Supreme Court Case Prompts Anti-Religious Bigotry [Updated]

Featured image On Tuesday, the Supreme Court decided Carson v. Makin on a 6-3 vote, with the liberal bloc dissenting. The case related to a program in Maine, whereby the state will pay for specified educational alternatives for parents who live in districts where there is no secondary school. Public and private schools are eligible as long as they are accredited and meet other requirements, except that only “nonsectarian” schools can participate. »

LGBTQ Grooming in the Public Schools [Updated]

Featured image At a school board meeting this evening, the board that governs one of Minnesota’s largest school districts will vote on a resolution that would institutionalize the promotion of LGBTQ doctrine in that district’s schools. Here it is: LGBTQIA+ History and Culture Resolution June 21, 2022 A RESOLUTION of the Osseo Area School District Board of Education to acknowledge the value of the lives of our trans, lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, queer, »

Feel Good Stories of the Day

Featured image Who says the mainstream media only report bad news. There’s some very heartwarming and cheering stories out right now. • Let’s start with the New York Times today: With Plunging Enrollment, a ‘Seismic Hit’ to Public Schools ORANGE COUNTY, Calif. — In New York City, the nation’s largest school district has lost some 50,000 students over the past two years. In Michigan, enrollment remains more than 50,000 below prepandemic levels »

School Shutdowns Were a Catastrophe

Featured image America’s response to the covid epidemic was a scandal. On a best-case interpretation, America sacrificed its children to benefit the extremely elderly and the very sick. Even if such a strategy had worked–which it didn’t–it would be a grotesque and arguably evil policy choice. One of the worst things we did to our children was to shut down the public schools, generally at the demand of teachers’ unions. “Remote learning” »

FBI Investigated Concerned Parents

Featured image You all remember the story: the Biden Department of Justice coordinated with the National School Boards Association to arrange for FBI investigations of parents who are unhappy about their local schools teaching racism and anti-Americanism (Critical Race Theory) and gender confusion, and requiring masks. The episode was so sordid that many state school board associations dropped their affiliation with NSBA, and most people doubted that the FBI would be craven »

Affirmative Action—Even More Unpopular Than Democrats

Featured image In other survey news, a brand new Pew Research Center survey finds that the public opposes race-based college admissions by a whopping 74 percent. Here’s the general breakdown of factors the public believe should guide admission: Pew, controlled for decades now by liberals despite—or rather against—the wishes of the very conservative J. Howard Pew who set up the Pew foundation, does its best to fog up the massive public opposition »

The Student Loan Scam

Featured image Currently there is somewhere around $1.6 trillion outstanding in unpaid student loans. That is approximately twice the amount of all credit card debt. And many thousands of college graduates and dropouts find themselves unable or unwilling to repay their student loans. How did we get into this mess? It goes back to the Higher Education Act of 1965, but, as with so many government programs, the senators and representatives who »

Critical Ethnic Studies Come to Our Schools

Featured image In recent years, the attitude of liberals toward Critical Race Theory has been summed up as: “It doesn’t exist. And it’s awesome!” But as the infiltration of CRT into curricula across the country has become impossible to deny, promotion of racism and anti-Americanism has come out of the closet. Thus we see the public schools in St. Paul announcing a new “Critical Ethnic Studies” curriculum: So Critical Ethnic Studies is »

In Re: The Left’s Grooming Gangs

Featured image Further to the controversy over Florida’s “don’t say gay” law that doesn’t say “don’t say gay” anywhere in the text, it turns out that back in 2014 the U.S. Government Accountability Office produced a report to Congress on the problem of sexual abuse by public school personnel. And lo and behold, the report focuses on grooming behaviors throughout: To be sure, this report is oriented primarily at traditional predators, but »

No Grooming Allowed

Featured image Per InstaPundit, the Left is up in arms because conservatives are referring to the forced sexualization of five, six and seven year old children in the public schools as “grooming.” You can always tell when we have hit on an effective theme: the Left declares it out of bounds. John Nolte has more, beginning with a response to David French, who likened the forced sexualization of small children to Donald »

America’s Future Leaders? Don’t Bet On It

Featured image Yale Law School has long been a disgrace. I was surprised, when I searched for YLS on our site, at how often we have commented on farcical events there. Way back in 2003, we wrote about Yale Law School’s disgusting treatment of military recruiters. That was followed by Yale’s lawsuit trying to have the Solomon Amendment declared unconstitutional. The Solomon Amendment provides that universities that receive federal funding must treat »

Wokeism: It’s Not the Law

Featured image In a number of cases across the country, academics who have been fired or otherwise penalized for failing to go along with the “woke” fad have successfully sought legal redress. It is remarkable how little understanding the academics who run our colleges and universities have, apparently, of the basics of constitutional law. They generally seem to think that they have free rein to impose wokeism on all those within their »

How Low Can the Teachers’ Unions Sink?

Featured image Education Minnesota, the NEA branch that runs Minnesota’s public schools, has been making war on the state’s children for the last two years. In 2020 the teachers’ union demanded that the schools be shut down, and in a Democratic administration, what the union demands, it gets. The result, when test results came in at the end of the 2021 school year, was a catastrophic collapse in student performance. That was »

Breaking: Federal Court Finds Virginia Discriminated Against Asians

Featured image This afternoon a Federal District Court in Alexandria, Virginia, handed down a summary judgment in favor of parents who sued Fairfax County Public Schools for the recent changes in the admissions process for Thomas Jefferson High School, the extremely selective public high school that emphasizes math and science. The case, Coalition for TJ v. Fairfax County School Board, strikes a significant blow to race-conscious policies in education. The County Board had »

The San Francisco Earthquake

Featured image If you roll back the timeline to 1978, you’ll recall that the “tax revolt” began with the landslide passage of Proposition 13 in California, which cut property taxes by more than half, severely limited their future increase, and imposed a 2/3rds requirement on the state legislature for all future tax increases. The tax revolt spread quickly around the country, with Michigan and even Massachusetts (!) cutting property taxes significantly. It »

An Instance of Fraud In the Public Schools

Featured image Via PJ Media, a story from San Francisco that I suspect is all too common across the country: Great news. A sixth-grader received glowing grades in P.E. and Social Studies from her teachers at a middle school in year three of San Francisco Unified School District’s COVID-19 annus horribilis. School records show that the unidentified girl received two As as a student at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School. Bad »

Let’s end political litmus tests in education

Featured image “Diversity statements” are the latest device the left has come up with to impose and enforce woke conformity in education. Stanley Kurtz explains how they work: Let’s say you’re applying for a teaching job at a university. In addition to submitting a CV and a description of your academic research, many universities now require you to answer a series of questions designed to prove your commitment to the ideology and »