Feminism, RIP 2021

Featured image Throughout my entire adult life, the cause of “women’s rights” has been in the forefront of politics, law, and social thought. But as of 2021, there are no longer any “women.” The Department of Health and Human Services now refers to “birthing persons.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez refers to “menstruating people.” Last week, The Lancet, once  serious medical journal but increasingly politicized to the far left over the last decade, had a »

Time’s up for Tina Tchen

Featured image Tina Tchen has resigned from her position as president and CEO of Time’s Up, an organization whose mission, purportedly, is to protect women from harassment. Tchen’s resignation follows that of Roberta Kaplan, who co-founded Time’s Up with Tchen and succeeded her as its head. Kaplan resigned after it was revealed that she assisted in Andrew Cuomo’s effort to smear Lindsey Boylan, one of the women who accused the then-governor of »

Time’s up for Roberta Kaplan

Featured image Over the weekend, I wrote about how Roberta Kaplan and Tina Tchen worked with Andrew Cuomo’s team to attack one of the governor’s sex harassment victims/accusers. Kaplan and Tchen co-founded Time’s Up, an organization that purports to combat sexual harassment but, as the Cuomo affair shows, seems more inclined to protect important Democrats from the fallout of their sexual misconduct. Now comes word that Kaplan has resigned from the Time’s »

ACLU Corruption Revealed

Featured image I have never seen a movie in which Johnny Depp appeared, and I know that he was once married to Amber Heard, an actress otherwise unknown to me, only because of my ceaseless scanning of internet headlines. But it turns out that there is an interesting story behind the Depp-Heard divorce drama–a story that may illustrate widespread corruption among big-buck nonprofits. The Daily Mail reports: A bitter defamation lawsuit is »

Whiny narcissist meets empty suit

Featured image Today, Joe Biden allowed Megan Rapinoe, a female soccer player, to use the White House for two of her favorite purposes: (1) whining about not being paid enough and (2) calling attention to herself. Rapinoe, a radical feminist, is leading the crusade for “equal pay” for women soccer players. At the White House, she made it personal, declaring that, by being paid less than players on the men’s national soccer »

In Defense of Governor Cuomo

Featured image I am anything but a fan of New York’s Governor Andy Cuomo, but this story is a classic of hit and run feminism: “Former aide Lindsey Boylan alleges Cuomo ‘sexually harassed’ her about looks.” A former aide to Gov. Cuomo now running for Manhattan borough president alleged Sunday morning on Twitter that her ex-boss “sexually harassed” her for her “looks” — but refused to share any more information. “Yes, @NYGovCuomo »

The Power Line Show, Ep 216: The Recovery of Family Life, with Scott Yenor

Featured image We’re delighted to bring Scott Yenor to the show this week to discuss his important new book, The Recovery of Family Life: Exposing the Limits of Modern Ideologies, which is being officially released tomorrow from Baylor University Press. Unlike many other fine books on the family today that rely chiefly on social science, Scott brings his immense learning in political philosophy to bear on family questions, from Plato and Aristotle through »

What the media can and can’t say about Biden’s running mate

Featured image A group called “We Have Her Back” has sent a remarkable memo to “News Division Heads, Editors in Chiefs, Bureau Chiefs, Political Directors, Editors, Producers, Reporters, and Anchors.” In the memo, the authors tell the media leaders how to cover the female whom Joe Biden will select as his running mate. They even graciously offer to provide the mainstream media with guidance as the campaign progresses. And they warn that »

Man Bites Dog: NY Times Has Something Positive to Say About the Trump Administration

Featured image The editors must have blundered or gone on vacation at the New York Times today, because there’s actually a news story up today that offers a positive perspective of the Trump Administration, and even more astounding, the praise is coming chiefly from feminists, a few of whom have apparently gone rogue from the identity politics party line of the moment: Trump Overhaul of Campus Sex Assault Rules Wins Surprising Support »

And Now For . . . Data Feminism?

Featured image Feminists were rightly annoyed a couple decades back when Mattel released a talking Barbie doll who had among its canned sound bites the phrase “Math is hard!” But does it help the cause of gender parity in math and science to propose that there is a distinct feminist perspective on data? This is the question of a recent book from MIT Press (which seems to specialize in bizarre leftist books), »

Hollywood Ignoramuses Strike Again

Featured image Save up for this! The Hulu streaming channel is debuting a nine-part series called “Mrs. America” on the 1970s-era clash between Gloria Steinem and Phyllis Schlafly chiefly over the Equal Rights Amendment, and given that it’s Hollywood’s take you can be sure it is fully “nuanced.” You know you are in trouble when the very first sentence of the review of the show in the Hollywood Reporter today runs as follows: »

When great skin is not enough

Featured image The Washington Post has a section called “Style.” I call it the paper’s id. Left-wing memes and rants too out there to appear in the news section or the op-eds find voice in the Style section. This article by Monica Hesse about Elizabeth Warren is a good example. Here’s how it opens: One of the more intimate side conversations you were likely to overhear between women at an Elizabeth Warren »

You Can’t Cancel Fried Chicken!

Featured image A predictable dustup over sexism has arisen in Australia over a KFC ad that has caused KFC to apologize and pull the ad. This has had the predictable effect—millions more people around the world have seen this ad (funny that the oh-so-woke Guardian would embed the ad—I’m sure it was just an oversight by a junior editor), which we are proud to share with Power Line readers—only 15 seconds long: »

The Patriarchy Smashed?

Featured image Yesterday’s jobs report—145,000 new jobs—is only so-so, but there are two more interesting features of the labor market right now. The first is that wages are rising fastest at the bottom end of the income scale, suggesting that sustained economic growth is better than redistribution or minimum wage mandates for lifting the prospects of low-skilled workers. Of course, the left is not interested in growth any more, as I’ve often »

Death Recorded Live—and at the Bookstore

Featured image Back in June, Scott reported on the embarrassment on live TV of feminist celebrity author Naomi Wolf (“Death Recorded Live“), in which it was revealed that her forthcoming book Outrages, which alleged that 19th century Britain executed homosexuals on a prodigious scale, was based on a misunderstanding of a legal term so simple that an undergraduate should have spotted it. I wrote separately at the same time that “I suspect »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll declares THE END OF FEMINISM. She writes: I don’t rightly remember the first time I even heard the word “feminism.” As a girl growing up in the ’50s, the oldest child, I do not remember a single time that I was told I could not do something or less was expected of me because I was female. And this was with a very traditional “cis-normative” father, born in »

Today Is #Empathy Day

Featured image This one is just for fun. Someone called Zuby–a musician, apparently–tweeted this earlier today: As a feminist might say: “That’s not funny!” »