Gangster Government

Nice Bank You Have Here…

Featured image …a shame if anything should happen to it! The Democrats took gangster government to a new level today with attacks on Bank of America by Dick Durbin and President Obama. The attacks arise out of the Durbin Amendment to Dodd-Frank, which, as we wrote here, directed the Fed to fix the fees which banks can charge for debit card transactions. The rate set by the Fed is inadequate and will »

Another Brain Freeze at the Times

Featured image [Damn.  John beat me to this story.  As soon as I banged out a draft and went to post I saw that John had already worked it over.  Another failure of editorial coordination here at Power Line.  Should I pile on?  Yeah, why not.  There’s one little item in this story I can add to.] Are New York Times editorial writers complete innumerate nincompoops?  Okay, silly question.  The answer is »

The fear factor

Featured image Michelle Malkin fits the Obama campaign’s AttackWatch into the larger pattern set by previous incarnations of “the Obama snitch police.” In her post Michelle recalls the 2008 Obama campaign’s FightTheSmears. In the good old days it was a smear to claim that Michelle Obama ordered room service when she hadn’t stayed at the hotel! Fortunately, FightTheSmears didn’t have to respond to Andrea Tantaros’s New York Daily News column on Michelle »

Overhauling America

Featured image In the post “Chrysler’s resurrection” I wrote about James Stewart’s New York Times puff piece portraying the new Chrysler as a great success story. The Obama administration’s treatment of the auto companies and ongoing deceptions regarding the financial success of the treatment deserves more attention than it has received. In the Age of Obama, the enormities accumulate so quickly it’s hard to keep up. Steven Rattner was the Obama administration’s »