Chris Christie

Hillary Clinton showed more sympathy for anti-vaccination views than Christie did

Featured image I noted earlier today that Chris Christie has come under fire for comments he made in response to a question about vaccinating children to immunize them from measles. Christie’s statement wasn’t a model of clarity, but I argued that under a fair reading it was perfectly reasonable. Had Christie been a Democrat, his comments would have been a non-story. Christie has now clarified his remarks. His spokesperson said, not at »

Chris Christie’s reasonable position on vaccines

Featured image Chris Christie is taking plenty of heat today, and not primarily because he turned up at an Arsenal match wearing a Gunners scarf. The heat, which I consider undeserved, arises from a comment the New Jersey governor made about vaccinating children. Christie was asked to comment about the connection between the measles outbreak and decisions by parents not to vaccinate their children against the sickness. He responded that he and »

Chris Christie, “Gooner”?

Featured image Chris Cillizza reports that Chris Christie, who is visiting London, attended today’s Arsenal match wearing an Arsenal scarf. The Gunners defeated hapless Aston Villa 5-0. I may be able to overlook Christie’s chummy encounter with President Obama just before the 2012 election. But the Dallas Cowboys and now perhaps the “Gooners”? That would be too much. »

Romney “considering” presidential bid

Featured image Mitt Romney reportedly has told a group of donors in New York that he is considering running for president again next year. With Jeb Bush trying to round up donors, Romney needed to indicate interest, but only if he has some. Clearly, he does. Romney is expected to announce his decision within the next 60 days, according to Spencer Zwick, one his advisers. Having reportedly told the donor group that »

Big GOP donors keeping their 2016 powder dry

Featured image The Washington Post reports that, on the whole, wealthy Republican donors are unwilling so far to commit to a candidate for president. According to reporters Matea Gold and Tom Hamburger, the donor class is “wary of fueling the kind of costly and politically damaging battle that dominated the 2012 primaries.” More to the point, it’s unclear at this early juncture which potential candidate it makes the most sense to support. »

Gov. Christie Exonerated

Featured image Did you hear on the national network news broadcasts that the U.S. Justice Department investigation into the New Jersey bridge closures has found no evidence of Gov. Chris Christie’s prior knowledge or involvement?  Or maybe you heard it on the 15-part series about the scandal—the biggest since Teapot Dome!, according to historian Dr. Albert Sharpton, Ph.D (I’m sure he has an honorary Ph.D from somewhere)—on MSNBC?  Me neither. The U.S. »

A long, hard fall for Rubio and Christie in New Hampshire

Featured image A new Granite State poll of likely New Hampshire Republican primary voters is out. The poll was conducted for WMUR by the University of New Hampshire. The results can’t be taken too seriously because only 1 percent of those surveyed say they have definitely decided how they will vote. But the results are interesting, nonetheless. Rand Paul is the leader at 15 percent. He is followed by “favorite daughter” Kelly »

Is Scott Walker on his way to 2016 front-runner status?

Featured image Scott Walker has a 16 point lead (56-40) among likely voters in his race for governor, according to a poll from Wisconsin Public Radio/St. Norbert’s. Among registered voters, his lead is essentially the same (55-40). The survey was conducted between March 24 and April 3. A Marquette University survey conducted between March 20-23 also showed Walker with a nice, though smaller, lead. In that poll, Walker outdistanced Democrat Mary Burke »

Is there life after college? Part Two

Featured image In this post, I matched up some of our most prominent politicians, including Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama, with a person you might have encountered in your college dorm. For example, Obama was the guy you could usually defeat in a late night argument, but only the most intelligent of your friends realized you had beaten him. Here are a few more: Chris Christie is the guy you never stuck »

Will conservatives give Marco Rubio another look?

Featured image Politico reports that Marco Rubio is “seeking to rehabilitate his image with much of the GOP base” by falling back on “staunch conservative positions” such as a “more aggressive U.S. response to Russia in the Ukraine crisis.” I hope that denouncing passivity in response to aggression by our adversaries remains a staunch conservative position. Rubio explained that “many of my supporters maybe disagreed with me on immigration — and disagreed »

Strickland stricken

Featured image Karl Rove demolished former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland on Fox News Sunday this morning in the course of responding to Strickland’s critique of Governor Christie and Bridgegate. Rove concisely demonstrated Strickland to be a critically flawed messenger of the Democratic Party talking points on Christie. Though it’s rare to find a Democrat shamed into silence — they have so much margin for error provided by their media enablers — I »

Christie lashes out at Wildstein

Featured image Chris Christie has gone on the offensive against David Wildstein, the former Port Authority official who personally oversaw the lane closings on the George Washington Bridge that now threaten to ruin Christie’s political career. Wildstein’s lawyer has claimed that “evidence exists … tying Mr. Christie to having knowledge of the lane closures, during the period when the lanes were closed, contrary to what the Governor stated publicly in a two-hour »

But did he harass any gays in high school?

Featured image The Washington Post has a front page, above the fold story about how Chris Christie “stretched the truth” (as the print edition puts it) in 1994 when he ran for the county board in Morris County, New Jersey. Christie alleged that his opponents were “being investigated by the Morris County prosecutor.” In reality, the county prosecutor had merely conducted an “inquiry” into whether the incumbent commissioners had violated an open-meeting »

How Badly Has the Traffic Lane Fiasco Hurt Chris Christie?

Featured image The Democrats hope to use “Bridgegate” to knock Chris Christie out of the box as a potential presidential contender. That may yet happen, but if the polls surveyed by Politico are correct, New Jersey voters haven’t been much impressed by the scandal: The Pew Research Center poll reports that 60 percent of adults say their opinion of Christie has not changed since revelations that top aides were involved in politically »

Crisp Christie?

Featured image The case of Chris Christie presents a certain amount of irony for the Power Line editorial board.  Unlike Paul, I tend to like Christie, and think his overly enthusiastic embrace of Obama before the election in 2012 is possibly forgivable for the simple reason that it stemmed from his effusive style that has made him so effective on other fronts (like smacking public employee unions around), and as Churchill liked »

The lane-closure scandal, some perspective please

Featured image Piers Morgan thinks that the bridge scandal perpetrated by Chris Christie’s aides ranks “pretty well up there” with Watergate. As Andrew Johnson notes, even the lefty members of his panel realized that the comparison is ridiculous. But then, Morgan is the same clown who pronounced last spring that Arsenal should fire its great manager Arsene Wenger. The Gunners promptly went on a phenomenal run to close out the season. This »

Christie moves to limit the damage

Featured image Chris Christie took decisive action today in response to his administration’s scandalous creation of traffic problems at the George Washington bridge. He fired top aides, apologized for their action, and visited the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey whose constituents were victimized by his administration’s stunt. The mayor accepted Christie’s apology and said he took the governor at his word that he wasn’t involved in and didn’t know about »