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Rahm Emmanuel for ambassador to Japan?

Featured image Rahm Emmanuel is Joe Biden’s nominee for ambassador to Japan. This is an odd choice. They don’t come much less diplomatic than Emmanuel, and the Chicago gut puncher seems particularly ill-suited to represent us in Japan, a country that is ritualistically polite. However, presidents should have the ambassadors of their choice, barring exceptional circumstances. I see no circumstances that should preclude Emmanuel’s confirmation. The Democratic left sees some, though. The »

DOJ tightens grip on local police departments

Featured image Yesterday, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced new rules governing the federal monitors who impose their leftist views of policing on police forces trying to cope with skyrocketing criminality. These monitors exercise the authority of the federal government through consent decrees imposed on localities. Under Donald Trump, the Justice Department wisely stopped pursuing consent decrees. However, the Biden DOJ, under the leadership of BLM-supporting Vanita Gupta and racist Kristen Clarke, is »

DOJ files baseless suit against Texas over its abortion law

Featured image The Biden/Garland Justice Department has sued the state of Texas over its new anti-abortion law. You can read the complaint here. Whatever one’s views of the Texas law, the DOJ’s suit is baseless. Its filing demonstrates that under Joe Biden and Merrick Garland, the DOJ has become a hyper-partisan, unprincipled, and lawless tool of the left. The Department of Justice lacks authority to file any lawsuit unless a statute grants »

Joe Biden, enemy of religious freedom

Featured image The Justice Department has dropped a case it had filed on behalf of a Vermont nurse who was forced to participate in an abortion that violates her religious beliefs. Fox News reports on this case here. Roger Severino provides important context here. When a Republican administration abandons a lawsuit brought by its Democratic predecessor, the mainstream media invariably cries foul. Perhaps for this reason, Republican cabinet members often persevere with »

Who are the two biggest scoundrels among Democrats?

Featured image I don’t know. That covers a lot of territory. But if we limit the inquiry to very famous Democrats, the answer might be Andrew Cuomo and Hunter Biden. They have much in common. Both are sons of very famous fathers. Neither, in all likelihood, would have become prominent but for what their fathers accomplished. That’s certainly the case with Hunter Biden. Both are the subject of sex scandals, albeit of »

Vanita Gupta’s “brief passage”

Featured image The Washington Post serves up a puff piece on Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta. The byline goes to David Nakamura, but the article might just as well have been written by the DOJ communications office. Everything you need to know about the nature of Nakamura’s story is contained in this passage: [Sen. Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton], who had tried to block [Gupta’s] confirmation, have cited a brief passage in »

Biden bellyaches about Arizona voting case despite not having opposed the result

Featured image The Supreme Court’s decision upholding two Arizona voting provisions has brought a sharp rebuke from the White House. Joe Biden issued a statement that begins, “I am deeply disappointed in today’s decision by the United States Supreme Court that undercuts the Voting Rights Act, and upholds what Justice Kagan called ‘a significant race-based disparity in voting opportunities.’” The Department of Justice issued a separate statement on the decision. It promises »

DOJ sues Georgia over its voting law

Featured image The Biden Justice Department announced yesterday that it is suing Georgia over the voting procedures the state recently adopted. The suit alleges civil rights violations under Section 2 of he Voting Rights Act. It will be prosecuted by Kristen Clarke, the racist head of the Civil Rights Division, with the help, presumably, of her brainy principal deputy, Pam Karlan. On the merits, the lawsuit is a joke. As Andy McCarthy »

Notes on the Chauvin leaks (4)

Featured image Minnesota federal district court Judge Patrick Schiltz has ordered an investigation of apparent leaks of grand jury information to the New York Times and the Star Tribune. I posted his five-page In Re Blue Grand Jury order here. The subject is serious. Moreover, knowing Judge Schiltz, I think he will treat it with the seriousness his order suggests it deserves. The Star Tribune published Rochelle Olson’s May 21 story on »

The stench of raw politics at the Biden DOJ

Featured image This week, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that a crack offender is eligible for a sentence reduction under the First Step Act only if convicted of a crack offense that triggered a mandatory minimum sentence. Even Justice Sotomayor agreed with this result. It was a no-brainer. Yet, the Biden Justice Department refused to defend this result after it was reached at the court of appeals level. It went so far »

Notes on the Chauvin leaks (3)

Featured image Judge Patrick Schiltz has presided over the Blue grand jury that handed up the federal indictments of Derek Chauvin and his former colleagues for the alleged violation of George Floyd’s civil rights. Someone privy to the work of the grand jury leaked news of the sealed indictment to Star Tribune reporter Andy Mannix, who broke the news in an April 29 story that gave no hint of the professional misconduct »

Kristen Clarke: No ordinary racialist radical

Featured image I want to give Christian Adams Power Line’s last word on Kristen Clarke’s fitness to head the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. Christian, after all, has had the misfortune of dealing with Clarke (I have not). And Christian’s assessment of Clarke encompasses the issue of voting — something I did not discuss in my many posts about her. Here is some of what Christian has to say about Clarke: Clarke »

Senate confirms Kristen Clarke

Featured image By a vote of 51-48, the Senate confirmed Kristen Clarke for the position of Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights. (Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana didn’t vote.) The Senate confirmed Clarke for the nation’s top civil rights job despite her past history of anti-Semitism and Black supremacism, her very recent support for defunding the police, her current support for racial discrimination in hiring, and her dishonest testimony before the Senate »

Senate Judiciary Committee splits 11-11 on Clarke nomination

Featured image This week, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted on two of Joe Biden’s nominees for top Justice Department jobs. The nominees are Todd Kim for Assistant Attorney General (AAG) for the Environment and Natural Resources Division and Kristen Clarke for AAG for the Civil Rights Division. The committee reported Kim out on a bipartisan basis. However, the vote on Clarke was 11-11, along strict party lines. Not surprisingly, no Republican member »

The Giuliani warrants, cont’d

Featured image I wrote about Tucker Carlson’s interview with Rudy Giuliani in “The Giuliani warrants” and followed up in “The Giuliani corrections” (Glenn Greenwald has more here). Giuliani has his own YouTube channel for a series he calls Common Sense. Last week he posted episode 134. In the video below he retells the story of the FBI raid on his home and office as well as the execution of the related search »

A redundant prosecution

Featured image A federal grand jury has handed up indictments of Derek Chauvin and his three former colleagues for violating George Floyd’s civil rights. I inferred from the leak underlying Andy Mannix’s April 29 Star Tribune story that the federal civil rights investigation was originally undertaken as a backstop to the state criminal prosecution of the officers in the event that Chauvin and his former colleagues were acquitted, but such is not »

Kristen Clarke misled Senators about her association with anti-Semitic prof

Featured image Kristen Clarke is Joe Biden’s nominee to head the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. We have discussed the fact that, as a student at Harvard, she invited a rabidly anti-Semitic professor (Tony Martin) to campus and then praised his hateful ravings. Now, it appears that Clarke misled the Senate Judiciary Committee about her links with another anti-Semitic professor, Amiri Baraka. The professor in question was a virulent anti-Semite who, among »