Boris Johnson

The problems of downfall

Featured image In the pages of the Fall 2020 number of the Claremont Review of Books Steve Hayward declared Charles Moore’s authorized three-volume biography of Margaret Thatcher to be “A towering achievement.” This morning I find that Fraser Nelson’s weekly highlights email for the Spectator (UK) includes Moore’s column “Thatcher and Boris: the problems of downfall” from the current (July 9) issue of the magazine. Anticipating Boris’s downfall, Moore opens his column »

BoJo’s no go

Featured image Boris Johnson is both the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and the author of a respectful book on Winston Churchill. He holds himself out as a conservative to boot. Yet Walter Russell Mead captures BoJo in an emission of pandering pap that ought to embarrass him. In his weekly Wall Street column today Mead quotes Johnson speaking to German media between the Group of Seven and NATO summits late »

When Boris called

Featured image In his August 20 Wall Street Journal Best of the Web column James Freeman provides a useful roundup of stories on the unfolding catastrophe in Kabul. I haven’t seen elsewhere one point he makes. “The speed of the collapse has been particularly shocking to those who made the mistake of crediting the words of the U.S. president,” he writes, quoting Alberto Nardelli’s Bloomberg story: President Joe Biden told key allies »

Britain offers refuge to Hong Kong residents in face of Chinese crackdown

Featured image In response to China’s coming crackdown on Hong Kong, Boris Johnson says he’s prepared to grant British residency and working rights to approximately 3 million Hong Kong residents — about 40 percent of its population. Johnson says he will make this move if China implements its new security laws, which will criminalize conduct deemed sedition and subversion, and enable Chinese security forces to crush dissent in Hong Kong as they »

Boris Johnson released from hospital

Featured image British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was discharged from the hospital today. He was hospitalized for a week with the Wuhan coronavirus. Apparently, things were touch and go for Johnson. At one point, according to reports, aides and ministers exchanged texts saying that the PM’s prospects of surviving the virus were 50-50. Johnson attributes his survival to the care he received at the hospital and, in particular, to two individuals who, »

You Gotta Love Boris

Featured image Boris Johnson is like Winston Churchill, in that even his bitterest critics concede that he is extraordinarily talented. Attacks on Johnson, as on Churchill, often begin, “Sure, he is brilliant, but…” This clip from a recent interview illustrates the point. It also reflects that Johnson, like Donald Trump, has a sense of humor: Boris reciting the Iliad from memory. In ancient Greek. Your move, — Old Holborn ✘ (@Holbornlolz) »

Boris Johnson’s Hanukkah message

Featured image UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson recorded a Hanukah statement that he released via Twitter yesterday (below). The video is also posted on the 10 Downing Street YouTube channel here (comments are turned off). I learned via Ed Driscoll/InstaPundit that Israel National News has taken note of the statement and transcribed it here. Like President Trump, Prime Minister Johnson chooses to stand with the Jewish people. It represents a striking commonality »

Boris for President? (Updated)

Featured image You know, Boris Johnson was born in New York. Hmmm. If you think about it, he’s the ideal successor to Donald Trump in 2024. Never mind that Boris is said to have renounced his American citizenship several years ago (are we sure he actually filed the formal paperwork?), but in any case if we credit the idea of “birthright citizenship” beloved of the multicultural left, it should be a simple »