Britain authorizes use of the Pfizer vaccine

Featured image The United Kingdom has become the first Western nation to authorize a vaccine against the Wuhan coronavirus. The UK granted emergency authorization for a vaccine produced by Pfizer, an American company, and BioNTech, its German partner. The UK has ordered 40 million doses of the vaccine — enough to vaccinate 20 million people. Apparently, 800,000 doses will delivered from Pfizer’s facilities in Belgium to the UK next week, with many »

Sweden gives up on the “Swedish experiment”

Featured image As we have noted often on Power Line, Sweden took a different approach to the Wuhan coronavirus than that of its neighbors and, pretty much, the rest of Europe. It eschewed harsh lockdown measures. The hope was that Sweden could avoid an economic meltdown. There was also the hope that Swedes might fairly quickly develop herd immunity to the virus. However, it’s important to note that Sweden did not go »

Coronavirus in one state (133)

Featured image As I noted yesterday in part 132, the authorities reported a single day record number of deaths on November 25 (reported on November 27). The number was 101. As always, these fatalities swept up the infirm elderly in nursing homes and elsewhere. Minnesota Department of Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm nevertheless refrained from express mention of this fact in her special November 27 statement: Thanksgiving Weekend is a sad time to »

Coronavirus in one state (132)

Featured image Governor Walz took over Monday’s regularly scheduled Department of Health press briefing yesterday. He advertised it as a “deep dive” on the data that is now to become a feature of Monday briefings with Minnesota Department of Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm, who performed the “deep dive” with slides that mostly do not appear in the video I have embedded below. (The cited data are accessible at the MDH Situation Update, »

School superintendent votes on remote learning with his kid’s feet

Featured image Everyone with an ounce of common sense knows that remote learning is generally inferior to learning in school, and that it’s emotionally harmful to some children. Anyone who has studied the data is likely to conclude that keeping schools open doesn’t risk a harmful spread of the Wuhan coronavirus. Alexandria’s public schools are closed. But this doesn’t mean the system’s school superintendent, Gregory Hutchings, Jr, lacks common sense or is »

Is remote schooling “leaving children sad and angry”?

Featured image The Washington Post says it is: Some children are doing fine with remote school; some even prefer it. But many others are. . .suffering emotionally, mentally and even physically from so many hours, often alone, in front of a computer screen. To gauge the struggle, The Washington Post asked parents nationwide to share stories and artwork produced by youths participating in the mandatory home-school experiment, garnering more than 60 responses »

Why Is All COVID News Bad?

Featured image Three professors, two from Dartmouth and one from Brown, have produced a paper for the National Bureau of Economic Research titled, “Why Is All COVID-19 News Bad News?” It focuses on the U.S. press, and its findings are disturbing: On February 18, the Oxford Mail published a story that Professor Sarah Gilbert and her colleagues at Oxford’s Jenner Institute were working on a vaccine for the novel coronavirus and that »

Kevin Roche: Don’t blame us

Featured image My law school classmate Kevin Roche wrote the column DON’T BLAME MINNESOTANS FOR GOVERNMENT INCOMPETENCE for the opinion pages of the Star Tribune. For whatever reason, it wasn’t accepted for publication. The column makes important points of general applicability to the epidemic as it has manifested in current hotspots including the Upper Midwest. Kevin is the former general counsel of UnitedHealth Group and former chief executive officer of its Ingenix »

Science, Minnesota Style

Featured image My friend Mitch Berg posted this on Twitter: Science, Minnesota style: crowds at the Eagan outlet mall (a clump of big box National outlets), versus Jensen‘s restaurant right across the street (local standalone joint). Remember – we’re all in it together. — Mitch "The Wałęsa Project" Berg (@mitchpberg) November 28, 2020 The shutdown regime here in Minnesota is idiotic: bars and restaurants, which account for 1.7% of infections according »

Havens Garden Defies Shutdown Order

Featured image I wrote here about Larvita McFarquhar, a single mother who owns a bar and restaurant called Havens Garden in Lynd, Minnesota, a town of 448 in the southwestern part of the state. McFarquhar announced on Facebook that her establishment would be open for business with music and food service from 9 to 11 last night, despite last week’s order from Minnesota’s governor purporting to close all bars and restaurants and »

COVID Shutdowns and Masks

Featured image Many are hysterical over the second COVID wave that has hit a number of states, and governors are responding with harsh shutdown orders. Here in Minnesota, Governor Tim Walz blames our citizens for not wearing masks, deeming it self-evident that if his brilliant anti-viral strategies are not working, the fault must lie with us. That is, to the extent that the fault does not lie with our neighboring states; the »

Behind the Left’s Primal Scream Over the Supreme Court’s Religious Liberty Ruling

Featured image I’ve noticed today that the left is in a fury about the Supreme Court’s 5-4 ruling last night striking down New York’s wholly arbitrary restrictions on churches and other places of worship because the Court is “ignoring the advice of the experts.” True indeed. I could go on at some length about old cases involving the arbitrary (and therefore unconstitutional) use of the government’s police power, but in this case »

Cutting back on Cuomo

Featured image Near midnight last night the Supreme Court granted temporary injunctive relief from the strictures of the edicts setting capacity limits in houses of worship in certain designated hotspots. The Court’s per curiam ruling in favor of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn and Agudath Israel of America, limited as it is, nevertheless represents a shift in the Court’s center of gravity on the application of basic First Amendment principles to »

A Heroine For Our Time?

Featured image Larvita McFarquhar owns a little bar and entertainment venue called Havens Garden in Lynd, Minnesota, a town of 448 in the southwestern part of the state. She is black, a single mother and a Christian. I don’t know whether McFarquhar is a conservative, but she is standing tall against our proto-fascist governor’s order that all bars and restaurants shut down indefinitely. She posted this video on Facebook, saying that her »

Go Ahead and Celebrate Thanksgiving

Featured image Minnesota is one of a number of states that are living under what amounts to martial law. Our proto-fascist dictator Tim Walz, in his latest edict, purports to ban traditional Thanksgiving get-togethers: Saturday, Nov. 21 through Friday, Dec. 18, Executive Order 20-99 requires all Minnesotans to: * Limit social gatherings to one household. * Not gather outside of your household. * Postpone all celebrations, events, receptions, and parties, including any »

Amazon versus Alex Berenson (& me)

Featured image Alex Berenson brings an independent mind and a formidable set of skills to his heterodox coverage of the COVID-19 epidemic. He is a former New York Times investigative reporter and a writer of spy thrillers. He has just released his third pamphlet in the series Unreported Truths About COVID-19 and Lockdowns. When the first pamphlet in his series was published this past June Berenson had a close encounter with Amazon »

Coronavirus in one state (131)

Featured image Governor Walz has preempted the regular Department of Health press briefings over the past 10 days. Yesterday’s briefing (audio below) was the first since November 13, covered in part 125 of this series. The catastrophe that has befallen our nursing homes due to the epidemic was addressed only indirectly, in terms of staffing, but the Star Tribune’s Chris Serres and Glenn Howatt cover it in a manner that is entirely »