Chris Christie

Christie Bridge Scandal Puts Reporters Back In Business

Featured image I have no idea how badly the bridge scandal will damage Chris Christie, but we can say this for sure: it will do all the harm that the news media can gin up. The most striking fact about the story so far is the obvious contrast between reporters’ attitudes toward the many Obama administration scandals–ho hum–and the repellent glee with which they are pursuing the Christie story. (For just one »

Christie’s staff created major traffic problems out of political spite [UPDATED]

Featured image Chris Christie has a problem. Emails have emerged showing that Christie’s staff closed lanes on a major bridge in September in order to exact political retribution against Democrats. The shutdowns caused massive traffic jams in Fort Lee, whose Democratic mayor had refused to join other leading Dems who were endorsing Christie. One email, from a top Christie aide to a Port Authority official with ties to Christie, said: “Time for »

Poll has Clinton and Christie in a dead heat

Featured image For what it’s worth, and that may not be much, Chris Christie is in a statistical dead heat with Hillary Clinton in a poll by CNN/ORC International. The poll puts Christie at 48 percent and Clinton at 46 percent. Christie wins nearly six in ten votes among independents, and wins a majority of suburbanites and older voters. Clinton wins decisively among women. Unfortunately, Christie is the only Republican among those »

Chris Christie, the man and the myth

Featured image Chris Christie’s blowout win yesterday places him front and center among GOP presidential hopefuls. Much of the discussion among conservatives of his quest for the GOP nomination (assuming he makes that quest) will focus on his alleged electability (a plus) and his alleged moderation (a minus). But is this a sound way of viewing Christie? I have my doubts. As to ideology, some Christie bashers will compare him to Rudy »

Christie-Bloomberg 2016?

Featured image With Chris Christie heading toward what looks like a landslide re-election in deep blue New Jersey next week, speculation will turn immediately afterward to 2016.  I admire Christie’s ability, but have wondered two things even before his egregious bear hugging of Obama a year ago.  New Jersey is sort of the inverse-Texas of the northeast: would his particular and aggressive style play well outside of New Jersey?  And second, is »

Chris Christie’s “Berlin Wall” for sexual orientation

Featured image Nicholas Frankovich at NRO writes: Bradley Manning wants to change his sex, and the bien-pensants of the Left honor his decision, changing the gender of the pronouns they use to refer to him. Meanwhile, John Doe wants to change his sexual orientation, but that’s different: They rush to save him from the horror of his self-hatred and psychological self-punishment, as they see it. Hence the bill that Governor Chris Christie »

The Christie Question

Featured image Paul gave us his critical but fair-minded overview of Chris Christie the other day, leaving slightly open the possibility that Christie might be acceptable to conservatives.  I think a little better of Christie than Paul does, but likewise remain unconvinced, and unsure how well he plays outside of New Jersey. If you think our dear, cuddly Paul can play rough, wait till you take in this assessment of Christie by »

The Chris Christie boomlet

Featured image Robert Costa at NRO finds that “GOP donors and bigwigs are rallying behind [Gov. Chris] Christie,” making him “the Establishment’s front-runner” for the Republican presidential nomination. Costa has more this subject here. Christie may also be the MSM’s front-runner, if this puff piece by Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post is any guide. Cillizza quotes with apparent approval this assessment of the New Jersey governor by Rep. Tom Cole: Chris »

The Christie-Paul fight, and other fights to come

Featured image Chris Christie and Rand Paul are in the midst of a food fight. Not literally, but very much figuratively. Their debate has devolved from one about warrantless federal surveillance programs to the question of which state, New Jersey or Kentucky, receives more “pork.” You can read some of the lowlights here. For the record, I’m with Christie on the original issue — warrantless federal surveillance programs — and agnostic on »

Quantum Conservatism?

Featured image So the big story on the right today is that Gov. Chris Christie has leveled a blast at libertarians, in particular his potential 2016 primary rival Sen. Rand Paul: “This strain of libertarianism that’s going through both parties right now and making big headlines I think is a very dangerous thought. … You can name any number of people and he’s [Rand Paul] one of them,” Christie said at a panel »

The Weekly Winston: Syria Policy Drift

Featured image I’ve been lax lately in my Churchill posts, but the appalling spectacle last week of the Obama Administration’s tentative and pusillanimous decision about Syria brings to mind one of Churchill’s most famous beatdowns of appeasement, his 1936 “Locust Years,” speech, which includes this peroration that applies perfectly to Obama’s Syria policy (just swap out “Secretary of State Kerry” for First Lord of the Admiralty, and “President Obama” for “Prime Minister,” »

Chris Christie’s decision — some nuance

Featured image A Power Line reader from New Jersey agrees generally with my assessment of Chris Christie’s decision to hold a special election in October of this year to fill Frank Lautenberg’s seat, but adds some nuance. Our reader notes that, although Christie could win reelection if the special Senate election occurred on Election Day, the governor gains two advantages by holding that election earlier. First, by getting the Senate race out »

Chris Christie does it again

Featured image The death of Sen. Frank Lautenberg left Chris Christie in a difficult spot. Christie’s national party now would want him to appoint a Republican to serve out Lautenberg’s term, which doesn’t expire until the end of 2014. By doing so, Christie presumably would provide the GOP with a non-liberal vote in the Senate for a year-and-a-half. Through this course, however, Christie might alienate New Jersey voters at an inopportune time »