Bathroom wars

Supreme Court declines to review transgender bathroom case

Featured image Today, the Supreme Court denied the school board’s cert petition in Gloucester County School Board v. Grimm. That’s the case in which the Fourth Circuit ruled that the board violated the Equal Protection and Title IX rights of a female who identified as male when it assigned multi-user restrooms on the basis of sex and made single-user restrooms available to all students. Only Justices Thomas and Alito dissented from the »

Alex Acosta preserves Chai Feldblum’s aggressive LGBT agenda

Featured image We have just entered the eleventh year of the Obama Department of Labor, Alex Acosta presiding. I wrote here about how Acosta has preserved the radical Obama administration agenda in employment discrimination law, especially when it comes to manipulating statistics to find pay discrimination where none exists. I have also documented Acosta’s refusal to disturb pro-illegal immigrant policies imposed by the Obama administration through the Department of Labor. President Trump »

Trump nominates architect of Obama LGBT policy for another EEOC term

Featured image In 2009, President Obama nominated Chai Feldblum, a leading gay rights activist, for a spot on the five-person Equal Employment Commission. Her nomination inflamed social conservatives. As a result, in March 2010, Obama placed her on the EEOC without Senate confirmation, through a recess appointment. In December of that year, the Senate finally confirmed her for a term ending in 2013. In 2013, the Senate confirmed her for a second term. »

St. Louis Cardinals stand up to LGBTQ activists

Featured image For nearly three decades, the St. Louis Cardinals have held a yearly event called “Christian Day.” The team calls this a reflection of its commitment “to bringing like-minded groups together to share in the unifying experience of Cardinals baseball.” The same commitment manifests itself in Jewish Community Night, Catholic Family Night, Bosnian Heritage Night, Fiesta Cardenales (heavy on cultural appropriation, I hope), etc. And this year the Cardinals are scheduled »

Supreme Court vacates bathroom ruling, sends case back to lower court

Featured image The Supreme Court has vacated a Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in favor of Gavin Grimm, a Virginia transgender student who sought to use the boys room at school despite being a female biologically. The Court sent the case back to the Fourth Circuit for reconsideration in light of the Trump administration’s revocation of Obama-era guidance that supported Grimm’s claim under Title IX. The Fourth Circuit had relied heavily »

McCrory concedes in North Carolina, will meet with Trump

Featured image North Carolina governor Pat McCrory has conceded defeat in that state’s governor’s race. The margin of defeat was razor thin — about 4,000 votes out of 4.2 million cast — and McCrory raised questions about voter fraud, especially in Democrat-leaning Durham County. McCrory still believes there were irregularities. However, he says he’s satisfied that a majority of voters favored his opponent, Roy Cooper the state’s attorney general. Given the closeness »

Supreme Court takes on the issue of who pees where

Featured image The Supreme Court announced last week that it will decide (or try to) whether the Obama administration may require public school districts, as a condition of receiving federal funding, to let transgender students use restrooms that don’t correspond with their anatomical sex. The case in question involves Gavin Grimm, who is a girl anatomically but “identifies” as a boy and thus wishes to use the boys’ room at her (or, »

Boycott the NCAA

Featured image The NCAA has pulled seven championship events from North Carolina because it objects to the state’s law on use by transgender persons of public restrooms. Most of the championship events are not very important except to the participants and their families and friends. But the events include two rounds of the men’s basketball tournament (the round of 64 and the round of 32). That’s a big deal. I’m disgusted by »

The NCAA enters the bathroom wars

Featured image I wrote here about the NBA’s decision to participate in the bathroom wars by pulling its all-star game from Charlotte in response to North Carolina legislation on the matter. To no one’s surprise, the NCAA has elected to indulge in similar leftist grandstanding. Ed Whelan has the details. He reports that the NCAA will require cities seeking to host championship tournaments to answer a questionnaire pertaining to state and local »

The NBA enters the bathroom wars [UPDATED][With Comment by John]

Featured image The 2017 NBA all-star game, which was scheduled to be played in Charlotte, will be played elsewhere. The league is moving the game to protest a North Carolina law. That law, among other things, nullified a Charlotte ordinance that required businesses to allow transgender individuals who have not taken surgical and legal steps to change the gender noted on their birth certificate to use restrooms based on their own gender »

ACLU leader quits after daughters encounter men in the women’s restroom

Featured image Maya Dillard Smith, interim director of the Georgia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, has resigned over the ACLU’s position on who can use which public restrooms. The resignation occurred after her two daughters were traumatized by encountering men in the women’s restroom. Dillard Smith explained: I have shared my personal experience of having taken my elementary school age daughters into a women’s restroom when shortly after three transgender »

Congresswomen attacks Gail Heriot, refuses to let her respond

Featured image Gail Heriot is a member of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and a law professor at the University of San Diego. Some of her work may be familiar to Power Line readers. For example, although Stuart Taylor and Richard Sander popularized “mismatch theory” with their 2012 book, Heriot had been writing about the problem for many years (as had Sander). Earlier this week, Heriot testified in her capacity as »