Axioms and Animadversions

Axioms and Animadversions (3)

Featured image • With all of the talk from angry Democrats about abolishing the electoral college (but don’t forget the Senate—they want that abolished too), very much worth taking in Trent England’s defense of the electoral college published recently by Hillsdale College’s Imprimis series. But for my purposes, an old line from Edmund Burke suffices: “I feel an insuperable reluctance in giving my hand to destroy any established institution of government, upon »

Axioms and Animadversions (2)

Featured image • I recall a few years back that it was fashionable to argue that Abraham Lincoln was a closet homosexual, based on the thin tissue of his letters to Joshua Speed and other close friends, along with the fact that Lincoln sometimes shared a bed with a man (including Speed I think), especially when out on the road doing legal work and staying at the local inn. To be sure, »

Axioms and Animadversions

Featured image Herewith a new series for Power Line, which is intended to be complementary to—yet distinct from—Loose Ends. Loose Ends typically covers short news items and humorous things that may have escaped notice, while this series will raise questions and offer my idiosyncratic rants and observations on the intellectual scene. So here’s goes: • We very often see the phrase, “unbridled capitalism.” Never mind the accuracy of this term; why is »