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The Giuliani warrants, cont’d

Featured image I wrote about Tucker Carlson’s interview with Rudy Giuliani in “The Giuliani warrants” and followed up in “The Giuliani corrections” (Glenn Greenwald has more here). Giuliani has his own YouTube channel for a series he calls Common Sense. Last week he posted episode 134. In the video below he retells the story of the FBI raid on his home and office as well as the execution of the related search »

A redundant prosecution

Featured image A federal grand jury has handed up indictments of Derek Chauvin and his three former colleagues for violating George Floyd’s civil rights. I inferred from the leak underlying Andy Mannix’s April 29 Star Tribune story that the federal civil rights investigation was originally undertaken as a backstop to the state criminal prosecution of the officers in the event that Chauvin and his former colleagues were acquitted, but such is not »

Kristen Clarke misled Senators about her association with anti-Semitic prof

Featured image Kristen Clarke is Joe Biden’s nominee to head the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. We have discussed the fact that, as a student at Harvard, she invited a rabidly anti-Semitic professor (Tony Martin) to campus and then praised his hateful ravings. Now, it appears that Clarke misled the Senate Judiciary Committee about her links with another anti-Semitic professor, Amiri Baraka. The professor in question was a virulent anti-Semite who, among »

Murder rate spikes, Biden DOJ likely to make things worse

Featured image I want to take note of two recent posts by Bill Otis at Crime & Consequences. The first post reports murder statistics in twelve major U.S. cities in 2020. In ten of them, murders increased by more than 30 percent — ranging from 74.1 percent in Seattle to 30.4 percent in Los Angeles. The other two cities, Washington, D.C. and Las Vegas, also reported increases (19.4 percent and 14.3 percent, »

A redundant prosecution?

Featured image According to a source whose affiliation is not even hinted, the Department of Justice will seek federal indictments of Derek Chauvin and his three former colleagues in the death of George Floyd. The unidentified source leaked this and related news to the Star Tribune’s Andy Mannix. I assume that Mannix’s source is affiliated with the Department of Justice, either the Office of the United States Attorney for Minnesota or the »

Senate confirms Vanita Gupta, 51-49

Featured image Last week, the Senate confirmed Vanita Gupta as Associate Attorney General, the number three position at the Department of Justice. Every Republican Senator except Lisa Murkowski, the Arlen Specter of the Klondike, voted against confirming Gupta. Had Gupta’s nomination been rejected, the post would very likely have been filled by someone equally radical. However, that nominee probably would have been less vicious and less dishonest than Gupta. That’s the downside »

Kristen Clarke lies under oath about her racist writing at Harvard

Featured image During yesterday’s hearing on the nomination of Kristen Clarke to head the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, the nominee was asked about an article she wrote while a student at Harvard. In that article, Clarke argued that Blacks are superior to Whites in numerous respects. We discussed Clarke’s racist claim here. Clarke told Senators that the article was satire. But, as David Harsanyi points out, there is no evidence to »

GOP Senators hammer Gupta, Durbin cuts off discussion

Featured image The Senate Judiciary Committee took up the nomination of Vanita Gupta today. She is Joe Biden’s nominee to be Associate Attorney General. You can watch the meeting at this link. The Committee was evenly divided on Gupta’s nomination. All Democratic Senators voted in her favor. All Republican Senators voted against her. I want to call attention to two of the presentations in which Republican Senators explained their opposition. The first »

Kristen Clarke’s ugly tweets

Featured image Kristen Clarke is Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department. She’s an odd pick, or would be in a normal administration, given her history of sponsoring anti-Semitism and advancing the idea that Blacks are superior to Whites. Clarke will argue that this happened long ago, during her college days. However, she is on record as holding another nominee to what he said while in »

Vanita Gupta’s obfuscation

Featured image Carrie Campbell Severino accurately described Vanita Gupta’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee as rife with “obfuscation and double standards.” The same can be said of the DOJ nominee’s answers to written questions by Senators. In this post, I will highlight some of the obfuscation. I will discuss double standards in a follow-up post. The following examples are from the answers, if you can call them that, to Sen. Ted »

Vanita Gupta punts on Dylann Roof

Featured image When she was an Assistant Attorney General in the Obama administration, Vanita Gupta, Joe Biden’s nominee for Associate Attorney General, opposed sentencing Dylann Roof to death. Roof is the white supremacist who mass murdered Blacks at a church in Charleston, South Carolina. Gupta’s opposition to seeking the death penalty for Roof was reported by the Washington Post. She explained her opposition in a memo. In that memo she argued that, »

Grassley questions Gupta about conflict of interest

Featured image Vanita Gupta, Joe Biden’s nominee for Associate Attorney General, is wealthy beyond the dreams of virtually everyone on the planet. She has reported owning between $42 million and $187 million in assets and properties. Most of her wealth consists of shares in companies linked to her father. Ordinarily, this would present no problem. We should all be fine with people possessing great wealth, whether by virtue of their own hard »

Short takes — “excessive whiteness,” Myles Leonard, and Vanita Gupta

Featured image *Did you know that law schools are now being rated according to their “whiteness”? The rating system determines a school’s “excess whiteness” by comparing the degree to which a law school’s student body is more white than the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) applicant pools and state population. Credentials to study law don’t factor in, of course. “The Whitest Law School Report” found Case Western Reserve University’s law school to »

NeverTrumpers back radical DOJ nominee

Featured image There are two types of NeverTrumpers. The first type hates Trump, but that hatred doesn’t cause them to abandon long-held conservative principles. The second type’s hatred of Trump leads them to shift positions on matters of policy. Bret Stephens is an example of the first type, I think. Max Boot and Jennifer Rubin are extreme examples of the second. I had assumed that Bill Krisol and Mona Charen, both long-time »

Should we believe Merrick Garland or our own eyes?

Featured image I don’t consider Merrick Garland a moderate liberal, and I don’t think he came across as one during his confirmation hearing yesterday. He couldn’t even bring himself to say that illegally entering the U.S. should be a crime. I consider Garland a front man for the radicalization and politicization of the Department of Justice. As Julie Kelly puts it, “he’ll be a figurehead [like Robert Mueller] and Weismann-type prosecutors will »