Chai Feldblum

Chai Feldblum returns

Featured image Joe Biden, the devout Catholic who doesn’t know that the “P” in Psalms is silent, seems poised to carry on the left’s attack on religion. That’s a fair inference from the fact that his transition team includes Chai Feldblum — the prominent LGBT activist who believes that in almost all cases where the “sexual liberty” of gays conflicts with religious belief, “sexual liberty should win.” Feldblum is part of the »

Alex Acosta preserves Chai Feldblum’s aggressive LGBT agenda

Featured image We have just entered the eleventh year of the Obama Department of Labor, Alex Acosta presiding. I wrote here about how Acosta has preserved the radical Obama administration agenda in employment discrimination law, especially when it comes to manipulating statistics to find pay discrimination where none exists. I have also documented Acosta’s refusal to disturb pro-illegal immigrant policies imposed by the Obama administration through the Department of Labor. President Trump »

Why did a Fox News reporter shill for Chai Feldblum?

Featured image I discussed here how a last-minute push to confirm Chai Feldblum to another terms as EEOC commissioner failed. The failure cannot be blamed on Fox News’ David Spunt, a new hire at the news network. Spunt’s report on the controversy over Feldblum might as well have been written by the nominee herself. It begins by stating that Feldblum has bipartisan support and was even nominated by President Trump. This is »

Chai Feldblum is finally out at the EEOC

Featured image The beginning of the new year brought an end to Chai Feldblum’s long tenure as EEOC commissioner. Last month, her supporters made a last ditch attempt to have her confirmed for another term. However, Sen. Mike Lee, who fought against her confirmation throughout 2018, wouldn’t budge. With Lee holding firm, Majority Leader McConnell did not allow a vote — one Feldblum almost certainly would have won. Had Lee been the »

Chai Feldblum update

Featured image Last year at this time, the Senate was about to confirm radical LGBT activist Chai Feldblum for another term as EEOC commissioner. This was part of a package deal which also would have seen the confirmation of two Republican nominees. The deal apparently was sealed by a “handshake” between Majority Leader McConnell and Minority Leader Schumer. Pursuant to the deal, the three nominees were to be confirmed without hearings on »

Chai Feldblum in her own words

Featured image Earlier this month, Chai Feldblum, whose renomination as EEOC commissioner is stalled due to her positions on what should happen when considerations of gay dignity collide with considerations of religious liberty, tweeted: “After months of having my views misrepresented, I am finally speaking for myself.” She speaks for herself in this article called “What I Really Believe About Religious Liberty and LGBT Rights.” In her article, Feldblum tries to position »

Chai update: Sen. Lee is steadfast in his opposition

Featured image Sen. Mike Lee has been holding out against the renomination of Chai Feldblum for another term as EEOC Commissioner. Feldblum is the architect of the Obama administration’s LGBT policy and an enemy of religious freedom in virtually all cases where it stands in the way of gay “dignity,” as she sees it. I have heard that this week, Senate leadership is making another push to confirm Feldblum, along with two »