Energy Policy

Europe’s Downward Energy Spiral

Featured image The European Union has committed to going “green.” This means they are closing reliable fossil fuel and nuclear plants, and betting on wind and solar to meet their energy needs. Liberals assure us that wind and solar will represent a cost savings. (Which, obviously, is why they need to be subsidized.) Also as part of its “green” agenda, Europeans are moving to replace internal combustion vehicles with electric vehicles, with »

Sam Brinton: What “they” said

Featured image I serve on the board of Alpha News and am proud of the work that this small outfit does to provide an alternate source of news in the Twin Cities. Editor Anthony Gockowski’s scrupulously detailed story on Sam “Not the Man” Brinton has struck a nerve. It has been featured on FOX News and covered across the pond. On Twitter Bill Glahn has noted the impact of the story. In »

Time to Start Eating Bugs?

Featured image Western nations’ commitment to “net zero” CO2 emissions is one of the greatest follies in world history. It is not just the fossil fuel industries that are under attack by liberals–although that would be bad enough, since it is fossil fuels that have created the modern world. They are the reason we are not going around in donkey carts. But it gets worse: agriculture is in the crosshairs, too. We »

How fluid can you get?

Featured image Alpha News editor Anthony Gockowski reports: “Controversial energy official charged with stealing woman’s luggage at MSP.” Subhead: “The MIT grad went viral earlier this year when he announced his new role as the deputy assistant secretary of the Office of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the U.S. Department of Energy.” The story opens: Sam Brinton, one of the first “openly genderfluid individuals in federal government leadership,” was charged with »

Costs of Wind and Solar Energy Are Skyrocketing

Featured image Advocates of wind and solar energy have argued that the cost of those energy sources would decline over time as they are more widely adopted. That never made any sense, and it has not proved true. In fact, the cost of both wind and solar energy is destined to continue rising sharply as the massive quantities of materials they require become more expensive as a result of increasing demand, driven »

Cop out on COP27: Strange new respect edition

Featured image “Global warming” was decried as the cause of the apocalypse until relatively recently. Now it is “climate change,” apparently because the data refused to comply. The UN’s latest “climate change” jamboree was convened in Sharm el-Sheikh last week and produced what I thought was a widely heralded agreement to transfer funds from productive countries to unproductive countries. This is of course to ward off the apocalypse. Where is the Jonathan »

Cop out on COP27

Featured image One can only hope that the big news out of COP-27 in Sharm el-Sheikh is yet another cop-out on “climate change.” The big news seems to rank up there with news of Trump’s return to Twitter. Is it equally vacuous? Politico boils the news down to three paragraphs: Governments from around the world agreed to have wealthy countries help pay vulnerable nations for the damage they’re suffering from climate change, »

“Green” Energy Circles the Drain

Featured image One of the more laughable left-wing themes is the claim that Europe’s energy shortage will hasten a transition to wind and solar energy. Actually, the opposite is happening: when you are in danger of freezing to death, you don’t go shopping for windmills that produce hardly any electricity, less than half the time. “Green” energy is a luxury of the rich who have plenty of energy to spare. In Germany, »

Dark night of the coal: The light of KJP

Featured image We noted President Biden’s commitment in remarks this past Friday to shut down coal-fired plants in “Dark night of the coal.” KJP immediately issued a written statement asserting in relevant part: “The President’s remarks yesterday have been twisted to suggest a meaning that was not intended; he regrets it if anyone hearing these remarks took offense.” Speaking of twisted, I want to add KJP’s remarks at yesterday’s White House press »

Living Without Electricity

Featured image No doubt you have heard the joke: what did socialists use for lighting before candles? Electricity. But it is literal fact if you live in the socialist paradise of Cuba: The communist Castro regime in Cuba aired a new set of propaganda pieces through its media apparatus this week claiming Cuban citizens are “content” with daily power blackouts and offering tips to make the most out of the three hours »

Biden drills down

Featured image The Washington Examiner expands on the video clip below in “Biden promises ‘no more drilling’ two days before crucial midterm elections.” Who ya gonna believe, Biden then or now? I go with neither, but that is a result of my intense antipathy to the man. He says anything to anybody unmodulated by what he said yesterday. One or the other of his contradictory statements probably obtains. On Twitter Matt Whitlock »

Dark night of the coal

Featured image President Biden said Friday during a speech in California on the CHIPS Act that coal plants cost too much money and that his administration will “be shutting these plants down all across America and having wind and solar.” Biden said he recently visited “the site of the largest old coal plant in America” in Massachusetts, which cost “too much money.” “No one is building new coal plants because they can’t »

Biden looks ahead

Featured image I’m looking forward to January because a Republican majority will take over at least one House of Congress and slow down the rout of our national well-being. President Biden looks forward because the wasteful and destructive provisions of the Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act take effect. See if you can follow the “thoughts” he struggled to articulate yesterday: So, we — we’re making real progress. And, by the way, a lot »

Four Cheers For Oil and Gas

Featured image In the post immediately below, I note that a global transition is currently under way, in which the minuscule portion of the world’s energy attributable to “green” sources is shifting to fossil fuels, especially coal. That is a good thing–for the environment, among other, more vital considerations. Fossil fuels have done more for humanity than virtually anything else. The transition from horses, donkeys and carts to the modern world is »

A Transition to Fossil Fuels Is Under Way

Featured image I have been writing for a long time that the alleged transition from fossil fuels to “green” energy is not happening, will not happen, and can not happen. At Watts Up With That, Vijay Jayaraj notes that the opposite is true. Links omitted: Despite the fanfare surrounding wind and solar, the world’s dependency on fossil fuels is increasing. Last week, Saudi Aramco CEO Amin Nasser said that the world is »

$3.8 Trillion, For…

Featured image …essentially nothing. Jeff Currie, who is Global Head of Commodities Research for Goldman Sachs, describes the utter futility of “green” energy: Here’s a stat for you, as of January of this year. At the end of last year, overall, fossil fuels represented 81 percent of overall energy consumption. Ten years ago, they were at 82. So though, all of that investment in renewables, you’re talking about $3.8 trillion, let me »

A Cold, Dark Winter In New England

Featured image Years of terrible energy policy are coming home to roost, as New England is threatened with blackouts this winter: New England power producers are preparing for potential strain on the grid this winter as a surge in natural-gas demand abroad threatens to reduce supplies they need to generate electricity. *** The region’s power-grid operator, ISO New England Inc., has warned that an extremely cold winter could strain the reliability of »