How to Turn California Into Cuba, Chapter 12,186

Featured image The New York Times reports: If you read the fine print, however, the picture looks a bit different: California would fine automakers up to $20,000 for every car that falls short of production targets. The state also could propose new amendments revising the sales targets if the market doesn’t react as state leaders hope. In other words, California reserves the right for future Gov. Emily Litella to say “never mind,” »

Have Liberals No Shame?

Featured image Well, we all know the answer to that question. But I confess to being a bit shocked by this: liberals in San Francisco and Los Angeles are capitalizing on the Uvalde shootings to urge residents not to move to Texas: Billboards in San Francisco and Los Angeles warn against moving to Texas by invoking mass shooting — New York Post (@nypost) August 25, 2022 I guess we are »

New frontiers in mobocracy

Featured image Los Angeles police are looking for participants in the flash mob that flooded the intersection of Figueroa and El Segundo just past midnight on August 15. First they took over the street to make way for the “donut” action with which we have become familiar in Minneapolis. Then they proceeded to ransack the 7-Eleven at the northwest corner of the intersection (video below). What is to be said? A good »

I Wish They All Could Leave California

Featured image Via InstaPundit, the Babylon Bee’s parody version of the Beach Boys’ “California Girls.” The parody is beautifully executed, and quite poignant: it reminds us of a time when everyone wanted to go to California. Now? The last person leaving can turn out the lights. No, wait. The lights are going out already, due to the state’s insane energy policies. So here it is, the Babylon Bee on America’s poorest state: »

Montana for me: An update

Featured image The RedState headline provides the necessary update to the Gavin Newsom story we took up yesterday. RedState’s Jennifer Van Laar takes the story all the way home in “Newsom Admits State Paid for His Security Detail’s Travel to Montana, Laughably Claims ‘Public Safety’ Exception to Law.” What more is to be said? I would simply add my own comment to the original story. It screams LOSER! Newsom spox @anthonyyork49 tells »

Montana for me — but not for thee

Featured image Having sought to pick a fight with Ron DeSantis, Gavin Newsom has been exposed yet again as a lowdown hypocrite of the kind we love to hate. California has imposed a state-funded travel ban on trips to Montana, but it turns out that a ranch owned by the parents of “First Partner” Jennifer Siebel Newsom is the destination of the California governor’s family vacation. Reminder: He’s rich (and you’re not). »

Newsom vs. DeSantis—You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me!

Featured image Tomorrow or Friday I’ll have a formal announcement here about an extended hiatus I am about to take on account of some lengthy foreign travel (3WHH listeners heard about it last Saturday), and one of the guest writers I’ve lined up to fill in for me has produced an exquisite rant about the preposterous idea that Gavin Newsom could run for president. This particular writer will, because of his high »

Newsom Trolls Florida

Featured image Under Gavin Newsom’s leadership, California has become a disaster area: the highest poverty rate in the nation, population dropping, major cities turned into battle zones, businesses fleeing, utilities unable to keep the lights on. One might expect the state’s governor, who survived a recall election last year, to be holed up in his Sacramento office working feverishly on plans to turn his state around. But no: Gavin Newsom is pumping »

The Banality of Liberal Rhetoric

Featured image One way to tell that progressivism is a weary, used-up creed, sustained only by raw power, resentment, and dreamy grasp of reality, is to listen to their increasingly banal cliches. Yesterday Rick Caruso ran ten points ahead of his pre-election polls to finish  about six points ahead of leftist Karen Bass to be the next mayor of Los Angeles. (Pre-election polls had Bass around 36-37 percent, and Caruso around 32. »

What’s the Matter with San Francisco?

Featured image As we know from the long-ago Thomas Frank book, Kansas is a red(state) hot mess, but what’s the matter with San Francisco that it recalls its celebrity progressive district attorney? Let me give you a two-word hint: “Dirty Harry.” No, I’m not making this up. The late film critic Richard Grenier remarked that Dirty Harry was the first Hollywood film of that era that “talked back to liberalism.” But Dirty »

Boudin booted

Featured image In today’s feelgood election story, San Francisco’s Soros-approved District Attorney Chesa Boudin decisively lost his recall election after a mere two and a half years in office. The outcome was decisive. Sixty percent of 125,000 votes were cast in favor of Boudin’s booting. Recall is a particularly good word in this case. He was a defective prosecutor. Among his innovations was the elimination of cash bail, the nonprosecution of a »

Operation “Dump Feinstein” Continues

Featured image Is there really a need for another long feature story about how Sen. Dianne Feinstein is senile and needs to go? You wouldn’t think so, but New York magazine has a long cover story about how she’s lost it. Yes—strange that a magazine with a supposed focus on New York would be so interested in California’s very senior senator, and while the piece is swathed in lots of sympathetic biography »

Primary Day Tuesday

Featured image All eyes will be on California tomorrow, where the three most interesting questions are whether Chesa Boudin will be recalled as D.A. of San Francisco (likely); whether Rick Caruso finishes on top (or wins outright with more than 50 percent of the vote) to be the next mayor of Los Angeles; and whether independent Michael Shellenberger edges out the little known Republican candidate Brian Dahle to take on Gavin Newsom »


Featured image The phrase “transitional housing” has been around a long time, but San Francisco has come up with a whole new dimension. Behold, a recent Tweet from the mayor: Turns out the mayor has included $6.5 million in next year’s budget with the intent of eliminating trans-homelessness over the next five years. San Francisco is estimated to have up to 20,000 homeless living on the streets. How many are trans? “According »

LA Story

Featured image As mentioned previously, the race for mayor of Los Angeles features a non-leftist candidate, Rick Caruso, who is polling well and just might win. LA badly needs some adult supervision. The city has around 40,000 homeless, rampant crime, and a corrupt culture at city hall. The main leftist candidate is Rep. Karen Bass, who is more a Leninist than a “progressive.” Given the seriousness of the issues and discontent of »

Charles Barkley’s Truth Bomb

Featured image News tonight out of Georgia is that Herschel Walker, the football great, has won the Republican primary to take on incumbent Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock. Walker is said to have numerous liabilities, but I haven’t watched this closely so I don’t know. I do know that I have long enjoyed the commentary of Charles Barkley, and wish he was the Republican candidate somewhere. (He has made noises about entering elective »

Chavez, Maduro, Biden and Newsom

Featured image In a banana republic, what do you do when your citizens don’t have enough money because of your socialist economic policies? Simple: print more money! There was a time when we thought American politics were above such insanity, but those days are gone. The Biden administration’s multi-trillion dollar money-printing spree has launched the worst inflation since the Carter administration and the longest collapse of the Dow since 1932. Nice going, »