Fake News

Valerie Plame for Senate, anyone?

Featured image Isn’t it ironic that, at the same time Robert Mueller completed his investigation of the signature alleged scandal of the Trump presidency, Valerie Plame, the key figure in a Bush era alleged scandal that led to the appointment of a special counsel, is back in the news. Plame moved to New Mexico. Reportedly, she will offer its residents her services as a U.S. Senator. Plame told the Washington Examiner, without »

A Primer in “Ventriloquist Journalism”

Featured image Scott’s two posts on his and Victor Davis Hanson’s treatment by The New Yorker calls to mind one of the first and most important lessons I learned from my mentor in journalism, the great M. Stanton Evans. Most “mainstream” journalists are not merely biased, but have a narrative story line in mind when they begin “reporting,” so that when they call you on the phone, they aren’t looking for actual »

Russia collusion fake news Hall of Shame

Featured image Amber Athey of the Daily Caller has compiled a list of the worst offenders among news anchors and reporters who, as she puts it, “gave breathless coverage to the alleged [Russia collusion] scandal and ultimately misled the public.” She names 15 offenders. Naturally, Rachel Maddow heads the list. She built her program around the phony collusion story. Below is a sampling of others singled out by Athey, but do read »

Rachel Maddow sheds tears, viewers

Featured image According to the Daily Caller, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow lost half-a-million viewers in just one week after it became clear that Robert Mueller did not find enough evidence to support a claim of “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia. The phony Russia collusion story had been good to Maddow. It helped drive her show consistently to first or second place in overall cable news ratings during the past year. »

Mueller report “opens media outlets to mockery”

Featured image The mainstream media isn’t known for self-awareness. And those in the MSM who report on media are typically as lacking in this regard as their brethren. Thus, it surprised me that the quotation in the headline (paper edition) of this post comes from Paul Farhi, who writes about media for the Washington Post. Farhi’s article is unsparing. If he were a pro-Trumper, he might be accused of spiking the football. »

Through the Looking Glass

Featured image We have reached peak absurdity in our public life: CNN says that President Trump is trying to achieve denuclearization of North Korea in order to distract us from its wall to wall coverage of Michael Cohen: I am going to be at CNN’s Washington, D.C. studio in a few hours for an appearance on Sky News in Australia. It’s going to be like venturing into a parallel universe where up »

Fake News: If the Shoe Fits, Wear It

Featured image I am so old, I can remember when liberals invented the term “fake news” to refer to pro-Trump commentary on Facebook. Those days are long gone, of course, and President Trump has made the phrase his own. “Fake news” now refers to the partisan falsehoods that dominate the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Associated Press, and many other news outlets. Which you can tell by the fact that »

McClatchy Circling the Drain?

Featured image Things are looking bleak for McClatchy Company: This morning, Craig Forman, CEO of McClatchy Company, emailed all staff to say about 10 percent of the newspaper chain’s employees would be offered voluntary buyouts. *** McClatchy publishes newspapers across the nation, including the Miami Herald, Kansas City Star, Idaho Statesman, Fresno Bee, and Charlotte Observer. Last August, the company cut about 3.5 percent of the staff, nearly 140 employees. The slow »

AP stickin’ with the story

Featured image A reader writes from China to lend a hand to attorneys who may represent the MAGA hat-wearing Catholic high school studentsin their potential libel lawsuits. According to the AP and other outlets, these students allegedly mocked a Native American after they participated in the pro-life rally in DC on Friday. John posted a screenshot of the principal AP story by Adam Beam and Brian Melley here yesterday. The story has »

The Area Bombing of President Trump [updated]

Featured image I’m wondering whether Buzzfeed should be known as Buzzbomb or Buzzfizz, since so many of their stories fizzle out or blow up in their own face. Or maybe we should adapt the old French-inspired phrase, “hoist by their own Buzzbomb”? I think there might be an analogy here to the Allied bombing of Germany in World War II. Postwar studies of bombing showed that Allied air raids missed their targets »

BuzzFeed, buzz off

Featured image On Thursday evening BuzzFeed posted a story with the attention-grabbing headline “President Trump Directed His Attorney Michael Cohen To Lie To Congress About The Moscow Tower Project.” CNN ran with the story essentially nonstop yesterday. Below is CNN New Day’s tweet with a video clip of the show’s interview with BuzzFeed reporter Anthony Cormier discussing his story yesterday morning. The excitement was palpable. “If true,” Trump was toast. Democrats couldn’t »

McClatchy mania [updated]

Featured image In “Fakiest news of 2018” I gave the award to Greg Gordon and Peter Stone of McClatchy News. They earned it with their peddling of the Prague connection element of the Russia hoax and the smearing of Cleta Mitchell. When it comes to fake news, Gordon and Stone are Exhibit A. I posted Cleta Mitchell’s email correspondence with Gordon and Stone so that readers could see with their own eyes »

Fakiest news of 2018

Featured image McClatchy News reporters Greg Gordon and Peter Stone are the authors of the latest version of the Russia hoax story featuring Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s putative trip to Prague to work out the details of the Trump campaign’s collusion with the friends of Vladimir Putin. The story is more of the same bushwa they have been peddling for some time (see below). The byline of Gordon and Stone is a »

Why We Hate the Media, Chapter 12,186

Featured image As if we need any more reason to distrust media bias, this juxtaposition says it all: »

The Ultimate Fake News

Featured image Fake news is a serious problem in our political life. I’m not referring to a pathetically small number of Facebook ads bought by Russian provocateurs. I’m talking about the fake news that was paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee; fabricated by Democratic Party-allied consultants; propagated by the FBI and the CIA; promoted by the broadcast networks, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington »

Trump Is Finished, Because the Media Say So!

Featured image My impression is that Trump has been steadily growing stronger and more confident as president since his inauguration. He still has some very bad moments and ill-advised tweets, but it is a fantasy that he will be driven from office barring anything truly scandalous from the Mueller investigation, and I’m pretty sure we’d have had it by now if there was anything to the Russia collusion story. I’m thinking there’s »

Fake news: Two case studies

Featured image I was asked by our local chapter of the Cardozo Society — an affinity group of Jewish lawyers of which I am a member — to speak over lunch as a counterpart to ABA Foundation Fellow and historian Victoria Saker Woeste on the subject of fake news at the society’s October 8 continuing legal education program. Ms. Woeste was the featured speaker. Her theme was that the term “fake news” »