Prediction vs. Measurement

Featured image Every day, the agenda-driven press cranks out hundreds of articles about our rapidly warming planet. But is the Earth, in fact, warming rapidly? Or warming at all? At Watts Up With That, Christopher Monckton points out that the facts don’t support the hype: There has been no trend in the UAH global mean lower-troposphere temperature anomalies since September 2014: 8 years 5 months and counting. As always, the New Pause »

Letting China Off the Hook

Featured image China is the world’s number one emitter of carbon dioxide. If you take the Left’s global warming hysteria seriously, nothing can be done without China (and also India) drastically curbing their emissions. If everyone in North America dropped dead, it would do no measurable good for the world’s climate, if you believe the Leftists’ numbers. So if liberals were really serious about climate change, they would be looking hard at »

Blind Pig : Acorn :: John Kerry : Truth

Featured image If John Kerry’s lips are moving, you can be pretty sure he is saying something that isn’t true. But miracles happen: at Davos on Tuesday, Kerry blurted out the truth. Maybe because it was on a subject that is close to his heart, money. Legal Insurrection reports: In his remarks, Kerry also spoke about the task of keeping the goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius alive. “So, »

It’s Always About Power

Featured image Many of our major cities today face out of control homelessness, rising crime, a collapsed central business district because of COVID, and poor public schools. But many of our mayors know what to do about . . . climate change. The midwits at Axios report on a poll of mayors asking what “tools” they want to fight climate change. Guess what? They want more power. Who could have seen that »

The Climate Is In Great Shape

Featured image It doesn’t come as any surprise to regular Power Line readers that the politically and economically motivated climate hysteria with which we are constantly bombarded is false. This piece by Javier Vinós at Watts Up With That, titled “Good 2022 Climate News the MSM didn’t tell you,” does an excellent job of summing up the reality that is usually obscured. As Vinos says, there has been mild warming during the »

Did Powell Just Throw the Climatistas Under the Bus?

Featured image There are a couple of noteworthy passages in Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s speech delivered earlier today over in Sweden about central bank independence, such as: [W]e should “stick to our knitting” and not wander off to pursue perceived social benefits that are not tightly linked to our statutory goals and authorities. . . [W]ithout explicit congressional legislation, it would be inappropriate for us to use our monetary policy or supervisory tools »

Extreme Weather Events Declining

Featured image Some years ago, environmental alarmists decided to hedge their bets by talking about “climate change” rather than “global warming.” These days, any inconvenient weather event is chalked up to “climate change.” If a tornado hits Florida, it’s climate change. If rain spoils your picnic, it’s climate change. But are severe weather events actually increasing? No, they are not: [D]ata for all year 2022 tropical storms shows that global wide, storms »

A Dose of Sanity

Featured image Dr. John Christy is one of the world’s top climate experts. In this interview on BizNewsTV, he lays out some of the basics and explains why climate hysteria is unwarranted. It is a good antidote to the anti-scientific extremism that usually typifies this subject: »

Clueless Liberal of the Day

Featured image I usually eschew making predictions—especially about the future—but one prediction for 2023 I can confidently make is that liberals will continue being idiots, most especially about their new religion: c****** c*****. Some people think this letter to the Washington Post is a Sokal-style hoax, but how could you tell? I’m going to treat it as genuine; after all, the Post did. Dear Margo: I have a suggestion for how you »

“Some of the Worst” News Media

Featured image Who or what publication deserves to be regarded as the worst news media outlet in the country (or the world)? Chances are it is the one in your nearest metro area. Wait—how can that possibly be? I dunno, but if we ask the media, this is likely the answer they’d come up with. About 15 years ago I co-authored a book about air pollution and the Clean Air Act. I »

Cop out on COP27: Strange new respect edition

Featured image “Global warming” was decried as the cause of the apocalypse until relatively recently. Now it is “climate change,” apparently because the data refused to comply. The UN’s latest “climate change” jamboree was convened in Sharm el-Sheikh last week and produced what I thought was a widely heralded agreement to transfer funds from productive countries to unproductive countries. This is of course to ward off the apocalypse. Where is the Jonathan »

Cop out on COP27

Featured image One can only hope that the big news out of COP-27 in Sharm el-Sheikh is yet another cop-out on “climate change.” The big news seems to rank up there with news of Trump’s return to Twitter. Is it equally vacuous? Politico boils the news down to three paragraphs: Governments from around the world agreed to have wealthy countries help pay vulnerable nations for the damage they’re suffering from climate change, »

About “Deniers”

Featured image It all started with Holocaust deniers. That phrase has a clear meaning: it refers to someone who denies that the Holocaust took place. But liberals saw potential in the locution, an opportunity to disqualify their opponents without actually making an argument. Thus, they started labeling people as “climate deniers.” What does that mean? Someone who denies that we have a climate? There is no such person. Someone who denies that »

Why Climate Models Don’t Work

Featured image Climate alarmism is not based on observation, it is based on predictions generated by climate models. This article by computer modeler Greg Chapman at Watts Up With That is a good primer on why those models are inherently unreliable, and in fact have been shown to be wrong: The purpose of this article is to explain to the non-expert, how climate models work, rather than a focus on the issues »

Hurricane Joe: Discussion over

Featured image President Biden deserves a chapter or hall or wing of his own in the annals of idiocy. Speaking in Fort Myers yesterday about Hurricane Ian response and recovery efforts, Biden declared: And you can imagine, because unfortunately, I’ve been to a lot of disaster areas in the last couple months — last six months. You know, more fires have burned in the West, in the Southwest, burned everything right to »

Who Owns Science?

Featured image Science is a method that can, in principle, be practiced by anyone. So no one can “own” it. But don’t tell that to the United Nations and the World Economic Forum. This is chilling: Melissa Fleming, Under-Secretary for Global Communications at the United Nations at [World Economic Forum] ‘Disinformation’ event: “We partnered with Google,” said Fleming, adding, “for example, if you Google ‘climate change,’ you will, at the top of »

On Hurricane Ian

Featured image Hurricane Ian is moving up the Atlantic seaboard and apparently passing into history. It was tremendously destructive as it hit the Gulf coast of Florida, and Democrats didn’t even wait for the hurricane to make landfall before politicizing it. Democrats hope Ian will bring down, or at least put a chink in the armor of, the heretofore invincible Ron DeSantis. But I am confused: didn’t we learn during Katrina that »