Feeding Our Future

Feeding our Fraud: Raids continue

Featured image The case of the bribed juror — $120,000 of cash in a Hallmark gift bag with a promise of more to come — in the first of the trials in the Feeding Our Future case may be more important than the massive fraud. The Feeding Our Future fraud was audacious and the amount of money involved revolting, but the assault on the system represented by the bribe is something else. »

At the Feeding our Fraud trial: Mostly guilty

Featured image After three-plus days of deliberation, the jury returned with its verdict in the massive Feeding Our Future fraud trial. The verdict was read in open court at 1:00 p.m (CDT) this afternoon by Minnesota Chief Federal District Judge Pat Schiltz, our former law partner. This was the first of the trials to be held in the Feeding Our Future case, involving some $40 million in fraudulent transactions. In total the »

At the Feeding our Fraud trial: Detention

Featured image Judge Brasel announced at the conclusion of jury instructions and a long day in the courtroom that she was sequestering the jury. This came as news to the jury. I felt incredibly sorry for them. She then held a hearing on the issue of detention of the seven defendants in light of the bribery of a juror with a bag full of $120,000 cash (100s, 50s, and 20s) at her »

At the Feeding our Fraud trial: An update

Featured image Following up on the adjacent post: Judge Brasel voir dired each of the remaining 17 jurors and alternates in the Feeding Our Fraud trial this morning. None had been contacted by anyone regarding the trial “by anyone, including media,” over the past six weeks. She had lunch brought in for the jury and will order their sequestration during deliberations. She intends to avoid a mistrial resulting from the attempted bribery. »

At the Feeding our Fraud trial: Cash for a juror

Featured image I am on hand for the last of the closing arguments scheduled for this morning in the first Feeding Our Future fraud trial. When Judge Brasel took the bench she announced that she had just learned of a juror contact at home last night and that the FBI was investigating. She further announced that she had excused the juror — juror number 52. Judge Brasel intends to voir dire the »

At the Feeding Our Fraud trial

Featured image Attorney Steve Schleicher is a partner at Minneapolis’s venerable Maslon firm. He is the firm’s Chair of Investigations and White Collar Defense Group. His colleagues obviously think highly of him. Schleicher represented the State of Minnesota pro bono in the prosecution of Derek Chauvin. Attorney General Keith Ellison personally recruited him and was thrilled when he consented (as I found in the emails supplied by the AG’s office in response »

And the Golden Turkey Goes To…

Featured image Remember the good old days, when the most obvious difference between conservatives and liberals was that conservatives objected to wasteful government spending? Now we live in a world where wastefulness is one of liberals’ better qualities. Still, it should make us angry. More than ever, government at all levels is cavalier with taxpayers’ money, viewing it not only as their own, but primarily as a means of buying votes. Moreover, »

What Did He Know, and When Did He Know It?

Featured image I hope our readers will indulge the attention we have paid to the Feeding Our Future scandal here in Minnesota. The issue has, I think, national significance as it is the biggest single fraud that has so far been uncovered in connection with the trillions of dollars that the federal government shoveled out the door, ostensibly as “covid relief.” The scandal–$250 million stolen, and counting–reminds us of one of the »

Feeding Our Future: The Inside Story

Featured image The Feeding Our Future scandal is one of the worst frauds, and worst government screw-ups, of recent years. We have written about it repeatedly on Power Line, and have often turned to the person who has followed the scandal more closely than anyone, American Experiment’s Bill Glahn. Both the scale of the fraud and its brazenness are breathtaking, and the scandal has deepened with government officials’ repeated resort to falsehoods »

On Feeding Our Future, a Blockbuster Development

Featured image We have written a number of times about the Feeding Our Future scandal, the worst to emerge from the federal government’s feckless distribution of covid dollars. Briefly, Feeding Our Future (“FOF”) was a fraudulent nonprofit that accessed an astonishing $240 million in federal money, ostensibly to feed needy children in Minnesota. Under the supervision of Minnesota’s Department of Education, FOF distributed that money to a network of Minnesota nonprofits who »