Free Speech

Suppressing “Misinformation”

Featured image It was the left that initially came up with the phrase “fake news,” but that faded out when Donald Trump made the phrase his own, capitalizing on the grotesque inaccuracy of the liberal media. Then we have the “Big Lie,” which for liberals means the claim that Trump actually won the 2020 election; or, in its milder version (which I think is true) that the election was conducted in such »

A Miltonic interlude

Featured image John Milton’s Paradise Lost used to be required reading for Dartmouth freshmen. That particular paradise is lost, although the English and Creative Writing Department maintains a course devoted to Milton and hosts The John Milton Reading Room. My college classmate and fellow English major Owen Hughes writes: (1) When I first read, earlier today, about Antifa bullying Dartmouth into canceling Andy Ngo’s event, I thought to myself, “This was an »

Are the Democrats Becoming a Fascist Party?

Featured image Covid may be mutating into a kinder, gentler form, but there is nothing kind or gentle about the measures that Democrats are prepared to impose on those who disagree with them. Rasmussen finds these shocking numbers: * 59% of Democrats favor legislation that would confine all unvaccinated people in their homes, except in case of emergency. * 48% of Democrats think the government should fine or imprison individuals “who publicly »

If Government and Big Tech Gang Up On Conservatives, Is It Legal?

Featured image The latest news from social media is that both Twitter and Facebook have banned Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s personal accounts. Twitter permanently suspended the personal account of Republican Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene over repeated violations of its COVID-19 misinformation policy, the company confirmed early Sunday. *** “We permanently suspended the account you referenced (@mtgreenee) for repeated violations of our COVID-19 misinformation policy,” a Twitter spokesperson told the Daily Caller »

A Voice In the Wilderness

Featured image In the corrupt wasteland of higher education, Mitch Daniels, former Governor of Indiana and now President of Purdue University, has long stood out as a beacon of common sense. His leadership was tested when a Chinese student at Purdue spoke out in favor of freedom. In China, and sadly in today’s academic world, that is a dangerous thing to do. President Daniels tells the story in his letter to Purdue »

Getting minds right at Yale: The Ayres report

Featured image In the multilayered saga of Trent Colbert at Yale Law School, we last noted “Dean Gerken regrets.” Dean Gerken is the dean of Yale Law School. Her regret over the false disparagement of second-year law student Trent Colbert was inane, shallow, and phony. Now David Lat updates the story in “As the YLS world turns.” Lat reports that an investigative report ordered up by Gerken herself and prepared by Professor »

Getting minds right at Yale: Dean Gerken regrets [with comment by Paul]

Featured image The controversy triggered by Yale Law School student Trent Colbert’s exposure of the “diversity” bureaucracy in action has made waves on waters about which Yale cares. YLS Dean Heather Gerken has tried to surf the waves. The Washington Free Beacon’s Aaron Sibarium broke Colbert’s story and continues to own it. In his most recent update Sibarium reports on Gerken’s temporary wipeout: The dean of Yale Law School expressed “regret” Wednesday »

The ACLU responds

Featured image President Biden’s minders in the White House daycare operation sent him out to read a statement yesterday about Covid-19 vaccinations for children ages 5-11. He even took a few questions following his remarks. The White House has posted the text here (video below). Biden’s remarks were jarring and dissonant with the news of the day. The Biden administration proceeds as though nothing happened on Tuesday (false) and they have therefore »

Are Americans In Favor of Free Speech?

Featured image Periodically you see a poll that suggests support for free speech in the U.S. is weak, and that the First Amendment wouldn’t be adopted by contemporary Americans. But this Rasmussen survey finds something quite different: A new national telephone and online survey by Rasmussen Reports and The National Pulse finds that 72% of American Adults believe cancel culture – a form of censorship that harms the careers and reputations of »

Getting minds right at Yale: Learning from Trent Colbert

Featured image I have taken the story of Trent Colbert’s resistance to the authorities pushing the racist diversity/CRT cum cancel culture agenda down our throats as a case study. The audio posted with Aaron Sibarium’s original Free Beacon story takes us inside the asylum. Is there a major American institution that the mania has not infected and turned into an enemy against us? Think Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Director Don Siegel’s »

Sapp’s law in Mankato

Featured image The Mankato (Minnesota) School board met on September 20. Concerned parents showed up to use the open forum time to voice disappointment with mask mandates. This was apparently the first meeting during which speakers were asked to state their addresses before speaking. The board next met on October 18. Ahead of open forum time board chairman Jodi Sapp announced a new ban on comments critical of specific school board members »

Call me Ishmale

Featured image The cultural transformation of the United States proceeds at an astonishing pace. It is assisted by the titans of Big Tech, of course, against whom a president and lowly congressman are powerless. In what should be another installment of my Shapes of things series, Rep. Jim Banks has been suspended by Twitter for allegedly “misgendering [Biden administration] trans health official” Rachel Levine (per the CBS News tweet below). The AP »

Getting minds right at Yale: Trent Colbert speaks

Featured image Trent Colbert is the self-possessed second-year student behind the exposure of the diversity regime at Yale Law School/Yale University. They owe Colbert for what they have done to him, including lying about what they have done to him. Yet the authorities are keeping their heads down and waiting for the controversy to blow over. Colbert steps out to explain “Why I Didn’t Apologize For That Yale Law School Email.” He »

Enes Kanter blasts Red China again

Featured image Enes Kanter, fresh off of ripping China for its oppression of Tibet, has now attacked the regime for its treatment of the Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities. In a new video, Kanter, wearing a “Freedom for Uyghur” T-shirt, says: Right now as I speak this message, torture, rape, forced abortions, sterilizations, family separations, arbitrary detentions, concentration camps, political reeducation, forced labor. . .this is all happening right now to more »

Segregation Forever!

Featured image “Segregation today, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever!” That was George Wallace’s battle cry when he was the Democratic Governor of Alabama, and today Wallace’s Democratic successors are doing their best to make good on his pledge. This comes from Wellesley, Massachusetts: A Massachusetts public school system is actively promoting racially segregated student groups and a “bias reporting program” that encourages students to report instances of their peers’ biases to school officials »

Getting minds right at Yale: Buckley Program edition

Featured image The William F. Buckley, Jr. Program at Yale invited the Washington Free Beacon’s Aaron Sibarium and FIRE’s Robert Shibley to address “What is happening to free speech at Yale.” The program was streamed live this past Friday afternoon. The video is below. The program takes off from Sibarium’s Free Beacon story “A Yale Law Student Sent a Lighthearted Email Inviting Classmates to His ‘Trap House.’ The School Is Now Calling »

Getting minds right at Yale: Five points

Featured image The Washington Free Beacon has afforded us an invaluable peek into the diversity regime that rules higher education and roughly speaking every other governing institution in the United States. I refer of course to Aaron Sibarium’s Free Beacon story “A Yale Law Student Sent a Lighthearted Email Inviting Classmates to His ‘Trap House.’ The School Is Now Calling Him To Account.” Sibarium’s story includes the Trent Colbert’s audio recording of »