Gang Fight at the Mall of America

Featured image This afternoon gang violence erupted inside the Mall of America. Details are still sketchy, but apparently members of rival gangs got into an altercation in or outside of the Nike store at the mall. One or more of the participants pulled guns, and a number of shots were fired. Apparently at least one person was wounded, but no one stayed around to talk to the police. As of this moment, »

Living hell in Minneapolis

Featured image The Phillips neighborhood just south of downtown Minneapolis should not be the hellhole it has become. It has proved a popular area for homeless encampments that have plagued the neighborhood, but it wasn’t always like this and there is no good reason it should be this way now. Liz Collin reports for Alpha News here and in the video below. My friend Howard Root writes that “the images of the »

From the Iran file

Featured image The Wall Street Journal reports this morning that a “New York man” possessing an illegal assault-style rifle was arrested near the home of an Iranian dissident who was previously the target of an alleged kidnapping plot by government operatives of the Islamic Republic. The New York Post has an accessible version of the story here. The brief Post story adds several telling details. The “New York man” is Khalid Mehdiyev. »

In the Sundberg shooting, MPD bodycam

Featured image The authorities have released an edited video of bodycam footage from Minneapolis police officers who responded to Arabella Foss-Yarbrough’s 911 call for help last week. Officers killed Tekle Sundberg after he shot up Yarbrough’s apartment and resisted police in a six-hour standoff. John and I have been following the story on Power Line. Pafoua Yang has covered it for Alpha News. Based on her own sources, Pafoua reported earlier this »

Police Brutality In Washington

Featured image Earlier today, there was a pro-abortion demonstration outside the Supreme Court building in Washington. A number of Democratic politicians participated. The protesters blocked traffic so as to get themselves “arrested” as an act of political theater. What is funny about this is that several of them, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, put their arms behind their backs, pretending to have been handcuffed by police officers. A liberal’s gotta suffer, »

The meltdown this time, cont’d

Featured image Officers of the Minneapolis Police Department killed Tekle Sundberg after he shot up Cassandra Yarbrough’s apartment and resisted police in a six-hour standoff. John summarized the events here. The odious Ben Crump is on the case. It has turned into a national story. The Star Tribune updates it here this morning. Rebecca Brannon’s Twitter account alerts us to the Townhall column by Julio Rosas. Minneapolis Police are pushing back against »

The meltdown this time

Featured image John covered our current local cause célèbre last night in “The victim speaks.” You know Minneapolis is suffering another meltdown if attorney Ben Crump is on the scene. While all the facts behind the hours-long standoff that preceded Tekle Sundberg’s death are not yet clear, Crump wants to agitate the mob. Minneapolis Police Department officers gave their PROMISE to Tekle Sundberg's parents that their son's mental health crisis would NOT »

The Victim Speaks

Featured image The latest cause celebre for leftists in Minnesota is the case of Tekle Sundberg. Sundberg tried to murder a young woman, Cassandra Yarbrough, whom he apparently did not know. Police were called, Sundberg fired repeatedly from within an apartment, there was a standoff that lasted for hours, officers tried to negotiate with Sundberg and brought in family members to try to persuade him to surrender. Under circumstances that are not »

The July 4 Rampage Continues

Featured image On the night of July 4, criminals used fireworks to terrorize innocent bystanders in Minneapolis. Now it’s moved indoors. Criminals set off fireworks inside a movie theater just a couple of miles from my house: "Occurred about 8:30 p.m. at Imagine Theater, according to dispatch audio. One person was injured with part of a firework embedded in their leg and they were bleeding. Suspect: Somali M in a red shirt. »

Who In His Right Mind…

Featured image A short video, one of the most shocking things I have seen in a long time, is embedded below. But first, some comments by my friend Sheila Qualls: The content of this video is disturbing. Chilling. It is a foreshadowing of poverty, prison, and even death. It tells the story of children — who through no fault of their own — have been corrupted and abandoned by a system that »

4th of July Shootout Averted

Featured image This is a story that would be getting a great deal of play if it advanced a liberal media narrative: two illegal aliens planned to “shoot up” an Independence Day parade in Richmond, Virginia, but were thwarted by an alert citizen: On Wednesday,…the Richmond Police Department announced the arrests of Guatemalan nationals 52-year-old illegal alien Julio Alvardo Dubon and 38-year-old illegal alien Rolman Balacarcel Ac for allegedly plotting a mass »

Mayor Frey speaks

Featured image John noted the silence of our political officeholders in the face of the mind-boggling crime wave compiled in “War zone Minneapolis.” Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey has now spoken up. He seems to be sharing a speechwriter with Kamala Harris or naturally to grok her train of thought. As John Lennon put it, “Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup. They slither wildly as they slip away »

Veep thoughts with Kamala Harris

Featured image We could ignore Vice President Kamala Harris’s latest contribution to the little red book of Veep Thoughts we are compiling, but it would be wrong. Defying the degree of difficulty, she just keeps topping herself. Arriving on the scene of the Highland Park mass shooting yesterday, Harris met the moment with another masterpiece of vacuity. The volume is a little low on the audio (below). Here it is in black »

The massacre this time

Featured image The apparent Highland Park mass murderer who shot up the city’s Independence Day parade yesterday was on the prowl at the local Chabad center earlier this year. The center is located on Central a few blocks from the site of the shooting and sheltered escapees of the attack. Rabbi Yosef Schanowitz recognized the photo released by police following the shooting and realized he had encountered the suspect a few months »

War Zone Minneapolis

Featured image Last night the City of Minneapolis was turned into a free-fire zone. At least a dozen people were shot, and many more were assaulted with fireworks by criminals. Minneapolis’s woefully understaffed police force was unable to maintain any semblance of order, and local officials were AWOL. My colleague David Zimmer recaps the carnage at There has been a steady increase in lawlessness felt in the Twin Cities since 2020 »

A Shooting In Akron

Featured image Riots have been taking place in Akron, Ohio, following the shooting by police of Jayland Walker. The incident occurred in June, but release of police bodycam footage has sparked the riots. The case has made international news. The London Times, for example, headlined Jayland Walker: Plea for calm after Ohio police kill unarmed black man. The other fact that has gotten much publicity is that officers–I believe there were eight »

Re-Imagine Actual Policing

Featured image Nothing so fully exposes the dream world of the left, in which good intentions and sentiments are thought sufficient to make reality bend to their will, than the enthusiasm for “re-imagining policing” that went along with the “Defund the Police” mania post-George Floyd. If we just “re-imagine” something, it will happen! We don’t even need to close our eyes and click our heels! And one of the leading ideas was »