Carly Fiornia

La Comedie Humaine, transition edition

Featured image Has there ever been a more entertaining transition than Donald Trump’s? I can’t recall one. Nor is it surprising that Trump has entertained us so thoroughly. With the Mitt Romney saga ending (for the moment at least), we are now being treated to an episode featuring Carly Fiorina. The president-elect met with his female campaign-trail nemesis (the really tough one, not Hillary Clinton) at Trump Tower. Reportedly, she has interviewed »

Cruz picks Fiorina

Featured image Ted Cruz has named Carly Fiorina as his running mate, should he buck the odds and receive the Republican presidential nomination. In my opinion, Fiorina was not the optimal choice either for purposes of halting Donald Trump or winning the general election. Marco Rubio and John Kasich strike me as the best bets for the first purpose. For the second, Rubio and Kasich would be better than Fiorina, as would »

Breaking: Cruz’s 4 pm Announcement

Featured image Ted Cruz is making a “major announcement” at 4 pm eastern time today in Indiana, and speculation is turning to whether he may name a running mate—perhaps Carly Fiorina. Possible, but more likely he’s finally borrowed a page from Trump’s playbook, and looking to shake things up after last night’s terrible showing the way Trump has made news the day after his middling showings (which haven’t happened for a while) »

Before the Main Debate, a Fiorina Tuneup

Featured image As we wait for the main GOP debate to begin, here is a highlight from Carly Fiorina, who apparently dominated the undercard. Most people are focusing on the zinger she delivered to Hillary Clinton, vis-a-vis Bill, in the clip below. Fair enough, but more significant, I think, is how she went on to couple Hillary and Donald Trump as practitioners of crony capitalism. Other GOP contenders should do the same, »

Last night’s debate: some lowlights

Featured image The quality of last night’s debate was good overall, I thought. This is a talented field when it comes to debating. Even most of the candidates who were assigned to the undercard are fine debaters. There were, however, several low moments. I’ve already discussed the lowest — Donald Trump saying that the most important component of the (nuclear) triad is the nuclear part. Trump, though, is bullet-proof for the time »

A case for Carly Fiorina

Featured image Our friend Dave Begley has been running the rule over the Republican presidential field as it passes through Council Bluffs, Iowa and other venues not far from Omaha, Nebraska where Dave resides. We are proud to have featured his excellent reports on Power Line. Now, Dave has settled on a favorite candidate — Carly Fiorina. He explains why here. Dave argues that we need an “outsider” president. I agree that »

Discipline in the 2016 race

Featured image John Sears, Ronald Reagan’s one-time campaign manager, once said “discipline is nine-tenths of politics.” And, as Tevi Troy reminds us: Candidate Reagan put Sears’ dictum into action, running a relentlessly focused communication operation that kept to its message of the day, often to the consternation of the reporters following the campaign. This approach continued into Reagan’s presidency. As the authors of All the President’s Spin put it: “Ronald Reagan’s administration »

Live from Council Bluffs, it’s Carly

Featured image Nebraska attorney David Begley continues his series of reports on appearances of the presidential candidates in Iowa for us. Dave was busy in Council Bluffs yesterday covering the appearance of Marco Rubio (here) and the appearance of Carly Fiorina (below): Three new and brief items from a house party appearance by Carly Fiorina in Council Bluffs on Monday night. One. The women in attendance were enthralled by her. They were »

Carly Fiorina on sentencing reform

Featured image After Carly Fiorina’s address at the Iowa state fairgrounds last Saturday, I joined the crowd that wanted to meet her. My impression of how she interacted with the crowd is recorded here. When it was my turn to meet the candidate, I thanked her for running such a good campaign and asked if she would take a question. Fiorina readily agreed, and I asked her about criminal sentencing reform. Here »

Up close with Carly

Featured image Carly Fiorina has received excellent reviews throughout the campaign season, and with good reason. Her debate performances have been uniformly excellent. However, some criticize Fiorina for being cold and humorless on the stage. With this is mind, I approached Fiorina after her speech in Des Moines on Saturday to see how she interacted with the large group that wanted to meet her. I also wanted to ask her about sentencing »

At the Iowa state fairgrounds: Who turned them out?

Featured image The Iowa caucuses are in significant part about who can get their supporters to show up. Thus, one thing I wanted to watch for at yesterday’s Growth and Oppoertunity event was which candidates got supporters to the fairgrounds to cheer and hold signs. This metric would, it seemed to me, provide a rough measure of some combination of level of support and “ground game.” Unfortunately, neither Donald Trump nor Ben »

Todd vs. Fiorina on Meet the Press

Featured image Yesterday on Meet the Press, Chuck Todd trotted out the Democrats’ talking points against Carly Fiorina. She clubbed him repeatedly, smiling all the while. By mid-way through the 11-minute segment, Todd looks shell-shocked. The Planned Parenthood point is an interesting one. Carly is mistaken, in that no CMP video released so far shows a live baby pre-killing. The body parts that we see being collected for sale are from already-aborted »

Fiorina supported a type of individual mandate; is this the beginning of her end

Featured image Now that Carly Fiorina has emerged as a top-six candidate (at worst) for the GOP nomination, she will receive serious scrutiny. The little scrutiny she has received to date focuses on her record as the CEO of Hewlett-Packard. That record is relevant to her candidacy. For me, however, her past positions on the major issues are more important. Has she been a consistent, hard-line conservative? The early returns aren’t good »

Whatever happened to that deep Republican bench?

Featured image Fox News offers a new poll of the Republican presidential field (scroll past the Pope Francis stuff to get to the GOP race). The poll shows Donald Trump still in front with 26 percent support. He’s followed by Ben Carson at 18 percent. Then come Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio at 9 percent; Ted Cruz at 8; and Jeb Bush at 7. This poll is more favorable to Dr. Carson »

Fiorina and Rubio surge, as Trump and Carson slide

Featured image Debates matter. That’s not a scoop. Yet many doubted whether Marco Rubio’s quality performance last week in California would help him, and the doubts weren’t unreasonable. After all, he had debated very well in Cleveland, yet received no significant bounce. This time, though, Rubio has been rewarded. A new CNN/ORC poll shows him at 11 percent, up from 3 percent less than two weeks ago. The poll is of Republicans »

The Lighter Side of Carly

Featured image The critics are rightly out now after Carly Fiorina since she’s become a top tier candidate. I’m working on a longer analysis of her strengths and weaknesses (and trying to get to the bottom of the HP story), but for the moment, it’s worth taking note of one criticism many commentators made following the debate Wednesday: that Fiorina is perhaps overly serious and doesn’t smile or laugh much. A few »

Poll: Fiorina leads in New Hampshire

Featured image A poll by an outfit called Voter Gravity has Carly Fiorina leading the Republican field in New Hampshire. She’s at 22 percent, four points ahead of Donald Trump. Ben Carson, John Kasich, and Jeb Bush all hover around the 10 percent mark. I put little stock in this poll. However, since Wednesday’s debate I’ve been thinking that Trump’s fellow “non-political class” members could land a one-two punch against him in »