Artificial Intelligence

AI—Threat or Next Great Thing?

Featured image I don’t know enough yet to have a firm opinion about whether AI (artificial intelligence) is the next big thing that will change the world for the better, or a menace that will further dumb us down and become a tool of control if not Big Brother oppression (not to mention Skynet and the Terminator). One thing I suspect is true, however, is that it will not be a net »

AI Makes S**t Up

Featured image This is the most interesting thing I have come across in a very long time. Artificial intelligence (or, at least, the Chat GPT program) makes stuff up, out of what seems to be a spirit of fun, or perhaps a desire to please. This is the first instance; I linked to it here. Tony Venhuizen, a smart guy from South Dakota, operates a web site where he writes about the »

What Does Google Think Of You? [Updated]

Featured image I have no idea what Google thinks of you, but I know what it thinks of Power Line, and of me. Because I asked Google Bard, the company’s new artificial intelligence application. Google Bard is described by ZDNet here. I did this because a friend emailed me a disparaging description of Alpha News generated by Google Bard. So I asked, “Is Power Line a reliable news source?” This is the »

Getting to know ChatGPT

Featured image Israel Bitton engaged ChatGPT to get its take on the continuing Palestinian terrorism against Israeli men, women, and children. He asked about Palestinian support for terrorism and the supposed ancient roots of Palestinian people. He found the responses documented in a long Twitter thread “eye-opening.” The thread is accessible here. Seeking to replicate Bitton’s exchange this morning, I started off with his opening request: “Explain why Palestinians celebrate terrorist attacks »

A modest proposal

Featured image Following up on John’s post about ChatGPT, reader Mark Vorderbruggen has been inspired “to try an experiment.” He asked it to write a bill requiring public power utilities to purchase solar panels and wind generators that were manufactured using solar panels and wind generators. He would like to submit the resulting draft “to assorted congresspeople.” The draft requires some fine-tuning to effectuate its “purpose” — for one thing, the “requirement” »

ChatGPT: Initial Thoughts [Updated]

Featured image ChatGPT is taking the world by storm. Reportedly, BuzzFeed has laid off writers on the theory that they can be replaced by artificial intelligence. (I am skeptical that this is true, but…BuzzFeed.) I have seen reports that ChatGPT has been hijacked so that it gives liberal responses to questions about political, economic and social issues. Some are claiming that AI, as reflected in its early stages by ChatGPT, threatens the »