Elizabeth Warren

Trump intervenes as GOP looks to be giving Warren a win on Indian casino

Featured image I wrote here about how, in a reversal of position, Sen. Elizabeth Warren is backing an Indian gaming bill tied to special interests. The bill aims to circumvent legal obstacles currently thwarting the Mashpee Wampanoag’s attempts to establish a casino. Warren used to be hostile to legalized gambling. As a candidate for the Senate in 2011, she strongly opposed successful efforts to expand casino-style gambling in Massachusetts. In 2014, she »

Report: Tribe deals Elizabeth Warren out of casino bid

Featured image Last year, I wrote about how Elizabeth Warren, in a reversal of position, was backing an Indian gaming bill tied to special interests. The bill is called the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Reservation Reaffirmation Act. It aims to circumvent legal obstacles currently thwarting the Mashpee Wampanoag’s attempts to establish a casino in Massachusetts. Warren had been a consistent opponent of legalized gaming. I suggested that her reversal was a transparent attempt »

What if Bernie Sanders held a rally in a black church and no blacks came?

Featured image The Washington Post reports that a Bernie Sanders rally held in the gym of a black church in North Charleston, South Carolina drew more than 1,600 people. Fewer than 40 were black. Sanders has a problem with black voters, especially in the South. As one South Carolina Democratic leader, a Sanders supporter, said: It’s not just that he’s a Yankee. It’s not just that he’s old and that he sounds »

Tax the Rich, Feed the Poor. . .

Featured image There are days when I note that I was way ahead of the Progressive curve. For example, six years ago I mused here twice about why liberals should advocate for a wealth tax ( here and here), noting in the first post: An excise tax of 1 percent on Buffett’s assets would yield something like $350 million a year.  Throw in Gates, the founders of Google, Apple, and Facebook, and the »

Poll: Elizabeth Warren lags in New Hampshire

Featured image At Hot Air, Allahpundit calls attention to a poll of likely Democratic voters in New Hampshire taken by the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Joe Biden comes in first with 28 percent support. Bernie Sanders follows Biden with 20 percent. After that, it’s Kamala Harris (14 percent) and Elizabeth Warren (9 percent). What do Biden and Sanders have in common? Not ideology. They are on opposite ends of the Democrats’ ideological »

A Good Night to Watch PBS

Featured image I wrote here about a doctor who preyed on Indian boys and young men on reservations for decades before finally being brought to justice. One of my closest childhood friends battled the bureaucracy to blow the whistle on the predator, with the result that he–my friend, not the predator–was effectively forced out of the Indian Health Service. That appalling story was reported by the Wall Street Journal and PBS Frontline. »

Two Stories, Humorously United

Featured image It has been a terrible, horrible, very bad week for the Democrats. The fiasco in Virginia–which has just gotten worse, as Paul noted a little while ago, and the latest Elizabeth Warren pratfall are two of the several stories that have embarrassed the Dems. Michael Ramirez unites them in this very funny cartoon. Click to enlarge: Sometimes ridicule is the only appropriate response. And I haven’t mentioned AOC’s cow genocide…. »

With Howie Carr on Elizabeth Warren and the State of the Union

Featured image A number of people commented that they enjoyed my appearance on Howie Carr’s radio show yesterday. Howie is one of America’s great radio hosts, and it is always a fun conversation. With yesterday’s news featuring Elizabeth Warren’s latest pratfall and the State of the Union, there was plenty of material. So I thought some of our readers might enjoy it. The audio below is of the whole hour; my appearance »

The Epic Fraud of Elizabeth Warren

Featured image Elizabeth Warren has claimed that she never used her supposed native American heritage for professional advantage, though the circumstantial evidence suggests otherwise. Late this afternoon the Bezos Bulletin reported (though not until the 8th paragraph, with no hint of the key fact in the headline or the lede) that Warren did in fact claim to be “American Indian” in her own handwriting in her application to the Texas Bar in 1986: This »

Shocker: Media won’t cover Democratic race like it covered Republican race four years ago

Featured image Margaret Sullivan is a media columnist for the Washington Post. Her columns show her to be a liberal partisan and full-blown Trump-hater. Earlier this year, Sullivan urged reporters covering the presidential campaign to eschew “horse race” stories, avoid being distracted by gaffes, and focus on the substance of the candidates’ ideas. She lamented the fact that some outlets were talking about Elizabeth Warren’s likability (or lack thereof) and beer grab. »

Elizabeth Warren, Trumpist?

Featured image The Democrats hate Donald Trump, but do they hate his policies? In some cases, sure. But many elements of Trumpism are actually congenial to Democrats who want to run to Trump’s left…or is it his right? A reader unpacks Elizabeth Warren’s speech on “A Foreign Policy that Works for All Americans.” Setting the stage: Mistakes piled on mistakes. Reckless, endless wars in the Middle East. Trade deals rammed through with »

Dave Begley: Live from Council Bluffs

Featured image You may have heard that Elizabeth Warren is off and running for president, so yesterday she came to Council Bluffs. The Omaha World-Herald couldn’t get someone from its own staff to be there; instead it runs this excited news service report. We nevertheless had Nebraska attorney Dave Begley on hand to cover the festivities for us. Dave is a Nebraska attorney practicing elder law and estate planning in Omaha. He »

Do female candidates bear a special “likability” burden?

Featured image Expect to see plenty more whiny articles like this one in today’s Washington Post called “Women still bear special demands for ‘likability.'” Annie Linskey and Dave Weigel note that “just hours after Elizabeth Warren announced her plan to run for president, a question began surfacing about a possible weakness. . .Is she likable enough to be president?” They go on to assert that comparable demands to be likable are not »

Warren’s woes, Part Two

Featured image In this post about Elizabeth Warren’s prospects as a presidential candidate, I compared her to Hillary Clinton (without Bill). Like Hillary, Warren has little in her persona that’s likely to fire up voters, other than feminists of a certain age. She lacks the common touch. She can scold, but she can’t preach. Audiences, if they are well-disposed coming in, may come away impressed, but they’re unlikely to come away inspired. »

Warren’s kitchen cabinet

Featured image Elizabeth Warren rolled out her presidential candidacy yesterday. The Daily Mail captures the festivities here. The video below features her live feed on Instagram at 7:00 p.m. (Eastern) yesterday on Instagram (about 13 minutes) as captured Newzcaffe. The Instagram live feed found an extremely limited audience. Warren was able to greet viewers individually as they joined the feed. “Fight” is the motif of her remarks. She wants to duke it »

Elizabeth Warren is in

Featured image Yesterday, I opined that if Elizabeth Warren runs for president, she will face a steep uphill climb. Today, it looks like she intends to embark on that climb. The Boston Globe reports that Warren announced she is “exploring” a run for the presidency in 2020. She plans, according to a campaign source, to ramp up her operation right away, with travel to early primary states expected soon. With Warren “exploring” »

Warren’s woes

Featured image I wrote here about Elizabeth Warren’s commencement speech at Morgan State University earlier this month. In her address, Warren pandered shamelessly to her audience of African-Americans. The focus of my post was on the nonsensical content of Warren’s speech and how she was sending the wrong message to the graduates. As to the politics, I noted only that the audience probably would have preferred “a younger, more ‘with it’ speaker »