Brett Kavanaugh

Ford’s ridiculous demands

Featured image Citing “sources,” Fox News’ Shannon Bream reports on the demands Christine Blasey Ford and her legal team are making as a condition for her testifying about her allegations against Brett Kavanaugh: Ford team wants NO questions from lawyers, only Qs from Committee members, #Kavanaugh cannot be in the room, Kavanaugh must testify FIRST – more to come … These demands are absurd. No questions from lawyers? I guess Ford wants »

Mistaken Identity?

Featured image Paul (and Senator Orrin Hatch) has already mentioned the possibility that Dr. Ford’s allegation of sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh may be a case of mistaken identity, based in part on Ed Whelan’s cryptic tweets that Kavanaugh is going to be fully exonerated. This has set off a firestorm of rumors and expectations. Whelan has just now (6 pm eastern time) provided one specific scenario of this on Twitter, offering »

Report: Ford ready to negotiate about testifying next week

Featured image Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, has little choice but to give evidence to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and do so promptly. If she persists in refusing, Judge Kavanaugh almost certainly will be confirmed more or less on schedule. Ford’s objective all along has been to prevent this result. Thus, it has seemed to me that Ford will agree to appear promptly, albeit only after trying to extract as many »

What is Dianne Feinstein hiding?

Featured image That letter Christine Blasey Ford gave to California Democratic lawmakers containing her allegation against Brett Kavanaugh must be a highly flawed document. First, Sen. Feinstein sat on it for months. She didn’t give it to the FBI. She didn’t publicize its contents. She didn’t even use the allegations when she had opportunities to question Kavanaugh. Feinstein could easily have done so without violating Ford’s request for confidentiality. For example, she »

Why We Hate the Media, Kavanaugh Edition

Featured image It is hard to single out the most egregious media treatment of the sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh because the field is so large and the competition so intense. But The Guardian at least deserves to make the Finals with its story today entitled “‘No accident’ Brett Kavanaugh’s female law clerks ‘looked like models’, Yale professor told students.” It is a transparent attempt to paint Kavanaugh as a sexist »

Well played, Chairman Grassley

Featured image I confess that, in real time, I was unhappy with Sen. Charles Grassley’s handling of the first hour of the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. My live-blogging of the hearing made clear my view that Chairman Grassley should have been much more firm with the Democratic committee members who were trying to throw a monkey wrench into the proceedings. I was wrong. Grassley played it almost perfectly. He let the Democrats »

Lies, and Their Detectors

Featured image I wish everyone, including those who support Judge Kavanaugh, would stop using the term “lie detector.” There is no such machine. The “polygraph,” as it is properly called, simply measures changes in your autonomic physiology while you answer questions. And while there is some statistical correlation and probabilities associated with certain pattern changes, its overall imprecision and known false positives are why polygraph exams have never been admissible in court. »

Senator Grassley writes (2)

Featured image In a letter to his Democratic colleagues on the Judiciary Committee, Senator Grassley has set forth the rationale of his prescribed method of proceeding on the late hit of Christine Blasey Ford on Judge Kavanaugh with the hearing proposed for next Monday. Here we can see the Democrats’ refusal to participate in any method of proceeding that fails further to obstruct or protract the committee’s consideration of the Kavanaugh nomination: »

Senator Grassley writes

Featured image Senate Judiciary Committee Democrats are at best disingenuous scoundrels. How does a straightforward and decent man like Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley deal with them? The current outrage featuring the late hit on Judge Kavanaugh by Christine Blasey Ford presents a case study. Senator Grassley is crazy like a fox, leaving them free to reveal their bad faith and dishonesty and misconduct in word and deed so long as he »

Something didn’t happen to her yesterday

Featured image In the old Rolling Stones song, “Something happened to me yesterday” (“something I can’t speak of right away”). In the case of Christine Blasey Ford’s late hit on Judge Kavanaugh, I have the distinct impression that something didn’t happen to her yesterday — the “something” being an assault by Judge Kavanaugh and the “yesterday” being approximately 35 years ago when CBF and Judge Kavanaugh were high school students. Earlier this »

Grassley to Ford: Sh*t or get off the pot

Featured image No, Grassley didn’t put it that way. He can’t politically, and is too much of a gentleman to do so in any event. But that’s the essence of the Chairman’s statement to Ford and her counsel that they have until 10:00 Friday morning to decide whether Ford will appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee to present her allegation that Brett Kavanaugh assaulted her. If Ford doesn’t agree to appear by »

A case of mistaken identity?

Featured image Yesterday, word circulated in certain quarters of the D.C. legal/public policy community that the assault allegation against Brett Kavanaugh may be a case of mistaken identity. In other words, the incident happened, but the perpetrator wasn’t Kavanaugh. In the version I heard, the assault was committed by a guy who attended the Landon School, not Georgetown Prep where Kavanaugh was a student. Landon and Georgetown Prep are both elite prep »

The Dumbest Political Controversy of My Lifetime [Updated]

Featured image When I was 10 years old, I wrote Richard Nixon’s name in chalk up and down the sidewalk on my street. This was during the 1960 campaign. An elderly lady who lived next door asked what I was doing and when I explained, she said: “You can write his name all over my sidewalk!” I have been following politics ever since. I have seen a lot of stupidity, but I »

Keep Your Eye on Collins & Flake

Featured image All of the clips of the Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill hearings from 1991 brought back a repressed memory, namely, the role of Sen. Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania. Specter, who later became a Democrat in a desperate bid for self-preservation (conservatives I know in Pennsylvania used to call him “Arlen Sphincter”), voted against Robert Bork in 1987, and would seem by that fact to have been in play as a possible “No” »

Grassley: Kavanaugh accuser hasn’t yet agreed to testify

Featured image Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley said today that Christine Blasey Ford has not yet accepted an invitation to testify next Monday regarding her allegation that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were in high school. Grassley stated: We have reached out to her in the last 36 hours three or four times by email and we have not heard from them, and it kind of »

Sen. Collins’s Good Idea

Featured image Sen. Susan Collins of Maine takes a lot of heat for being a liberal Republican, but she has expressed suitable outrage at the way the last-minute charge against Brett Kavanaugh was rolled out. Now she has a great suggestion for the prospective hearing. (If this facsimile is too hard to read, click on the previous link and you can get a PDF of the full-sized document): As of this writing »

The End of Civilization

Featured image The storm of analysis and commentary over the Kavanaugh matter has reached Cat 5, but one of the standout articles today is Andy McCarthy’s National Review column entitled “The End of Civilization,” which takes the story back to its roots in the Bork and Thomas hearings. My modest contribution was a Tweet yesterday posing the question, “Here’s a great idea: Let’s rerun the Clarence Thomas hearings but this time with »