Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll declares THE END OF FEMINISM. She writes: I don’t rightly remember the first time I even heard the word “feminism.” As a girl growing up in the ’50s, the oldest child, I do not remember a single time that I was told I could not do something or less was expected of me because I was female. And this was with a very traditional “cis-normative” father, born in »

Today Is #Empathy Day

Featured image This one is just for fun. Someone called Zuby–a musician, apparently–tweeted this earlier today: As a feminist might say: “That’s not funny!” »

The Infantile, Superficial Left (2)

Featured image Another one of the left’s favorite totems these days is “patriarchy,” along with “toxic masculinity,” in which women are “objectified” and “commodified,” kept in subjugation by “violence.” For example, Corey Robin’s attack on conservatives, The Reactionary Mind, dwells in its opening pages on the assertion that the subjugation of women is part and parcel of the central conservative principle (so Robin thinks) of maintaining power over women and minorities at »

Joe Biden opens the door

Featured image It’s suddenly commonplace for feminists to say of Joe Biden that “he doesn’t get it.” The statement, though, is question-begging because the word “it” covers a lot of ground, much of which is controversial. What’s fair to say about Biden is that he hasn’t been paying attention. It’s not just that Biden is making light of his touchings of women and girls. Consider this excerpt from a Washington Post story »

Toxic Masculinity Strikes Again

Featured image I can’t wait to see how the intersectional left handles this story from Science magazine: Girls who share a womb with boys tend to make less money than those with twin sisters Female twins who shared a womb with a brother tend to get less education, earn less money, and have fewer children than girls who shared a womb with another girl, according to an analysis of hundreds of thousands »

White men dominate in Dem presidential fundraising and polling

Featured image White male presidential candidates Beto O’Rourke and Bernie Sanders are well out in front in the Democratic presidential fundraising sweepstakes, while Joe Biden and Sanders dwarf the field in the polls. Their female, African-American, and Latino rivals have been left in the dust so far. The Daily Caller reports: O’Rourke announced Monday morning that his campaign brought in a record $6.1 million in online fundraising dollars within the first 24 »

Beto-skepticism, feminist style

Featured image Gail Collins is a left-wing feminist columnist for the New York Times. If this snarky piece about Beto O’Rourke is any indication, Collins wants the Democrats to nominate a female presidential candidate in 2020. Don’t get me wrong. O’Rourke is a deserving target of snark. Indeed, the snark virtually writes itself. But why is O’Rourke a less serious candidate for president than, say, Kamala Harris? He served in Congress longer »

U.S. Women’s soccer team sues for equal pay

Featured image The 1996 Olympic Games were held in Atlanta, but some of the soccer matches took place at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C. I took our family to see a doubleheader — a women’s match between Brazil and Norway and a men’s match between Ghana and South Korea. The two women’s teams were among the five best in the world at that time. The two men’s teams probably would have been »

Whiny feminism on display

Featured image The race for the Democratic presidential nomination has barely commenced, but already Margaret Sullivan, the Washington Post’s media columnist, is whining about “sexist” coverage of female candidates. As evidence she mentions the “mocking” of Kirsten Gillibrand’s uncertainty about how to eat fried chicken. However, candidates of both genders are routinely mocked when they eat “down home” food in an uptown manner. It happened to Donald Trump and John Kasich in »

Gillette Gets Woke [Updated]

Featured image “Get woke, go broke” is a popular saying, but it isn’t necessarily true. Some companies have seemingly prospered by adopting a Social Justice Warrior pose. Nike comes to mind. Still, it is hard to understand what Gillette was thinking when it launched its foray into left-wing politics: “The Best Men Can Be,” a new web site that features this video. Gillette wants us to know that it is anti-sexual harassment. »

Do female candidates bear a special “likability” burden?

Featured image Expect to see plenty more whiny articles like this one in today’s Washington Post called “Women still bear special demands for ‘likability.'” Annie Linskey and Dave Weigel note that “just hours after Elizabeth Warren announced her plan to run for president, a question began surfacing about a possible weakness. . .Is she likable enough to be president?” They go on to assert that comparable demands to be likable are not »

California sets quotas for females on boards of directors [UPDATED]

Featured image In response to the #MeToo movement, California has enacted several laws regarding sexual harassment claims. You can read about them in this report by the law firm of Mayer Brown LLP. Some provisions make sense, others not so much. What really caught my eye, though, was a new law not about sexual harassment, but about female representation on boards of directors. The bill is SB 826. Here is how Mayer »

Bernardo Bertolucci, RIP

Featured image Bernardo Bertolucci, the renowned Italian film director, died in Rome earlier this week. By the time he was 30 years old, Bertolucci had directed at least two minor masterpieces: “Before the Revolution” (1964) and, especially, “The Conformist” (1970). In 1972, Bertolucci hit it big with “Last Tango in Paris,” an X-rated psycho-drama starring Marlon Brando and 19 year-old Maria Schneider in a breakout performance. Pauline Kael, the leading film critic »

NY Times Wants to Know About Your High School Sex Life

Featured image Christine Ford’s allegation against Brett Kavanaugh has put high school sex into the public conversation. That’s what the New York Times thinks, anyway: “Men, Tell Us About Your High School Experience.” This is actually an online form that you can fill out. The first question is, “Did you ever, as a teenager or younger man, behave toward women in ways you may now regret? If so, how? And how has »

Today’s Crash at the Four-Way Intersectionality

Featured image This item sounds like it’s from The Onion, but in fact it is from the very earnest lefties at Think Progress. And it really doesn’t need any commentary or explanation: Lesbian group’s anti-trans protest at London Pride backfires This weekend, the London Pride Parade was rocked by a protest from a group of anti-trans lesbians who call themselves “Get the L Out.” After trying to block the front of the »

Law clerk hiring and the #MeToo movement

Featured image Rahm Emanuel famously said “you never let a serious crisis go to waste.” It’s clear to me that left-wing feminists are not about to let the #MeToo crisis (if that’s what it is) go to waste. Here’s an example. At a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last week, Sen. Kamala Harris worried (or purported to) that judges will be reluctant to hire female law clerks for fear of being hit with »

Tired of #MeToo? Try Something NeW

Featured image As in NeW—which is short for Network of Enlightened Women. Check them out. But more to the point, if you have a daughter in college or just starting out in the world after graduation, NeW has a terrific summer “Young Women’s Leadership Retreat” being held this year from July 26 – 29 in Philadelphia. Although there are a lot of good summer programs for students that we often note here, »