104 Minutes of Solid Gold

Featured image Well, that might be a slight overstatement. But I guest hosted Dennis Prager’s radio show last Friday, and it was a darn good show if I do say so myself. In the first hour I talked about the implications of the ongoing sorting of America into Red states and Blue states, and about the Left’s effort to build up my own state of Minnesota as a paragon of liberal governance. »

Join Me Tomorrow On the Dennis Prager Show

Featured image I will host the Dennis Prager radio show tomorrow from 12 to 3 p.m. Eastern, on the Salem network. If you don’t have a station near you, I think you can listen live here. The occasion is that Dennis is the keynote speaker at tomorrow night’s American Experiment Annual Dinner. So while Dennis is jetting to Minnesota, I will pinch hit on the radio. Along with the news of the »

Tucker Unbound

Featured image Tucker Carlson was the keynote speaker at Center of the American Experiment’s Annual Dinner in 2018. It was a great event, attended by 1,200 conservatives. I rummaged around in a drawer and found the video of Tucker’s speech; it is embedded below. What is striking, watching it now, is how fully developed Carlson’s populist themes were five years ago. The same thing emerged in the interview I did with him »

Tucker Wins

Featured image The Daily Mail–who else?–tracked down Tucker Carlson near his Florida home and interviewed him. Or rather, chatted with him. Tucker was in fine spirits: Tucker Carlson looks like a man without a care in the world. The TV firebrand shrugged off the media storm and insisted he was more interested in enjoying a romantic date with his wife Susan as he broke his silence in an exclusive chat with »

The Virtues of Self-Employment

Featured image Huge news these days in the media world, with Tucker Carlson, the most popular figure in the history of cable news, I believe, out at Fox, and Don Lemon–a marginal personality whom I have never seen in action–fired by CNN. But that is not all: Disney has also fired Nate Silver from the 538 franchise that Silver founded years ago. Nate Silver Out at 538, ABC News as Disney Layoffs »

Observations On Tucker

Featured image I am not a great person to write about Tucker Carlson’s contributions to the conservative movement, since I almost never watch television. I have seen clips of Carlson’s Fox News show on the internet, but have only watched it live a time or two. But I did spend some time with Tucker a few years ago, and was deeply impressed. He was the keynote speaker at American Experiment’s Annual Dinner »

Fighting For Freedom, Together

Featured image No one considers Minnesota to be a leader in anything good these days, but there are a few exceptions. For one thing, our state perhaps sets the standard for collaboration among conservative organizations. Rather than jealously guarding turf, we constantly work together to promote conservative ideas and fight back against leftism. What follows is a good example. Alpha News is Minnesota’s alternative news source. It relentlessly covers the stories that »

Rallying For Freedom

Featured image Yesterday American Experiment hosted a Freedom Rally in the rotunda of Minnesota’s capitol in St. Paul. I previewed the rally here. We drew a big, enthusiastic crowd and all eight speakers performed well. I got to emcee the event and lead chants, etc. Which is a lot of fun. Our theme was “Stop the Madness.” This eight-minute video covers some of the event’s highlights: This is the full video of »

On Tuesday, Rally for Freedom!

Featured image In Minnesota, this year’s legislative session has seen a blitzkrieg of radical left-wing legislation. So on Tuesday, at 11 a.m. in the rotunda of the state Capitol in St. Paul, American Experiment is hosting a Freedom Rally to protest against the legislation passed so far, and pressure our legislature to moderate its actions in the session’s second half–when, among other things, a budget will be adopted. The rally’s mantra is »

Eva’s greatest hits

Featured image I must lead a sheltered life not to have heard of Eva Vlaardingerbroek. I only learned of Ms. V. this morning from reading Taki Theodoracopulos’s enticingly headlined Spectator column “My lunch with a Dutch blonde bombshell.” It is published in the March 25 number of the Spectator’s UK magazine under the somewhat blander headline “The lost art of lunching.” Having met Ms. V. for lunch, Taki reports that he immediately »

Lifelong Liberal After Watching Tucker Carlson Tapes: ‘Dear Conservatives: I Apologize’

Featured image My ears always perk up when I hear about a lifelong liberal suddenly experiencing a profound change in their political beliefs. Like many of us, liberal author Dr. Naomi Wolf, a one-time advisor to former President Bill Clinton, watched Tucker Carlson’s presentation of excerpts of previously unseen surveillance footage from Jan. 6, 2021 on Monday night. To say she was moved by what she saw is an understatement. What followed »

Disunion? It’s Not So Unpopular

Featured image Marjorie Taylor Greene made headlines by suggesting that it may be time for a “national divorce,” with red states and blue states going their separate ways. She was roundly denounced in nearly all quarters, as though she had called for a civil war. But in fact, her point was the same one I have made more than once: disunion is a real possibility, and the alternative to disunion is a »

A Spanish Trumpista?

Featured image We are fans of Italy’s new, populist Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. Now it appears that a similar figure is rising in Spain: Madrid’s President, Isabel Díaz Ayuso: Fresh from freeing Madrid from lockdown, Isabel Díaz Ayuso is waging a war on woke and seeking to turn Madrid into the “Florida of Europe” in a campaign that could ultimately lead to her becoming Spain’s first female prime minister. The “Florida of »

Florida vs. New York

Featured image As states increasingly segregate into red and blue, California, New York, Texas and Florida are the heavyweight contenders. (Although, don’t forget poor Illinois.) A year ago I had the good fortune to hear Governor Ron DeSantis give a speech to a Minnesota group in Naples, Florida. DeSantis said something that I thought couldn’t possibly be correct: that Florida has more people than New York, with a state budget only half »

Worst Article of the Year: Dead Last at The Bulwark

Featured image The end of the year is often time for “best of the year” and “worst of the year” lists, but most “best of” lists are merely catalogues of one’s preferences and favorite moments, which is fine. But it’s another case with “worst of the year” lists, and by far the worst article of the year appearing in a supposedly conservative media outlet is Jonathan Last’s October article in The Bulwark, »

Podcast: European Conservatism, with Alvino-Mario Fantini

Featured image One of my favorite journals these days is The European Conservative, edited by the intrepid Alvino-Mario Fantini out of Vienna. Printed on heavy stock paper, its articles are adorned with fabulous reproductions of classic art, making it the kind of journal you’d happily put out on your coffee table alongside your gallery books from the Met or wherever. Back in September I wrote here about how the magazine was dropped »

Thought for the Day: The New “New Right”

Featured image For all of my life it seems there has always been a “new right” in view. “New right” has been used since the 1950s at least, and the “new right” of the 1970s looks distinctly old today. The new “new right” today is, as frequently mentioned here, “national conservatism.” Hence worth taking in the summary overview of my old boss Christopher DeMuth, writing in the Wall Street Journal over the »