost as if Ilhan Omar were running Elshamy’s social media accounts. In fact, it includes a retweet of an Omar »

Anti-Semites Unite!

Featured image The New York Times has been having trouble with anti-Semitism lately… …so it is only natural that they offered Ilhan (“It’s all about the Benjamins, baby!”) Omar space for an op-ed in today’s paper. Omar’s target, of course, is President Trump: “It Is Not Enough to Condemn Trump’s Racism.” Omar’s op-ed is the usual catalog of horrors: President Trump, who in fact has gone a considerable distance toward restoring the »

Thelma & Louise go to Israel

Featured image In his Wall Street Journal column “Thelma and Louise go to Israel,” Bill McGurn looks at the vacation plans of Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar. “The Democratic Party’s Thelma and Louise—Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar—are taking their act to Israel,” McGurn writes. “In a great gift to Donald Trump, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is going to let them in.” This Thelma and Louise are on a mission. They seek »

A blast of truth at the UN

Featured image Iraqi beauty queen Sarah Idan “passionately defended Israel in remarks at the 41st session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva on Tuesday.” I’m quoting the Jerusalem Post story here. Jewish Journal has more here, Algemeiner more here. I have posted the video of Miss Idan’s remarks via the UN Watch tweet below. As the Jerusalem Post explains, Miss Idan was speaking as UN Watch “ambassador for peace.” »

Inside the Muslim Brotherhood

Featured image Anyone seeking to understand the Muslim Brotherhood would benefit from exposure to Lawrence Wright’s The Looming Tower and Andrew McCarthy’s The Grand Jihad. Andy, incidentally, devotes two chapters to Minnesota. We’ve got the Brotherhood and we’ve got it bad. I believe each of these books to be invaluable in its own way, but they require a commitment of time and effort. It wouldn’t be quite correct to say that the »

And you can stab to it

Featured image In his Commetary essay “The Gaza conundrum,” Jonathan Schanzer describes a senior Israeli official in Tel Aviv speaking to him in private. “He was in a foul mood. He looked as if he hadn’t slept much,” he writes. “He rubbed his eyes, scratched his stubble, and blurted suddenly, ‘Gaza is a problem from hell.’” Hamas and Iran are the source of this particular problem from hell. The original Hamas charter »

From Rashida With Love [with comment by Paul]

Featured image Congresswoman Rashida Talib has been in the news as a result of a Yahoo News podcast in which she participated. The podcast, titled “Skullduggery,” is an anti-Trump hatefest. This episode began with the hosts discussing the desirability of impeaching President Trump. Then they welcomed Tlaib as a guest, and talked about impeachment some more. (Tlaib is an enthusiastic advocate.) Next they turned to foreign policy, specifically the Middle East. This »

Rashida Tlaib’s latest: Not anti-Semitic but blatantly false

Featured image Rep. Rashida Tlaib is under fire for saying this: I think two weeks ago or so we celebrated, or just took a moment I think in our country to remember the Holocaust. There’s always kind of a calming feeling I tell folks when I think of the Holocaust, and the tragedy of the Holocaust, and the fact that it was my ancestors — Palestinians — who lost their land and »

Wave of the future

Featured image I was invited to write this piece about Ilhan Omar during the trial of Mohamed Noor for a publication that was looking for something more current and less backward-looking. Pulling it out and rereading it this afternoon, I think it explains where we are now even though it fails to explore recent events. I was hoping for the editor’s help in improving it. Even without his help, however, it occurred »

The Times retraction rewritten

Featured image Dominic Green’s biting column on the anti-Semitic cartoon that the Times ran in its international edition this past Thursday was posted yesterday at 1:57 p.m. (is that Eastern time?). He must have written it well before the Poway synagogue shooting interrupted the synagogue’s 2:00 p.m. (Eastern) service yesterday. Green found the Times’s statement retracting the cartoon a “morally enfeebled non-apology that the Times’s New York office emitted after all the »

Anti-Semitism at the New York Times [Updated]

Featured image The Democratic Party, following in the steps of Britain’s Labour Party, is sinking ever deeper into anti-Semitism. Now it’s the Democrats’ house organ, the New York Times. On April 25, the international edition of the Times published this blatantly anti-Semitic cartoon attacking Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump: The weirdest aspect of the cartoon (although not the most offensive) is the depiction of Trump as a Jew. Wasn’t he was supposed »

The Israel Question

Featured image Star Parker is an author, commentator and activist. She runs Urban CURE, which seeks to “[b]uild awareness that a conservative agenda of traditional values, limited government and free markets is of the greatest marginal benefit to low-income Americans.” Last Friday, Star was in St. Paul to host a CURE gathering primarily for black Twin Cities pastors. The event included two panels; I was part of the first one, which was »

It’s Omar’s Party Now

Featured image When freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar came out with smears whose anti-Semitic nature couldn’t be denied, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer responded rapidly, with unequivocal denunciation. But when Pelosi tried to steer a resolution condemning anti-Semitism through the House, her party’s young radicals, who rightly view themselves as representative of the Democrats’ base, rebelled. Omar and her fellow “progressives” won the day, and Pelosi replaced her anti-Semitism resolution with one so »

An omen of Omar

Featured image When Ilhan Omar became the biggest story in the United States for a few days earlier this month, I mostly gave the subject a rest. She is an incredibly duplicitous and tiresome piece of work. I want to return to her briefly this morning. Omar’s Islamist anti-Semitism raised an uproar that she has treated in part as an issue of public relations. It reminds me of her treatment of the »

Muslim students blame Chelsea Clinton for New Zealand massacre

Featured image Yesterday, Chelsea Clinton attended a vigil at NYU for those killed in the massacre at a mosque in New Zealand. NYU turned out not to be a “safe space” for Ms. Clinton, who is pregnant. Muslim students berated Clinton, blaming her for the killings. Their theory? They cited a statement she made condemning anti-Semitic remarks following the utterance of such remarks by Rep. Ilhan Omar. In response to someone else’s »

The politics of the Democrats’ “anti-hate” resolution

Featured image Yesterday, the House passed a meaningless, vacuous resolution condemning hate in many of its forms. House Democrats were unable to bring to a vote a specific anti-anti-Semitism resolution and never seem seriously to have contemplated a resolution condemning Rep. Ilhan Omar, who caused the fuss with her blatantly anti-Semitic remarks. The anti-hate resolution was a pathetic response. If a Republican congressman had made anti-black comments, would House Democrats have responded, »

Changing of the Guard

Featured image Today marked a turning point of sorts. The House of Representatives voted 407-23 in favor of the Democrats’ revised, anodyne resolution condemning all forms of bigotry. As Scott has noted, Nancy Pelosi retreated to this meaningless resolution because many House Democrats weighed in to support Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitism. Faced with a rebellion in the ranks, Pelosi backed down. She now denies that the resolution had anything to do with Omar. »