Extremism about Extreme Weather

Featured image We’ve periodically debunked the way the climatistas jump on every notable weather event as proof of the imminence of the climate apocalypse, but our friends at Kite & Key Media have put together this nice seven-minute summary of what’s wrong with these claims. Among other things, the video cites Steven Koonin, whose book Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, and Why It Matters is the best overall »

Biden: Accelerate the Climate Crisis!

Featured image It has gotten to the point where Joe Biden can’t make a public appearance without embarrassing himself–and, worse, us. Speaking to the U.N. General Assembly this morning, Biden stressed the need to “accelerate the climate crisis.” He then caught himself and went on to spin a web of falsehoods: Biden retailed the usual climate myths: Noting “record breaking” heatwaves in the US and China, along with wildfires in America and »

Biden’s light rinse

Featured image President Biden held a press conference for the ages in Hanoi yesterday. The White House has posted the transcript here. The site of the press conference and Biden’s mental nullity reminded me of the comment frequently attributed to the late Minnesota Senator Eugene McCarthy about George Romney. I first heard it incorporated in comedian Mort Sahl’s routine in 1970 and I’m attributing it to him. I’m not sure that McCarthy »

How to Get Published on Climate

Featured image This story has been around for a couple of days, but I don’t think we have mentioned it. Dr. Patrick Brown, co-director of the climate and energy team at The Breakthrough Institute at Berkeley, got an article on California wildfires published in Nature magazine. He then admitted that he had fudged the facts to get his article in line with global warming hysteria, so as to get the article published: »

How to Deal With Climate Criminals [Updated]

Featured image Admittedly, the 21st century is still young, but so far the most annoying people on the planet during this century, hands down, are climate hysterics. And of that group, the worst are climate criminals who block traffic and engage in other types of illegal activity. We haven’t seen too much of this in the U.S., but it has been a real problem in Germany and other European countries. Here, a »

The Daily Chart: A Tale of Two Storms

Featured image Joe Biden’s main point of his brief visit to the Florida panhandle in the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia was climate change uber alles, despite the fact that the “consensus” science of the IPCC, not to mention actual hurricane data for the last 50 years, justifies no such claim. So Plan B is to display the rising costs of weather-related disasters, which the financial press (I’m looking at you Barron’s) laps »

DeSantis Tells It Like It Is

Featured image As always, the Democrats are trying to make political hay out of a natural disaster, in this case Hurricane Idalia. The fact is that hurricanes have not increased in either frequency or severity, but that doesn’t stop the ghoulish liberals. A reporter asked Governor Ron DeSantis about Joe Biden’s politicization of Idalia, and DeSantis responded beautifully: NEW: DeSantis scathes blaming climate change for #Idalia, saying the most powerful storm for »

New Discoveries In Climate Science

Featured image Climate science is a wild and woolly multi-disciplinary field in which virtually every proposition is controversial. It is only the politics that is settled; the science is up for grabs. A recent study in Climate illustrates the point, not by introducing new concepts but by measuring the obvious: A new study published in the scientific peer-reviewed journal, Climate, by 37 researchers from 18 countries suggests that current estimates of global »

Knowledge Is Sanity

Featured image A question of perennial interest is, why, in these times of unprecedented material prosperity and security, are so many people unhappy and depressed? That is a big question, but one part of the answer is that we are constantly bombarded with apocalyptic propaganda. Currently, the main subject of such propaganda is “climate change.” People with any sense understand that the Earth’s climate has always changed and always will, but many »

The Penguins Are OK

Featured image First it was polar bears, now it is emperor penguins. Liberals love to select animals they can anthropomorphize and portray as threatened by “climate change.” Polar bears didn’t work out well for them, since their populations are at record levels. The penguins aren’t promising either, as biologist Susan Crockford explains: Despite the hype last week over the newly published paper by Peter Fretwell and colleagues, there is no plausible ecological »

Feel Good Video of the Day

Featured image So a group of climate protesters decided to block a two-lane road in Nevada, but got a different response than usual from law enforcement. The best part of this X-File from “Climate Defiance” is the number of words that follow “words fail,” not to mention the irony of people usurping the “monopoly on the use of force” using force themselves to disrupt the peaceful mobility of their fellow citizens. The »

The Global Warming Industry Is Corrupt

Featured image No Tricks Zone publishes a summary of an article by Dr. Klaus-Dieter Döhler, a natural scientist and environmentalist, and Josef Kowatsch, a nature conservationist, that criticizes the global warming industry in Germany. Their criticisms apply equally to that industry in the U.S. The authors point out that reality has refuted the tricked-up models that are the only basis for global warming hysteria: They write: The business model “global warming” is »

The Honest Temperature Record

Featured image One of the problems with evaluating global warming claims is that the temperature record has been corrupted. Custodians of the various temperature data sets are generally global warming zealots, and they have gone back and changed the temperature records of the past, e.g. by lowering the temperatures that were recorded during the 1930s, to make “climate change” hysteria seem more plausible. At the same time that records custodians make such »

The Politics of Weather

Featured image The Washington Post can’t understand why Republicans won’t get with the global warming program: Nearly 150 million Americans were under heat alerts Tuesday, after July marked the planet’s hottest month on record. Devastating downpours dumped two months of rain on Vermont in two days. Smoke from Canadian wildfires choked East Coast skies, causing the worst air quality on record for some locations. And Hawaii is reeling from the deadliest U.S. »

So—Climate Change *Did* Cause the Maui Fire After All

Featured image We noted here the last few days that the predictable rush to blame the horrific Maui fires on climate change goes against what the so-called “consensus” science of the IPCC says about attribution of specific weather events. But you can’t stop the narrative for pesky little details like that. But maybe the climatistas are right—just not in the way they know. In fact, it’s their fault. It is thought that »

Maui Wowie

Featured image Further to (P)resident “No Comment” Biden’s befuddlement over Maui that Scott highlights this morning comes news that he will now travel to Maui after all. No telling what his thought process was in all this, but it is not hard to imagine he thought that since this disaster is in Hawaii somewhere, isn’t this a job for Obama, since he’s running the Biden Administration already? Or maybe Biden’s nursemaids tempted him »

Whither the Weather?

Featured image The scenes out of Lahaina on Maui are horrific, but naturally the climate cult is rushing to say the inferno that engulfed the town is yet more proof of climate change, and hand over your car keys and gas stoves now. “Yes, I Blame the Climate Crisis for the Horrors on Maui,” says a writer in that premier science journal Esquire. Never mind that Hawaiian officials have been warning for »