The Israel Question

Featured image Star Parker is an author, commentator and activist. She runs Urban CURE, which seeks to “[b]uild awareness that a conservative agenda of traditional values, limited government and free markets is of the greatest marginal benefit to low-income Americans.” Last Friday, Star was in St. Paul to host a CURE gathering primarily for black Twin Cities pastors. The event included two panels; I was part of the first one, which was »

It’s Omar’s Party Now

Featured image When freshman Congresswoman Ilhan Omar came out with smears whose anti-Semitic nature couldn’t be denied, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer responded rapidly, with unequivocal denunciation. But when Pelosi tried to steer a resolution condemning anti-Semitism through the House, her party’s young radicals, who rightly view themselves as representative of the Democrats’ base, rebelled. Omar and her fellow “progressives” won the day, and Pelosi replaced her anti-Semitism resolution with one so »

An omen of Omar

Featured image When Ilhan Omar became the biggest story in the United States for a few days earlier this month, I mostly gave the subject a rest. She is an incredibly duplicitous and tiresome piece of work. I want to return to her briefly this morning. Omar’s Islamist anti-Semitism raised an uproar that she has treated in part as an issue of public relations. It reminds me of her treatment of the »

Muslim students blame Chelsea Clinton for New Zealand massacre

Featured image Yesterday, Chelsea Clinton attended a vigil at NYU for those killed in the massacre at a mosque in New Zealand. NYU turned out not to be a “safe space” for Ms. Clinton, who is pregnant. Muslim students berated Clinton, blaming her for the killings. Their theory? They cited a statement she made condemning anti-Semitic remarks following the utterance of such remarks by Rep. Ilhan Omar. In response to someone else’s »

The politics of the Democrats’ “anti-hate” resolution

Featured image Yesterday, the House passed a meaningless, vacuous resolution condemning hate in many of its forms. House Democrats were unable to bring to a vote a specific anti-anti-Semitism resolution and never seem seriously to have contemplated a resolution condemning Rep. Ilhan Omar, who caused the fuss with her blatantly anti-Semitic remarks. The anti-hate resolution was a pathetic response. If a Republican congressman had made anti-black comments, would House Democrats have responded, »

Changing of the Guard

Featured image Today marked a turning point of sorts. The House of Representatives voted 407-23 in favor of the Democrats’ revised, anodyne resolution condemning all forms of bigotry. As Scott has noted, Nancy Pelosi retreated to this meaningless resolution because many House Democrats weighed in to support Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitism. Faced with a rebellion in the ranks, Pelosi backed down. She now denies that the resolution had anything to do with Omar. »

You can hate this

Featured image The House Democrats have apparently finalized the text of a resolution opposing hate in all but its politically correct forms. I have embedded the text below via Scribd as reported by Politico. Intended to mitigate the political fallout from Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic comments, it could now pass as a resolution in her honor. Even she should be able to vote for it with the thought that, with the possible exception »

Resolution zero

Featured image To deal with the political fallout from Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic deep thoughts, the Dems are still working on a resolution all their members can get behind. That includes their Jew-hating subcaucus. The work has been farmed out to House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot Engel. Omar of course is now the most famous member of the committee and Engel won’t quit until he has a resolution Omar can support. “I »

Dems knot gonna do it

Featured image The House Democratic Caucus is in a knot over Ilhan Omar and the possible resolution condemning anti-Semitism that she elicited. The original draft resolution was a joke to begin with; it is already ancient history. The vapid substitute resolution condemning hate in all the manifest forms recognized by identity politics is struggling to be born. The caucus is resolved to be unresolved for the time being. Something reeks in the »

Let’s call the whole thing off

Featured image Democrats can no longer stand forthrightly against anti-Semitism, even when doing so in a vague approximation that is itself something of a joke represents a mealymouthed resolution of a current political problem. The problem, of course, is Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitism. I am referring to the draft resolution drafted by Democratic leadership that I posted here yesterday. Now the AP reports: “[House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer announced »

A resolution for Omar

Featured image As I’ve been saying right along, Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar is a disgrace to her constituents in Minneapolis and the rest of the Fifth District. In office just a little over a month, she has already elicited a resolution that will come to the House floor tomorrow. The draft resolution condemns anti-Semitic statements of the kind Omar has recently trafficked in (embedded below via Scribd). I tracked down the draft »

Oops! She did it again

Featured image I had Ilhan Omar pegged as an anti-Semite last year, before she won the primary that guaranteed her election. The primary was competitive. If the Star Tribune had covered the issue or pressed Omar on it, it might even have made a difference. Now she bids to become a permanent disgrace to Minneapolis and the inner-ring suburbs she represents. Omar matters. She has injected Islamist anti-Semitism into the heart of »

Some “Yellow Vests” turn on the Jews

Featured image Anti-Semitism is on the rise in France. The French Interior Ministry reports that instances of anti-Semitic violence increased by 74 percent in 2018. Anti-Semitism has been increasing for some time in France. The rise corresponds to the increase of the Muslim population and its growing radicalization. However, recent developments suggest that anti-Semitism is also percolating up from France’s native population. The “Gilet Jaune” (“Yellow Vest”) movement is a mini-rebellion by »

Seven MPs quit Labour Party over anti-Semitism

Featured image Yesterday, seven members of Parliament left Britian’s Labour Party. They will remain in Parliament as an independent bloc. The Washington Post has the details. The leader of Britain’s small Liberal Democrat party said he hoped to work with this bloc. He also suggested that it might grow in the near future. The seven MPs cited several areas of disagreement with the direction of the Labour Party under its radical head, »

If you get your news from the Star Tribune

Featured image Star Tribune owner Glen Taylor also owns the NBA’s Minnesota Timberwolves franchise. He recently fired Timberwolves coach Tom Thibodeau in his third season at the helm. “We would like to thank Tom for his efforts and wish him all the best,” Timberwolves owner Taylor said in a statement. “These decisions are never easy to make, but we felt them necessary to move our organization forward.” The Star Tribune is Ilhan »

Explicating Ilhan Omar [With Comment by John]

Featured image Rep. Ilhan Omar’s exchange with Special Envoy for Venezuela Elliott Abrams yesterday consumed less than five minutes, yet it warrants close scrutiny (C-SPAN video below). As a newly installed member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee doing her thing, we see the devolution of the Democratic Party. Omar begins by calling Abrams “Mr. Adams.” She pretends to deep knowledge about him, launching an ad hominem attack on Abrams for wrongdoing »

A message to Ilhan Omar

Featured image The Washington Examiner’s Naomi Lim reports that yesterday the House passed an amendment to a resolution with a message to Ilhan Omar: “In rare vote, House sends a message on anti-Semitism to Ilhan Omar.” We have Rep. David Kustoff (R., Tenns.) to thank for this: The House on Wednesday unanimously passed a broad condemnation of anti-Semitism days after Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., received widespread criticism over her comments on Israel. »