Food and Wine

A Neglected Issue

Featured image I somehow missed the Washington Post Wonkblog story two years ago about the mal-distribution of alcohol consumption in this country, but here’s the gist of it: The top 10 percent of drinkers account for well over half of the alcohol consumed in any given year. On the other hand, people in the bottom three deciles don’t drink at all, and even the median consumption among those who do drink is just three »

Does The Donald Drive You to Drink?

Featured image Well, no he doesn’t, but I don’t need an excuse for a drink. But the folks at The Nation magazine do. I’m on The Nation‘s email distribution list (so that you don’t have to), and the latest subscription bleg for their wine club opens as follows: Are you looking for that perfect Merlot to pair with Donald Trump’s immigration-policy proposals? A Sauvignon Blanc to help obscure Mike Huckabee’s tweets about »

Save the Planet: Eat Bacon

Featured image Anthony Watts of WattsUpWithThat tips us to an important new study on the greenhouse gas emissions impact of switching to a vegetarian-leaning diet. The study appears in the latest issue of Environmental Systems and Decisions, one of the many journals that thinks “systems analysis” is the key to understanding and saving the world. (Where is Robert McNamara when you really need him?) The complete study is  unfortunately behind a paywall, though »

Against “Unitaskers”

Featured image I’m gearing up over the next couple days to make a special video of Christmas book recommendations exclusively for Power Line VIP subscribers (another reason to sign up, besides the ad-free access!), but in the meantime, take in Alton Brown’s scathing review of “unitaskers”—those dumb kitchen items you only use for one purpose, like the strawberry slicer. (Though I have to admit, I do want a pair of kitchen claws, »

The Case for Meat

Featured image Have you heard the one about how you can tell someone is a vegan? Answer: Because they’ll f****** tell you. Sounds about right. Meanwhile: why should you eat meat? Don’t just answer with the obvious and self-evident truth: Because it really tastes great—especially grilled! Turns out eating meat may be essential for your mental health. From Women’s Health Magazine (just to show there’s no limit to Power Line’s efforts to »

Stories That Should Be True

Featured image Herewith a new category of Power Line post: stories that aren’t true, but ought to be, because they actually are, as Yogi Berra might say: World Health Organisation Warns That Consumption Of Kale Leads To Arrogance The World Health Organisation (WHO) has released a new report today warning that consumption of the ‘super-food’ kale over a period of time can lead consumers to have heightened levels of arrogance. The study was »

Oenophiles Can Stop Climate Whining

Featured image Two years ago in the estimable City Journal I wrote a short article about the stupidity of the climatistas worrying about how the world’s premier wine regions would be ruined by You Know What. Among other observations, I argued: Might a significantly warmer climate nonetheless make it too hot for grapes in some areas? Even if the climate models turn out to be generally correct (a bad bet at the »

Extra Bacon on My Hot Dog, Please!

Featured image If you were around the news yesterday, you heard the breathless news that processed meats significantly increase cancer risk, especially colon cancer. PBS initially reported that processed meats were as dangerous as smoking, but backed off under reader criticism. As they should have. Still, expect the usual censors to ratchet up their hectoring against the fondness for red meat that all red-blooded Americans share. You would think, from the media »

Annals of Social Science, or Annulment of Social Science?

Featured image Don’t miss Andrew Ferguson’s cover feature “Making It All Up” in the latest edition of the Weekly Standard on the various scandals besetting behavioral science (though as we’ve observed here several times, the problem of scientific fraud isn’t limited to the social sciences by any means). This won’t come as news to our regular readers, but still: Two economists recently wrote a little book called The Cult of Statistical Significance, »

I Think I’ll Have a Cheeseburger

Featured image Is that even a question that needs reflection? Maybe, but better make it a Thickburger, because, Yes, this is the greatest cheeseburger ad ever. I only post this here as a public service because it may not be airing your media market. That’s how Power Line looks out for you. »

Obese Government, and Other Fashionable Ideas

Featured image I’m just back from two long days getting back and forth from that great oasis of sanity, Hillsdale College, Michigan.  I was there for a conference on energy, and my lecture was entitled “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Global Warming.”  A video will be available in the fullness of time, and I’ll post it here. And what do I find in the news upon my return?  Al »

The Science Is Settled: Drink Early and Often

Featured image I know that the health benefits of wine drinking—especially red wine—is not a new story here or elsewhere, but there’s a new research finding that is worth a special note: Drinking Red Wine Is the Same as Getting An Hour of Exercise. Dear red wine drinkers: I have wonderful news. A new study says that drinking a glass of wine can equate to an hour of exercise. I repeat: Drinking a »

Fraudie Foodies Exposed

Featured image McDonald’s just turned in a lousy earnings quarter, but don’t say I didn’t warn you this was coming.  The company is promising “fresh thinking,” which will prompt all the Big Mac deniers to make the obvious jokes about offering fresh food. Except that it turns out there is no one easier to fool, apparently, than snobby foodies.  Check out this three-minute video out of Europe (it’s in Esperanto or something, »

Whopper Donut Cheeseburgers, Eh?

Featured image So Burger King is going to acquire the Canadian Tim Horton’s donut chain, in yet another tax inversion that causes so much cranial-rectal inversions among liberals. I sure hope we get a donut Whopper cheeseburger out of this merger.  With bacon.  That would be more awesome than a deep-fried Twinkie. (Lo and behold, turns out the genera already exist.) Even more delightful than finding out that liberal hero Warren Buffett »

An Important Eternal Conundrum Solved

Featured image Among those seemingly unsolvable binary arguments—Ginger versus Mary Ann, Coke v. Pepsi, Yankees v. Red Sox, North v. South, tastes great v. less filling, Catholic v. Protestant, John Kerry v. an IQ Test, etc—one of the most important is: charcoal versus gas.  For grilling, that is. Since today is the unofficial beginning of summer, or at least of grilling season, we may as well wade into this searing controversy.  I’ve »

Just in Time for Summer: Some Drinking Tips

Featured image It’s been a while since we last checked in with the Paso Wine Guy, and he’s out with this short (45 seconds) meditation on next week’s Paso Robles Wine Festival.  As luck would have it, next weekend happens to be Men’s Retreat XXV (yes, me and my pals have been gathering to goof for 25 years now), so Power Line’s video division will be there to report on highlights. Meanwhile, »

Scenes from a Power Line Christmas

Featured image Greetings from Power Line western command, this holiday season with family in Las Vegas, where, by the way, the daytime high is in the 60s.  Which means hiking on Willow Creek up in Red Rock Canyon, preparing the adobe oven for some bread baking, getting ready to grill a rib roast outside, and tallying up the haul from Santa Claus. »