Chris Christie

Christie rips Trump for not delivering

Featured image I’m not a fan of Chris Christie, but he’s a world-class hatchet man. His current target is Donald Trump. Why? Maybe because Trump didn’t elevate him while president (probably due to the fact that Christie successfully prosecuted Jared Kushner’s crooked father). Maybe so Christie can boost sales of his book. Maybe because Christie anticipates running against Trump in 2024. Maybe all of the above. I’m less interested in Christie’s motive »

Barrett confirmation likely to proceed as planned, no thanks to White House announcement event

Featured image Democrats are calling for a delay in the confirmation hearing of Amy Coney Barrett on the grounds that two members of the Senate Judiciary Committee — Mike Lee and Thom Tillis — have tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus. This tactic comes as no surprise. I’m pretty sure that if roles were reversed, Republicans would be calling for delay on the same grounds. I don’t think there is any need »

Chris Christie’s day at the beach

Featured image In early 2016, when candidates Donald Trump and Chris Christie were double-teaming candidate Marco Rubio, Trump liked to say that Rubio couldn’t get elected dog-catcher in Florida. Trump was wrong. That November, the good people of Florida reelected Rubio to the U.S. Senate. Could Christie get elected dog-catcher in New Jersey? Maybe last week, though with his approval rating as governor at 15 percent, it wouldn’t have been easy. Now, »

A good man leaves the Trump transition team (no, not Chris Christie)

Featured image At this time a week ago, polls were still open in many states and it was unclear who would win the election. So it seems premature for talking heads breathlessly to be discussing “chaos” in Donald Trump’s transition team and claiming that the president-elect is off to a start unprecedented in its rockiness. The cause (or pretext) for this chatter is the removal of Chris Christie from the transition team. »

Is Mike Pence slick enough to defend Donald Trump?

Featured image Rich Lowry believes that Mike Pence might well “fizzle” if he becomes Donald Trump’s running mate. He writes: I understand the impulse for Trump to pick Pence — an experienced pol, in good standing with conservatives, and not much of a lightning rod, at least not yet. . . .But Trump’s running mate will have to be extremely deft at explaining away and deflecting Trump controversies. There is no reason »

Christie skips N.J. trooper’s funeral for Trump

Featured image Donald Trump likes to say that law enforcement officers are the “most mistreated people” in America. He may be right. Clearly, law enforcement officers are insufficiently respected. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie showed insufficient respect for law enforcement officers when he skipped the funeral of New Jersey State Trooper Sean Cullen. The 31 year-old officer was struck by a motorist last week while responding to a car fire on New »

Chris Christie’s national legacy — from embarrassment to disgrace

Featured image At the end of a long, depressing article about Super Tuesday, Washington Post reporters Philip Rucker and Dan Balz write: “[Chris] Christie’s endorsement [of Donald Trump] sends a signal to mainstream Republicans that, hey, this guy might be all right,” said pollster Neil Newhouse, who advised Right to Rise. “That’s a very tough combination for Marco Rubio to overcome right now.” Sending such signals has become a Christie specialty. A »

Breaking: Christie Endorses Trump

Featured image Now we know why Chris Christie went after Marco Rubio so hard in the New Hampshire debate and left Trump alone: Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump and Calls Marco Rubio ‘Desperate’ Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey endorsed Donald J. Trump on Friday, a major turn in a wild race and one that gives the New York businessman a major boost as he heads into the pivotal Super Tuesday contests. »

Chris Christie’s national legacy

Featured image Chris Christie reportedly is set to abandon his badly faltering presidential campaign. Christie was counting on a strong showing in New Hampshire, but finished in sixth place last night with only 7.4 percent of the vote. Though he failed to impress voters, Christie leaves quite a legacy. In 2012, he dished out a huge assist to President Obama by embracing the president on virtually the eve of what looked like »

Tell me why

Featured image Tell me why no one attacked John Kasich last night. He’s leading the governors/former governors in New Hampshire, and conventional wisdom holds that only one (or at most two) governors will survive the New Hampshire primary. He’s a bona threat to finish ahead of Marco Rubio (and this was true even before last night) and Ted Cruz. If he finishes a close second, he could even hurt Trump going forward. »

Chris Christie’s suicide mission may make this a good night for Trump and Kasich [With Comment by John]

Featured image The first portion of tonight’s GOP debate, as well as the post-debate coverage, was dominated by the clash between Chris Christie and Marco Rubio. Christie assailed Rubio for not having governing experience and compared him to Barack Obama, who was also a first-term Senator when he ran for president. In addition, Christie criticized Rubio for allegedly relying on 25-second sound bites. Rubio responded by saying, in effect, that Obama’s problem »

Christie exposed. . . as successful fighter against public corruption

Featured image Chris Christie’s presidential campaign is enjoying a mini-revival, so the Washington Post needed to find new fault with the New Jersey governor. But how? It has already examined his high school baseball career, and the Bridge affair is old news. Thus, the Post turned to Christie’s time as U.S. Attorney in New Jersey and his claim that, in this capacity, he helped combat terrorism. Post reporter Frances Stead Sellers writes: »

Christie’s big New Hampshire endorsement, how much will it help?

Featured image The Manchester Union leader has endorsed Chris Christie for President. I’ve long thought that New Hampshire Republican primary voters might warm to Christie. He has a bit of John McCain’s pugnaciousness, but also a some of Mitt Romney’s good government pragmatism. McCain and Romney collectively won the last three contested New Hampshire primaries. Moreover, Christie is campaigning hard in the Granite State. And in doing so, he tends to follow »

Chris Christie on sentencing reform

Featured image I went to Iowa intending to ask every candidate I could about sentencing reform. Unfortunately, Chris Christie was the only one of the ten GOP contenders I saw who took questions. Thus, he and Carly Fiorina, whom I approached after her speech at the State Fairgrounds, were the only candidates I was able to discuss the matter with. Here is how it went down with Christie: The question I asked »

Live from Council Bluffs, it’s Chris Christie

Featured image Nebraska attorney David Begley continues his series of reports on appearances of the presidential candidates in Iowa for us. Yesterday Paul Mirengoff and Dave met up to attend the appearance of Chris Christie in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Paul’s impressions are set forth in the adjacent post. Omaha’s WOWT News has posted its report with video here. Dave’s report is below. Paul Mirengoff and I attended the Chris Christie town hall »

Chris Christie: What you see is what you get and it’s not bad

Featured image Dave Begley and I went to see Chris Christie in Council Bluffs, Iowa today. Dave’s reports have been excellent, so I will let him take the lead role. Here, though, is a summary of my impressions. Christie was excellent, which shouldn’t surprise anyone who has been watching the debates. He presented strong opening remarks and then answered questions for more than an hour. His answers were forceful, intelligent, and solidly »

Iowa bound

Featured image Early tomorrow, I’ll be heading off to witness our odd democracy up close. First, I will meet up in Omaha with our excellent reporter, David Begley. We’ll check out Marco Rubio and Chris Christie at events in Council Bluffs, Iowa on Friday. Then, I’ll be off to Des Moines for a big event on Saturday at the State Fairgrounds that should enable me to “run the rule” (as English soccer »