Denny Rehberg

Beauty Queens Are Smart

Featured image Sarah Idan certainly is. She was Miss Iraq at the 2017 Miss Universe contest. She got into trouble for posting on Instagram a photo of herself with Miss Israel: The resultant outrage in Iraq forced Miss Idan and her family to flee the country. She now operates out of Los Angeles. Last month, she provided a blast of truth at a meeting of the U.N.’s Human Rights Council in Geneva. »

PoltiFact strikes Hugh Hewitt (2)

Featured image PolitiFact has updated its post rating Hugh Hewitt’s assertion of the Obamacare death spiral False. PolitiFact continues the argument by addressing Hugh’s tweets and reiterates its rating of his statement as False. As Hugh indicated to us, PolitiFact says it contacted Hugh yesterday at noon by email to Hugh’s booker. PolitiFact posts a screenshot of the email to Hugh’s booker in the update. Hugh responds: Glad to see they covered »

A Final Pre-Election Report on the PL Pick Six

Featured image We have promoted six Republican candidates throughout this election season, selected for a combination of the importance of their races and their quality as conservative leaders. With the election about to begin, here is where they stand; first, the House candidates: Mia Love has withstood a barrage of racist attacks from the Democrats and has a commanding 52-40 lead in the latest polling. She promises to be a dynamic voice »

Good news from Montana

Featured image Montana is a Red State, and there will be no good excuse if Republican Denny Rehberg (a Power Line Pick Six candidate) does not defeat liberal Democrat Jon Tester this year. But the absence of a good excuse for losing doesn’t ensure victory in Red State Senate races — a lesson that likely will be reinforced in one or more Senate race on Tuesday. Fortunately, Rehberg has run a pretty »

Democrats try to tip Montana Senate race by funding third-party candidate

Featured image Sen. Jon Tester, a liberal Democrat, is attempting to hold off Republican challenger Rep. Denny Rehberg in a tight Montana Senate race. Rehberg is a Power Line Pick Six candidate. For Republicans to gain control of the Senate, they almost certainly need to win this race. Tester has been highly unconvincing in his belated attempts to convince Montana voters that he’s not in the pocket of the Obama administration on »

Support Josh Mandel for Senate (Updated)

Featured image One of this year’s hottest races pits far-left Ohio senator Sherrod Brown against Power Line Pick Six candidate Josh Mandel. Josh, currently Ohio’s Treasurer, is a young (35), principled conservative who is running a great race. We heard from Mandel’s campaign this morning that their current polling has Josh up by one point. The Left is sending millions of dollars to Ohio to smear Josh and try to keep Brown »

New poll shows Rehberg leading Tester in Montana

Featured image A new poll of the Senate race in Montana shows Denny Rehberg leading incumbent Democrat Jon Tester by a margin of 48 to 45. The poll was conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research for Lee Newspapers in Montana. Rehberg’s lead falls within the poll’s margin of error of plus or minus 4 points. Nonetheless, an incumbent Senator who polls at below 50 percent a month and a half before the »

Politics Watch: Notes from Montana

Featured image BOZEMAN, Montana—My weekend with my pals at PERC, the Property and Environment Research Center, is almost over.  I managed to get in a quick afternoon hike through the smoke of nearby forest fires—the smoke may explain why this nearby iPhone photo is so washed out.  I also got to pick the brain of John Batchelor of the John Batchelor radio show for tips for the next time I sub for »

A tale of two Testers

Featured image Democrat Jon Tester is campaigning hard to hold onto his Montana Senate seat in the face of a strong challenge by Rep. Denny Rehberg. But Tester seems to be campaigning harder against President Obama than against Rehberg. Below, via Eliana Johnson at NRO, is a Tester ad that seeks to portray the candidate as an obstacle to the Obama administration. But Tester was no obstacle to Obama’s leftist agenda when »

Introducing the Power Line Pick Six

Featured image If you check the sidebar to your right, you will see our contribution to the 2012 Congressional elections: the Power Line Pick Six. We have selected six candidates to report on and get behind, three in the Senate and three in the House. We chose candidates who are solid conservatives and are likely to be leaders if they are sent to Washington; we have also selected pivotal races that will »