DeSantis Marches On

Featured image Governor Ron DeSantis had a busy day yesterday. He followed through on last year’s legislation that ended the Disney Corporation’s unique self-governing status through the Reedy Creek Improvement District. The Orlando Sentinel reports: A notice published on Osceola County’s website on Friday states that lawmakers will take up legislation “increasing state oversight, accountability, and transparency” of the district, which gives Disney quasi-government control over its theme park properties in Florida. »

The Good, and the Bad and Ugly

Featured image First, the bad and ugly: the House adjourned today with no speaker for the first time in a century. Nineteen Republican spoilers have prevented Kevin McCarthy from taking the gavel. Reportedly, some of the dissident Republicans have told McCarthy that they don’t mind if far-left Democrat Hakeem Jeffries becomes Speaker. I don’t want to believe that, but there are some conservatives who are only comfortable as outsiders and who shun »

Ramble on, Joe

Featured image I try to maintain a sense of humor and keep things light when documenting Joe Biden’s ruminations and dementia. I find that hard to do with respect to his remarks at a reception for gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist at a private residence in Golden Beach, Florida yesterday. The White House has posted the transcript here. I will only say that Biden’s remarks comprise an almost nonstop flood of lies. They »

Vaccines Today, Vaccines Tomorrow, Vaccines Forever!

Featured image Yesterday the out-of-control Centers for Disease Control’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices voted 15-0 to add the Covid-19 vaccine to the CDC’s child and adolescent immunization schedule. I don’t think there is any scientific basis for this action. Covid has proved not to be dangerous to children and young people; certainly not to infants who are routinely undergoing vaccination. For reasons I frankly do not understand, our establishment has resolved »

Delusion In Florida

Featured image I saw an interview with Robert Cahaly, who runs the Trafalgar polling operation, the other day. (It may have been off a Power Line link.) As I recall, he said that he isn’t polling in Florida because he doesn’t think there are any serious races there. I agree. For a time, Democrats believed, or pretended to believe, that retread party-switcher Charlie Crist could seriously challenge Ron DeSantis. In my opinion, »

The DeSantis factor

Featured image Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is one of those “MAGA Republicans” President Biden was talking about in his Triumph of the Shill speech last week. He all but accuses “MAGA Republicans” of treason. The FBI must be on our case. And yet Governor DeSantis has some serious bragging to do about his accomplishments in office over the past four years (video below). In the advertisement below he lets constituents do the »

After last night

Featured image New York, Florida, and Oklahoma held primaries yesterday. New York also held a special election for its 19th Congressional District. I only want to note a few races that caught my attention. • The special election was held to fill New York’s old 19th CD in the Hudson Valley — “old” because it will disappear as of the November election. Democratic Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan faced off against Republican »

Whose problem now?

Featured image Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker is far gone in self-delusion if he thinks he is a good Democratic presidential candidate. Perhaps his mission is to make Gavin Newsom look good (if you don’t look too closely) or to contend with William Howard Taft for recognition as our most obese president. Those might be realistic goals. He must be encouraged by the lack of talent on the Democratic bench. Pritzker’s recent speech »

The Unalienable Right to Groom

Featured image The Biden administration has taken strong exception to Florida’s anti-grooming law, which requires that public school teachers wait until kids are in the fourth grade before inculcating them with LGBTQTrans ideology. Biden intends to fight for grooming to the last man nonbinary person: [T]he White House claims there will be federal intervention in opposition to the anti-grooming law. Moves for federal mediation include “monitoring” by the Department of Education and »

Freedom Is Fascism?

Featured image One of the weirdest tropes on the Left these days is the claim that freedom from government control is really fascism. Yesterday a reporter tried that theory out on Ron DeSantis, quoting a couple of Democrats who equated his Florida “regime” with totalitarian dictators like Fidel Castro. Big mistake: [email protected] shows how it does a "disservice" to equate Florida to dictatorial regimes. pic.twitter.com/SsTGuN3Y52 — MRCTV (@mrctv) May 18, 2022 A »

Mouse Trapped

Featured image Today Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed legislation that revokes Disney’s virtually self-governing status in that state. The cause, of course, was Disney’s aggressive pro-groomer, anti-parent political stance. Not long ago it would have been unthinkable for a major corporation to stick its neck out in support of an unpopular, even radical political position that doesn’t even relate to the company’s business. Now perhaps we understand why. The Wall Street Journal »

No Grooming Allowed

Featured image Per InstaPundit, the Left is up in arms because conservatives are referring to the forced sexualization of five, six and seven year old children in the public schools as “grooming.” You can always tell when we have hit on an effective theme: the Left declares it out of bounds. John Nolte has more, beginning with a response to David French, who likened the forced sexualization of small children to Donald »

Florida Ascendant

Featured image People vote most sincerely when they vote with their feet. One of the basic realities of our time, transcending and perhaps ultimately overwhelming many of our current political debates, is that people are fleeing blue states and moving to red states. What states are in decline? California, New York, Illinois, Minnesota. What states are prospering? Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah. And above all, Florida. Current Census Bureau data »

Looney Tunes at ESPN

Featured image One of the mysteries of our time is why the sports world has gone woke. Not, surely, in response to popular demand from sports fans. But woke it is, and ESPN leads the way. Maybe this has to do with being owned by Disney, a citadel of leftism. In any event, check out this minute of silence during the women’s NCAA basketball tournament. Why the minute of silence? To protest »

Gay! Gay! Gay! Gay!

Featured image I wrote here about Florida Democrats’ outrageous effort to indoctrinate young children–kindergarten through third grade–with pro-homosexual and transsexual propaganda in the public schools. They have violently opposed a bill, about to become law, to prevent such indoctrination and have falsely labeled it the “don’t say gay” bill. Now the House Democrats in Florida have released this video, which consists of them saying “gay” over and over: Florida House Democrats put »

Democrats Still Lying About Florida

Featured image It’s pretty much a daily occurrence–Democrats spreading disinformation about Florida, one of America’s most prosperous, fastest growing, and freest states. I suppose it is the last part they really hate. The current smear is propagated by Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona and the disgusting Jen Psaki: [email protected] and his Administration stand with LGBTQI+ students everywhere, including in Florida where they have passed hateful legislation targeting vulnerable students. https://t.co/WAB2Ksdbqf — Jen »